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Welcome to VDOOR Version 2.11

Copyright (c) 1994 Emil Saraga


A little while back a game called VGA Planets (copyright 1994, Tim Weisman)
was created. Released to the masses, aimed for play in E-Mail, many of us
quickly fell in love with the game. I, being a SysOp, was particularly
interested in finding an efficient way to play the game on my BBS.
After many hours of labor here it is! An easy way for SysOps to set up
VGA Planets on their BBS!

What VDOOR Does:

VDOOR takes care of the uploading and downloading of the .TRN and .RST
files. Each player can only upload/download their player files. It uses
either DSZ or GSZ to accomplish the file transfers. You must have one of
these communication packages for this program to work. VDOOR does not
run HOST, MASTER, or any of the other utilities required for the game.


VDOOR will work with the following BBS software:

PCboard (12.0 - 14.x)
WWIV (Ver 4.23+ only)
Quick BBS (QBBS)
Remote Access

And any other software that uses one of these drop files:


VDOOR is compatible with Non-Standard COM ports, IRQ's, and Addresses!
------------- ---------------------------------------------

Shareware Notice:

This program is shareware. You may use this program for 30 days, but
after that you must register it. Registration is only $10.00. The
order form is located in the file VDORDER.FRM included in the archive.
A program that is registered is registered for life. Future versions will
be made available to registered users from the author within seven days of
request. Shipping and handling fees (if any) will still apply.


This version of VDOOR is NOT compatible with the previous versions
(sorry about that). To install this version delete the following old files:


This will remove the old configuration and data files. Next, place the new
files in the old directory and follow the directions below. YOU DO NOT HAVE
TO DELETE YOUR CURRENTLY RUNNING GAMES! Just set up the games as before and
ask your players to choose the same empires they had before. The game will
continue where it left off.


Copy all the VDOOR files into the directory you run HOST from UNLESS you
are running a game in that directory. If you are running a game in that
directory, give VDOOR its own directory.

In your main BBS directory create a batch file like this one:

>copy con RUNVDOOR.BAT
CD\BBS\VDOOR <--- 1 Switch to the VDOOR directory
VDOOR.EXE \BBS\DOOR.SYS <--- 2 Runs VDOOR; notice path to DOOR.SYS
CD\BBS is included ! VERY IMPORTANT !

The line marked 1 should switch to your VDOOR directory. DO NOT PUT VDOOR
The line marked 2 runs the VDOOR program. After the VDOOR.EXE you MUST
include the path to your BBS drop file and its name. If your BBS supports
several different drop files, choose one from this list in order of

DOOR.SYS <-- Best one to use
PCBOARD.SYS <-- Next Best
WILDCAT! <-- Still Good
DORINFOx.DEF <-- Last Resort

The reason DORINFOx.DEF isn't preferred is that it sends the least amount
of information about your BBS and its current user to the door. It will
still work well though.

Non-Standard COM port, IRQ's, or Addresses:

VDOOR will use the COM port, IRQ, and Address sent to it from the BBS in
its drop file. No additional configuration is necessary on your part.
In other words, whatever your BBS is set to, VDOOR will set itself the
same way, automatically (easy huh?).

** WWIV Users **
If you are using WWIV V4.23+ then choose DOOR.SYS as your drop file.
As of version 4.23 this format is supported by WWIV. If you are using a
version of WWIV before 4.23 you will need a door file conversion program
as this door does not support chain.txt. One problem with WWIV's door.sys
file (V4.23) is that the max modem rate and the user's baud rate are sent
backwards (way to go Wayne). I have added support for this and it works
fairly well as is. If you have any trouble with it just change to
PCBOARD.SYS or to one of the other available drop file types that are
created. The others are correct.


Configure your BBS to run the batch file. If your BBS has the ability to
shrink then turn that feature ON. The door program has its own com port
routines, so set your BBS not to intercept calls.


Log on to your BBS and run the door. THIS MUST BE DONE to set the initial
configuration. You will then see the initial set up screen.
Change the max baud rate and choose DSZ or GSZ. GSZ or DSZ MUST BE IN YOUR
PATH OR IN THE DIRECTORY THAT VDOOR IS IN. Most of this is self explanatory.
To enter the setup screen later type "S" at the player menu.


Choose "S) Start New Game" to set up your first game. You will be asked if
you want to use all the empires available in your game. If you answer "yes"
all empires will be made available for players to claim. If you answer "no"
you may select which empires you wish to be available, and which you do not.
Next you will be asked for a path to your game directory, enter it here. If
you have not set up the VGA Planets game yet, put the directory where you
expect the game to be (you can always change it later if necessary).

Step 6:

When you are done changing the settings to match your BBS and creating the
games you wish, Quit the setup screen. After you quit you will see the
file "VDSYSOP.MSG" displayed. This is just a text file where you can put
updates or whatever message you want your players to see. Edit this file
in DOS (or whatever operating system you prefer) to whatever you want. This
file will be displayed each time a player enters the door. I usually put
the status of the current game, or when a new game will be starting here.
If you don't want this file to be displayed, just delete it. The file is
not necessary for the door to run, it is just there for your convenience.
You may also create a file called "VDSYSOP.ANS" if you wish an ANSI version
of the message. If the current user supports ANSI then VDSYSOP.ANS file
will be displayed, if not the VDSYSOP.MSG file will be displayed.

Step 7:

If you haven't already done so, create your VGA Planets game. Make sure
you put it in the directory you set in the door. If you put it somewhere
else, just change the setting in the door using the Path command in the
setup menu. Follow the directions included in the VGA Planets game on
how to set up the game (run master then host, ect...). You will have to
set your BBS to run HOST every night (or whenever you wish) just as you
do for any other game. VDOOR will not do this for you.


1. To get to the setup screen just enter 'S' at the menu. The option
will not show up on the menu, so just remember. The setup screen
can only be accessed locally.

2. The only way to get rid of the time delay that appears in the opening
screen after 20 days is to register the program.

3. Delete the file VDSYSOP.MSG and/or VDSYSOP.ANS if you do not want any
opening message displayed. These files are not required (optional).

4. You can remove a player from a game in the setup screen. Do this if
someone quit playing if you want the empire availble.

5. VDOOR can run up to five games at a time.

I can be contacted at my BBS: The Binary Star BBS (404)339-7249
if you have any suggestions/problems. My handle is Cygnus X1. I can
also be contacted as [email protected] WWIVnet or [email protected] after the change over.
Please, if you have any suggestions, LET ME KNOW! I need input to make this
program better.



VDOOR V2.1x Order Form


Street Address:________________________________________


Voice Phone Number:____________________________________

BBS Phone Number:______________________________________

BBS Name:______________________________________________

BBS Software:__________________________________________

Your Handle:___________________________________________

Do you wish your Real name or handle (if any) to appear in the
Registered To area? [] Real Name [] Handle

Media Desired: [] 3.5" 1.44 [] 5.25" 1.2 Other_______

VDOOR V2.1x $10.00 :_________

Shipping $ 3.00 Normal:_________ \
choose one
Shipping $ 5.00 Air :--------- /

Total enclosed :_________

Make all check/money orders out to:

Emil Saraga
363 Downing St.
Lawrenceville, Ga. 30245

All orders processed within 24 hrs. Check users please allow 3 working
days for the check to clear.