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======================== Players Help File ==========================
D)ownload Receive your turn file so that you can play your turn.

U)pload Send your turn back to the host so that your turn can
be recorded.

V)iew Error-log See the host program's error log. If you have any
problems, check this and it will tell you if the host
could not process your turn for some reason.

O)ld Error-log This is just like the above, except that it will show
error information for ALL turns since the beginning
of the game.

S)core Display the most current score for the current game.
If you are a player your score will be highlighted.

P)ost Post a message that can be read by all (even
non-players). Until Tim provides access to the
global messages for this door, this will allow you to
send messages that can even be read by visitors to
the door and possibly attract new players.

R)ead Read the message bulletin created above.

W)hat is VGAP Give you a description of the Game of VGA Planets.

J)oin Game For non-players in a game, if there are vacancies you
may use this option to join a new game or a game in
progress (if it is in progress you will see the turn
number at the top of the screen).

T) reTire For players only, you can "retire" your player so
that another can join the game.

C)hange Name This will prompt you for your preferences of a race
name others may use the new file by downloading it.

X) select protocol This option will let you select your favorite
protocol, use the numpad with the num-lock ON to
change your protocol. ('4' and '6' operate as arrow

L)eave comment Not available yet.

G)raphics select Not available yet.

N)ame download Get a copy of the race name file that is used by VGA
planets so that your names played at home will
reflect the same names as the host program of the

> next game REGISTERED ONLY, goes up to the next game (10 max)

< prior game REGISTERED ONLY, goes back down to the prior game.

! substition Allow another caller to act as your "second", this
person will be give access to your files. YOU must
authorize this by supplying the full name as used by
the host Bulletin Board.

? Help This file.

123456789AB Pressing any of these keys you can take over anothers
turn, BUT only if they have given you authorization!

Thank you for trying Remote VGA Planets Access!