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VGAPlanets BBS Door Interface Registration Form.
Date: __ - __ - 94

Name: ______________________________ Voice Phone: ___ - ___ - ____

Address: ___________________________________________________________

City: ______________ Prov/State :___________ Postal/Zip Code: __________

BBS Name: _____________________________ BBS Phone: ___ - ___ - ____

BBS Program & Version _________________ Nodes ________

You must CALL to download your registered version.

ACCOUNT NAME to be made on Support BBS : ____________________________
Password for Support BBS : ____________

Toronto Twilight Communications - 416-663-8779 HST
416-663-1103 V.32 / V.32bis
416-663-7644 2400

Payment: Money Order [_] Cheque/Check[_] VISA [_]
(American or Canadian money is acceptable)

--------------------------CUT HERE-------------------------------------------

Make Checks/Cheques or Money Orders payble to Matrix Communications.
NOTE : IF VISA, you should CALL and pay ONLINE. No need to mail
since for visa calling and leaving a comment would be much faster.

Warning : It will take 1 initial call to leave the required info
in a script (S 2 at the unvalidated user menu).
Then a second call 3 to 4 days later to download your
registered versions (I.E. two long distance calls min.)

Also if you are mailing your registration in. Be warned
that if you are mailing from the United States, its a
few (2 or 3) extra cents worth of postage to mail a
letter to Canada. Also it could take up to 1 to 2
weeks for your letter to arrive.

Also note, I don't always have time to 'make' an account
in advance for you. So after 2 weeks, simply call in
using the account name and password that you wrote
down on this register.frm that was mailed in. Then
just leave a comment to the sysop saying "Hi! I'm
here! I mailed in my registration! Please validate
me ASAP and give me my reged exe file! Thanks"
(Or something along that line...) Then I'll simply
check my files, pull out your form, check to see
that the passwords match, and reply with your registered
exe file. Simple!

COST --> Registrations of 20 dollars or over will be acceptable to create
a registered version of the door interface for sole useage
of designated BBS. Registrations are non-transferable.

For Multi-Node BBS systems of 20 nodes or more in size, a special
"large business" registration of 45 bucks is needed.

Shareware lisence : Registering the door allows you to run it on your BBS
only. You may NOT distribute the registered version to ANYONE. This means
NOT giving copies to bbs members, friends, fellow sysops, etc (key word
is NO). You may NOT make copies of the registered version without receiving
authorization from me (Rick DiLorenzo) first. Breaking this lisence will
mean your soul will go to Hell. It will also mean you will be liable to
financial damages payable unto ME for pirating my software.

(Oh, also all upgrades to new registered versions are FREE. NO charge.
You simply call the bbs, leave a comment asking for an upgrade, and

Mail to:

Rick Di Lorenzo
171 Kings Cross Drive
King City, Ontario