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- Upgrading from Version 1.5X to 1.60

Overwrite your old vgaplane.exe and bbshost.exe with the new v1.60 ones.

Unzip HOST315.ZIP (or appropriate host 3.1X version zip) and CP302.ZIP
into your VGA Planets main directory. Overwrite the old HOST.EXE with the
new one contained in

Second, read HISTORY.DOC, especially near the end of the text file where
it explains how version 1.40 and 1.50 are different from previous versions.

Read Tim's Host documentation in

Read history.doc.

Please note that Tim is constantly releasing new versions of the host.
When upgrading game host versions. Simply read _TIM's_ documentation.
When upgrading bbs door versions, read the HISTORY.DOC file, to find out how
the new version is different from your previous. If you have any trouble,
please feel free to call me (Rick) and ask for help if you think the problem
is BBS DOOR Interface related. If the problem seems game related (host)
then please contact Tim.