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Place all files in the same directory as your VGA Planets files
along with LHA. For the moment there is only one configuration for
directories and that places all games beneath this directory. There may
be a maximum of 16 games (DATA0-DATAF). i.e.

A file VGAPLAN.DAT must be located in every game directory, this
will allow access to the game for players and provides the door with
information as to who is who in a game.

Set your VGAPLAN.cfg to reflect the game directory that the programs
are stored in and your appropriate download files.
50 // Min Host Security Level
c:\rvpl // Game Directory
Z-Modem // Protocol Name
\pr\ port *p handshake both sz *f // Send command
\pr\ port *p handshake both rz *f // Receive command
Y-Modem // Protocol Name
\pr\ port *p handshake both sy *f // Send command
\pr\ port *p handshake both ry *f // Receive command
You may have up to 10 external protocols, no more, with this version. A
sample configuration file is provided as SAMPLE.CFG

Next setup your BBS to access VGAPLAN.EXE as follows:
for CALLINFO.BBS users: VGAPLAN.EXE c \wildcat\callinfo.bbs
for DOOR.SYS users: VGAPLAN.EXE d \GAP\door.sys
for DORINFO?.DAT users: VGAPLAN.EXE r \RBBS\dorinfo1.dat
for local access: VGAPLAN.EXE l "User Name"
for generic COM1 Access: VGAPLAN.EXE 1 "User Name"
for generic COM2 Access: VGAPLAN.EXE 2 "User Name"
for generic COM3 Access: VGAPLAN.EXE 3 "User Name"
for generic COM4 Access: VGAPLAN.EXE 4 "User Name"
To set up autohost on a event manager call using:
and all autohost functions will be run.

Almost all functions within the door should be obvious, at least I
hope that they are.... However, you must be aware of the auto-host
functions and how they work. If you set auto-host on then the first
caller after midnight will have host run during his call (1-10 minutes)
or an event manager calling auto-host at midnight can execute them. If
auto-host is off, nothing will happen for that night. If you have
auto-host set to "challenge mode" then the host will run EVERY time that
all turns are in for all "joined" players! This could mean that host
would run multiple times per day or just a couple of times a week,
whenever the players can get the turns in.

Future support for CPLAYER would mean players can designate that
CPLAYER play all turns not received by the deadline. Currently only
CPLAYER will run any race not run by a user if CPLAYER is in the door's

A BETA game is designated by finding HOST.EXE and CPLAYER.EXE in the
game directory along with all of the host files. This would allow a
game to run with it's own local executables and host files for beta
testing Tim's Software. This will be changed to a better method with a
later version (as soon as I can find a better method).

Please Send all responses to Jeffry Brickley at one of these BBS's:
WaterFront West Wildcat! (505)523-4528 300-9600 baud
Wolf's Den (505)678-0902 300-14400 baud