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List (partially incomplete) of people who have registered the door.

Chris Parsons - Homefries BBS
MIke Martin - Galactic BBS - Houston, Texas.
Paul Hardy - JIX BBS. Osaka, Japan. Wildcat. (wow! Japan!!!)
Guy & Diana Hunter - Hunters Point BBS
Jim Rempel - Mag-NET BBS 604-564-5564 - Prince George, BC, Canada.
Gary Hedberg - One Stop PCBoard (509) 943-0211 PCBoard
Robert Brower - Total Access BBS, PCBoard 14.5. 1 Node.
Gordon Anson - The Wizard's Lair. PCBoard 15.0, 6 Nodes. Illinois.
Ian Leaf - Oblivion Station (416) Renegade. Toronto, Ontario.
David Taylor - Coffee Time BBS. PCBoard 15.0 2 Nodes. Elkhart, IN
David Muench - The Panic Zone. PCBoard V15.0/10 3 Nodes
Kenn Hyslop - The Warboard (416) PCBoard.
Garry Lapierre - Timmins Area Bulletin Board. PCBoard 15.0. 4 Nodes.
John Houck - The Temples of Syrinx BBS (509) 452-1868 RBBS
Bruce Evans - Doesn't run a BBS yet.
Peter Lazenby - Umm.... I forgot.
Rodger Linka - The Pool Hall BBS (306)-586-8490 PCB V15.0 2 nodes.
John M. Cline - Black Gold BBS 918-272-7779 Tulsa, OK 74133
Nancy Porter - Hmmm.... I can't remember!!!! Can't find form.
Mark Sheppard - Mark's House BBS (316) 524-1289 Telegard V2.7 1 node
James Young - The Earth Club, SuperBBS 1.17-3. 2 Nodes. Texas
Steven Wright - Moonbase Alpha BBS, GT Power V18.00. 1 Node. NC.
Alan Wakeman - Prince Rupert, BC
Aaron S. Edens - The Dragon's Lair. Cleveland, Ohio. 216-671-0850.
James Brande - The Jhereg Bar & Grill. Wichita, KS. 316-264-6146
James Brake - The Nightshift. Riverside, California. 909-784-09910
Ted Helton - The Dark Tower BBS. San Diego, California. 619-675-0761
Shawn Watchel - Gateway 2002 BBS. Taylor, British Columbia. 604-789-3143
Mike Bachop - N/A. Vancouver, BC. 604-264-8556 (remember to mail disk)
Kelley Wright - Necropolis BBS. Ft. Worth, Texas. (sorry for mixup).
Phil Watkins - Midnight Machine. Wichita, KS. Telegard. 316-687-6796
Veronica Mayes - Killarney Narrows. Huntingon, WV. 304-523-8643.
Andy Boyd - BREnet Corodinator! (cool game). BBS Name??
Glenn Halls - R/C Central BBS. Thorold, Ontario. SBBS. 905-227-9827.
Richard Shiflett - Snipe's Castle. Waco, Texas. 817-757-0169. Renegade.
James R Diel - Private (alias based I think).
John D. Lundell - City Lites BBS. Grand Forks, ND. 701-772-5399.
Mike Toloso - Off The Wall. Lexington Park, Maryland. WWIV BBS.
Dave Stepp - We Be Games. Tacoma, WA. 206-475-0708. Spitfire.
Chet Wilkinson - TSUNAMI - Catch the Wave! Ponte Vedra, Florida.
Bernard Kavic - DataStorm BBS Gameline. Kelowna, British Columbia.
Chris Wiggins - The Toy Shop BBS. Bryan, Texas. 409-778-6505
Richard Vogt - Warp Speed BBS. Chico, California. 916-345-6447 Wildcat
Dave Davenport - The Game Board. Vancouver, BC. 206-260-0133. GAP BBS
Bruce Hussey - The Bayman BBS, TORONTO, ONTARIO. WildCat.
Victor Kamutzki - CRS (too big for it's own good ). Toronto, Ontario.
Jim Marshall - The Well of Souls BBS. Hamilton, Ontario. 416-545-1920
Al Sande - Sasquatch BBS (nice letter head). Terrace, B.C.
Paul Reeves - The Virtual Realm. Ponca City, Okla.
Herman M. Sweet - The Buffalo Commons BBS. Grand Forks, North Dakota.
Adam Carr - Interstel BBS. Portland Oregon. 503-239-6861
Jim Burch - Sunshine Valley BBS. Grand Forks, British Columbia.
Tony Albrich - Oregon Software Connection. Salem, Oregon.
Damon McLaughlin - ThunderBold BBS. Waukegan, IL
Dwayne Grierson - TZ's Playground
Bruce Boulan - The Connection
Donald Shelton - AirBoat Online
William Schoenbachler - The Monolith
Wendell Meek - Swords of Bronze
Don Rowe - Threshold of Origin
JB Graham (James) - JB's Place
Bill Kennedy (William) - An Explorer's World
Gary Green & Rachael A. Cunnick - The Crypt BBS
Alastair McIntyre (you have to call for your big version still) Scotland, U.K.
David Johnson - The Clandestine BBS, Kansas City, Montana
Joseph T. Smith - Elysian Fields. Wichita, Kansas. 316-267-5125
Steve Walcher - Tin Pan Alley. Mukilteo, WA. PCBoard. (friend from S&S)
Don Patrick - ShareWare Depot. Parma, Ohio.
Jim Day & Julia P. - InterStellar War BBS. Bloomington, IN.
Chuck Dobbs - Dobbs Enterprises. Suisun City.
Joseph O'Neil - The Observatory BBS. London Ontario.
Damon Rose - Suncity BBS, New Zealand.
David Tigner
Scott McNabb - Christchurch, New Zealand.
Lee Lint - Byte Be BBS
Dwayne Grierson - TZ's Playground
Mike Cooper - Rush BBS. Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Mark Christensen - The Vortex BBS
Jim Campbell - The Funny Farm
Mike Kennedy - Liberty Hall BBS
Jason Kadlecik - The Dreaming
Scott Hounsell - Total Access
Jeff Samford - Wyld's Kingdom!
Alan Seymour - Greyfriars Bobby BBS
Mike Grosser - Academia BBS
Bryan Bills - Shadow Keep
Ray Touzeau - Winners Choice BBS
David Rogers - No Name Yet, Okmulgee, OK 74447.
Richard Layton - The Atomic Underground
John Hellmann - Police Academy BBS
Forest Newman - Diversions BBS
Jim Rosen - VGA Planets BBS
Yen-Zon Chai - The Chinese Connection. Vancouver BC, Canada.
Bruce Vogel - Bird House BBS
James Kearfott - Def-Con 5
Carlos Santos - The Mail House II. Loures, Portugal.
Sheridan - The UnderDark BBS
John Heath - The Saftey Net
Jim Minnich - Circuit Breaker BBS
Joe Byrd - Silent Run BBS
Lyle Chritton - ECTech BBS (new name?? can't remember)
Jon Vidler - Late Nite DIVERSIONS
Barry Kiesz - Midwest Data Exchange
Keith Buckbee - Country Computing
Doug Kadrich - WYSIWYG
Rolf Smith - R3I BattleAxe
Scott Lamberson - Active Data
Andy McClung - The Short Circuit
Martin Scolaro - The USERS Choice BBS
Edward Turcotte - The EDge
Anthony Kay - Zomeez's BBS
Robert McClure - Eat Flaming Death
Matt Rathgeb - Wings BBS
Dean Roy - The Gamer's Corner
Larry Taylor - MicroData BBS
Patrick Small - Paradise BBS
John Maddox - Mount Olympus
Rod Briggs - Sail Away BBS
Phil Geiger - The Mother(b)Board
Roger Brown - InterComm
Marshall Jackson - Game World BBS
Andy Scollard - The Nameless One!
Steven Hauswirth - The Power Palace
Kevin Jendro - The Gondor BBS
Josh Eagle - Spikeman's Board
Kurt Brackenbury - Business Link Systems
Dave Spensley - Unclde "D"s Directory
Craig Behan / John C. Savourin - V-Net Online Services
Jason Devries - Idiot Box RBBS-PC
Craig French - The Final Frontier BBS
Dave Jones - Digital Source BBS
Cuck Dobbs - Dobbs Enterprises
David Richardson - The Atomic Dustbin
Kevin Coates - The KBC BBS
Robert Hinshaw - Far Point Enclave
Greg Large - The Light in the Darkness
Stephen Brandt - The Family Electronic Bulletin Board by CHAZ Enterprise

If your names not on the list, but you did register. Then please tell me.
I may have 'forgotten' or 'misplaced' a few names. I do have all the forms.
But they are just a big stack of print outs and mail in letters.
I'm too lazy to go through them all searching for which aren't on the
"official" list yet

03-03-94 Note : I'm still lazy 😉