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VGA Planets HOST 3.14
Copyright 1992 - 1994
By Tim Wisseman

The VGA Planets server HOST.EXE and
It's configuration program HCONFIG.EXE are
freeware programs. They may be used and given
out free of charge. You can download the
latest version from the:

The Tim Continuum BBS (209) 877-4921

The VGA Planets client program
PLANETS.EXE is a shareware program.
Players are asked to please register PLANETS.EXE.

Tim Wisseman
PO Box 204
North Fork
CA 93643

VGA Planets is a player supported program.
My thanks to everyone that registered!


Version 3.13e Host Released January 17, 1994
Version 3.14 is the same as version 3.13e


Normal mines destroy web mines switch.

Climate limits population switch

The planetary friendly code of "ATT" will only attack ships in
orbit that have fuel.

The planetary friendly code of "NUK" will attack all ships in
orbit, even ones without fuel.

Host returns an DOS errorlevel 1 if there is a host crash.


If the "Climate death rate" is greater then 0% then:

Desert worlds now support at least 101 - ( planet_temp ) clans.

Ice worlds now support at least 1 + ( planet_temp ) clans.


If "Climate death rate" is set to 0% the max population of a planet
is SIN( planet_temp * PI * .01 ) * 100000 clans for all races except
the Crystal People.

SIN() is in radians
PI = 3.14

Crystal People max population is ( planet_temp * .01 ) * 100000
if the "Crystal People like desert" setting is turned on.

The alchemy fuction of a Merlin Class ship can be disabled with
a friendly code of "NAL" ( No ALchemy )

Switches in HCONFIG.EXE

One engine ships can tow? YES/NO

Hyperdrive ships? YES/NO

Climate death rate 0% to 100%

Planet gravity wells? YES/NO

Crystal people like desert worlds YES/NO

Ships must have at least 2 engines to tow another ship.

A ship with one engine can always be towed by a ship with
two or more engines.

Pillage mission will report native and colonist populations

Terraforming ships will report surface temp.
100 = desert, 0 = ice

An experimental Hyperspace device has been added to 3 ship classes:
To use the hyperdrive set the ship's waypoint to a point
farther then 20 light years and set the friendly code to
"HYP". The ship will jump about 350 lightyears and burn
50 units of fuel. The ship will come out of hyperspace
at speed zero and with no waypoint set. Ships in hyperspace
avoid all minefields. The hyperdrive can not be used to
excape a tow. This will not work if the ship is on an
intercept mission.

8. When a game reaches the 500 ship game limit the new ships will
be build in a queue order. If starbase ID # 347 builds ship number
500 this turn then starbase ID # 348 will build the next ship
as soon as one is destroyed.

Ships without fuel can not beam cargo down to a planet.

You can configure the colony fighter mine sweeping rate.
You can disallow the sweeping of web mines by colony fighters.

You can configure the rate that beam weapons sweep normal and
web mine fields. As well as the range from the field that a
ship has to be to destroy mines.

Engine tech boosts the shield power of a ship.

The effect of the lizard hiss mission can be configured.

Ships that surrender have their mission set to nothing.

There are odds that the rob mission may fail from time to time.

Three science vessels are able to terra form planets.

Rebels and Fascists may be made immune from attack from planets.

The rate are which cloaked ships burn fuel to stay cloaked is
based on the hull mass.

The odds that a cloaked ship may hit a mine can be configured.

You can set the amount of damage that ship can have before it can
no longer cloak.

No population can be over 25,000,000.

The Crystallin and Siliconoid races have the maximum growth
rate on desert planets.

Rebels can build outposts on ice worlds that support up to
20,000 colonists.

The Lizards, Fascists, Robots, Rebels and The Colonies of Man
can have up to 6,000 colonists on desert worlds.

Explore missions now report on the planet's climate.



External Meteor programs may cause errors in host 3.1.
The internal meteor ( HCONFIG.EXE ) works without any problems.

The METEOR3.EXE program has been moved inside the HOST 3.11b program.
You can now use HCONFIG.EXE so set up any sort of meteor storm you

When starting a new game in a new directory copy a HCONFIG.HST into
the new directory or run host one time then run HCONFIG.EXE to
change the default HCONFIG.HST made by the HOST.EXE when it doesn't
find a HCONFIG.HST file.

WARNING: Do not use CPLAYER version Alpha 1 or Alpha 2 with any of
the 3.1x versions of HOST.EXE. Use Only Alpha 3 or later.
Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 will cause fuel and mineral dumps to
explode. Use version 3.01 or higher only.



New switch in HCONFIG.EXE, The Engine Tech shield bonus.
The power from higher tech engines increases the shield power of the

How much? Well, a ship with transwarp engines fights like a ship that
is 300 kt more massive. The cost of one engine is added to the
combat mass of the to ship take in to account of the effect of the
higher tech engines powering the shields.

This shield bonus is based on the tech of the engines and not the
number of engines on the ship. ( To keep the game in balance. )

The engine tech to not effect the charge rate of the weapons.
The tech of weapons does not effect the rate of weapon recharge.

Remember if you don't like this turn it off.



Warnings: ( >>>GREEN<<< , >>>YELLOW<< and >>>RED<<< )

When host runs it now gives a "Data Status Message"

Green means the data from the player and in the host records are
100% normal.

Yellow means that there is a slight glitch in the data or
program. ( Bug? ) Don't worry about this error too much,
it is mostly harmless. But still should not happen.
The host has found that minerals or money are missing.

Red means there is some sort of problem. From one little bit
being in error to wholesale massive cheating. This means that
minerals or money has showed up in a player's empire and the
host can not understand why. The host will take action to
"correct" the problem during a red data status.


Running METEOR.EXE will cause a >>>RED<<< or >>>YELLOW<<< data
status from time to time. There is nothing that can be done
to prevent this. It is best not to run METEOR.EXE when using
HOST 3.1.


Cargo Transfers: ( When playing planets )

You can hold down the or to move 100
units of cargo at a time.



These are all things that the host can turn on and off now.
If anything is changed during a game a message will be sent to
all players by HOST.EXE.

Recycle rate of ships colonizing
Meteor impact odds ( Only ONE meteor )
Allow alchemy ships
Delete old unread messages
Disable the passwords in a game
Rebels build fighters in space
Robots build fighters in space
Colonies build fighters in space
Number of "no money" fighters from starbases
Lizard HISS mission
Rebel ground attack
Cloaked ships may be robbed by privateers
Fed super refit
Regular MINES
Web mine decay rate
Odds of hitting a web mine
Odds of hitting a regular mine
Regular mine decay rate
Maximum mine field size
Planets attack ships
Ships without fuel can move on "impulse"
All ground attack and defense rates
All mineral mining rates
All tax income rates
Cloaking device failure rate
Mine field detect range
Dark sense range
Cloaked ship fuel burn rate
New natives appearing
Sensor mission range
Planets attack ships in orbit ( "ATT" friendly code )
Cyborg assimilation rate
New minerals ( Isotopic breakdown rate )
"Overpopulation eating supplies" can be turned off
Mines may destroy enemy mines
Engine tech shield bonus



All ships have a new attack order.
They will now fight in an order that depends on three things
the mission, the primary enemy and the friendly code.
The friendly code can give an attack value from 1 to 999.
To use attack values your friendly code must begin with a
number value. The attack values will NOT affect the way in
which a ships fights, it only effects the battle order.
Your enemy's attack values will NOT effect your battle order.
A attack value of 1 is the lowest possible attack value.

Here are examples of attack values base on some friendly codes
where "x" is any non-number character.

Friendly code Attack values
xxx 1000
1xx 1
10x 10
01x 1
999 999
123 123
18x 18
x23 1000
xx2 1000
x1x 1000

The ship with a "KILL" mission the lowest attack value will
attack first. If two of your ships have the same attack value
then the ship with the lowest ID number will attack first.
The ship with a "PRIMARY ENEMY" set and the lowest attack value
will attack after all the "KILL" mission ships are done.

Ships with their mission set to "KILL" will fight as a first group.
Ships with a mission other then "KILL" and the primary enemy
set will fight as a second group.
All other ships will be protected by the "KILL" and primary enemy
ships until those ships are destroyed or captured.

Ships that are not on a kill mission and don't have a primary enemy
set will defend themselves in an order based on the friendly
code attack values.



The game can be configured so that the planetary friendly code "ATT"
or "NUK" causes a planet to attack any enemy ship in orbit.
This will override matching friendly codes. ( ATTack or NUKe )


A ship may now disable it's torpedo systems by using the friendly
code "NTP". ( No TorPedoes )
If two ships that are enemies use the "NTP" friendly code they
will still fight. This is also a special case where matching
friendly codes does not count.

The "NTP", "ATT" and "NUK" must be all in uppercase.



Very bad things happen to people that try to cheat. . .
The Tim Continuum is watching a little closer now.
It sees money from nowhere, minerals appear, torpedoes
turning into fighters, etc. . .



The range that you can see enemy ships is now limited by a
scan range that the host can configure. Ships beyond the
scan range in open space can NOT be seen. An enemy ship in orbit
around a planet that you do not own and do not have a ship in
orbit around can not be seen.


NO fuel:

Ships that have no fuel can not intercept or tow.
The host can decide if he will allow ships without fuel to
move short distances. ( The old no fuel "impulse" ship drift )



All planets place a stress on the time space continuum for a
distance of 2 light years in all directions. Any ship that
warps within a distance of 2 light years to a planet will fall
into the planets warp well and end up at the planet.


GROUND ATTACK: ( Dropping colonists )

The host can configure the ground attack and defense factors of
all races. Every 20 defense outposts add a defense factor to the
planet. ( 100 defense outposts would make a planet 5 times stronger
then it's normal defense factor. )



Ships can now have a very good chance of detecting all planets
within the sensor range that have less then 15 defense outposts and
has ether more then 15 factories or more then 20 mineral mines.
Every defense outpost reduces the odds of being detected by 6.6666%.
Any planet with no defense and more then 15 factories or more then
20 mineral mines will be detected.



The Evil Empire can now dark sense ALL planets within dark sense range
that have enemy colonists, except for Rebel colonies.
The Dark Sense is unable to find the Rebels.



Ships with damage can not cloak.
Ships may have to burn fuel to cloak. ( This is up to the host. )
There are odds that a ships cloak may fail from time to time
and be seen. The odds of this is up to the host and can range
from 0% to 50%.



The number of mines that a ship can sweep has increased.
Beam weapons sweep ( tech^2 * ( 2 ) ).
This is 2 times more then version 3.00f of host.
The ships now sweep ALL mine fields that they are
in and all mine fields within 25 light years.

Colonial fighters now sweep 40 mines for each fighter.
This is 10 times more then version 3.00f of host.
They still have a mine sweep range of 100 light years.

The host now has the option of letting overlapping enemy
mine fields destroy each other.

Both mines and web mines have a decay rate at which they
disappear do to natural causes. The default is 5%.

There is a maximum size that mine fields can be. If a ships tries
to expand a field beyond the maximum no more torpedoes will
be converted to mines. If a ship keeps it's mission to lay mines
the mines lost to decay will be replaced by new mines so long
as the ship has torpedoes.

Minefields of the same race may overlap as long as the perimeter of
one does not take in the center point of the other.

The odds of hitting a regular or web mine can be changed by the
HCONFIG program.

Minefields no longer merge.

There is now a limit on how far you can you can detect mine fields,
however you will now get a report on all mine fields within this
detection range. Both yours and enemy minefields.



The mineral mining rates of all races can be adjusted in the
HCONFIG program.

The HCONFIG can set the rate at which new minerals are formed in the
planetary code of all worlds. The new minerals are formed by the
natural isotopic break down of uranium into trans-unranium elements.
Density ranges from 100 ( Large Masses ) to 1 ( Very Scattered )
New minerals are formed on planets with higher mineral densities
then on planets with lower mineral densities.



The amount of taxes that a race can collect per turn can be adjusted
in the HCONFIG program. However, if the rates are changed they will
not match up with the amount projected by the PLANETS.EXE.



There is a switch in HCONFIG that that allows native races to be
discovered from time to time on worlds without native life.



Starships that explode in battle will now be detected by all the
other races in the game. They will detect the (x,y) location of
the explosion and the name of the ship given in the distress call,
but nothing else. Ships that are captured and planets that are taken
over can not be detected on the long range sensors.



Enemy planets can not be scanned for minerals by a ship in orbit any
longer. The enemy colonists are now able to jam enemy starship sensors.



The host.exe now saves a record of the last run to a host.log file.
Everything that was sent to the screen will be in the file.



If overpopulation is turned off the colonist will no longer have
to eat supplies to survive. The population will stop growing at
some point.



You can set the rate at which structure on a planet decay when there
is not enough manpower on the planet to maintain them. The rate is
the number of undermanned structures that can be lost in a single
turn. ( If it is set to 3 then up to 3 of each type of structure
can be lost in a single turn. )



The number of "free" fighters that each race gets at each starbase
each turn can now be configured. The default is 5 for the Evil Empire
only. The fighters still require minerals to build them. Each fighter
requires 3 tritanium and 2 molybdenum units to build.



The rate at which the Cyborg player turns the native population
into Cyborg colonists can be set from 0% to 100% of the current
number of Cyborg colonists on the planet.



If the passwords are disabled then all the players in the game
will have their passwords set to "NOPASSWORD" every turn.


SCIENCE SHIPS: (Climate changers)

The climate temps of all planets range from 0 (ice planet) to
100 (hot desert). A climate type 50 is the best at supporting all
forms of humanoid life. The Crystallin and the native race of
Siliconoids do best in hot desert climates.

There are three ship classes that are able to transform a planet's
climate just by orbiting it. Each ship will change the climate type
by 1 each turn.

Bohemian Class Survey Ship:
Will make planets warmer until climate type 50 is reached.

Eros Class Research Vessel:
Will make a planet cooler until climate type 50 is reached.

Onyx Class Frigate:
Will make any planet turn into a hot boiling pool of rock
and desert (temp 100).



All humanoid type races do best on a type 50 planet
( Temperate - warm ).

The Crystallin race does best on temp 100 ( Desert World ).
The Siliconoids also like temp 100 worlds.

The Lizards are unable to regulate their body temp so they
to like type 50 planets the best.

Four races are able to withstand desert climates well enough to
support a small desert outpost of 6,000 colonists. These races are:
Colonies of Man

The Rebels are able to build outposts that support up to 20,000
colonists on ice planets.

All other races can only have one clan on a desert or arctic planet.


Recycle rate of colonizing ships
The percentage of minerals recovered from the hull of a
ship that is crashing on to a planet on a colonize mission.

Odds of a large meteor impact
The percentage odds that ONE large meteor will hit one of
the 500 planets.
This setting has NOTHING at all to do with the last full screen
of meteor settings.

Mine fields YES/NO
Allows new mines to be dropped. Will NOT turn off mines that
already exist.

Web Mine Fields YES/NO
Allows new web mines to be dropped. Will NOT turn off mines that
already exist.

Alchemy Ships YES/NO
Allows alchemy ships to do their job of alchemy/fuel making.
Or do nothing.

Delete old messages YES/NO
Deletes old unread messages each turn.

Disable all passwords YES/NO
Turn off passwords every turn.

Ground combat ratio
The number a race will kill when attacking an enemy by
dropping (beaming down) one colonist on an enemy with a
ground defense ratio of 1.

Ground defense ratio
The number a race will kill when defending against an enemy
with a ground combat ratio of 1 that is dropping (beaming down)
colonists on them.

Free starbase fighters
The number of "no money" fighters made at that race's starbases
each turn. (Each fighter requires 3 tritanium and 2 molybdenum)

Mineral mining rate
The percentage of normal that a race's mines extract minerals
from the ground.

Taxes collected
The percentage of normal that tax money is collected from the
colonists and natives.

Rebels build fighters in space YES/NO
Rebels build fighters in space aboard ships with fighter
bays and 5 supplies/3 tritanium/2 molybdenum for each fighter

Colonies build fighters in space YES/NO
The Colonies of Man can build fighters in space aboard ships
with fighter bays and 5 supplies/3 tritanium/2 molybdenum for
each fighter built.

Robots build fighters in space YES/NO
Robots can build fighters in space aboard ships with fighter
bays and 5 supplies/3 tritanium/2 molybdenum for each fighter

Cloaked ships may be Robbed YES/NO
The Privateers can rob money, fuel and minerals from ships that are

Empire's Dark Sense range
The range of the dark sense will work from an Empire ship to an
enemy planet in light years.

Lizards can use hiss mission YES/NO
Lizards can use the HISS mission to claim down the natives.

Rebels can use ground attack YES/NO
Rebels can use the ground attack mission to mess up enemy

The Feds can super refit YES/NO
The Feds can fix up old ships by putting new parts on them
using the Super Refit mission.

Cyborg assimulation rate
The percentage rate that the Cyborg colonists can convert
native races to Cyborg. At 100% the number of natives converted
equals the number of Cyborg colonist or the number of natives,
which ever is the smaller of the two.

Colonial fighter mine sweep rate
The number of mine units one Colonial fighter can sweep in a turn
at a range of up to 100 light years.

Colonial fighter can sweep webs YES/NO
If yes then the Colonial fighters can sweep web mines as well.

Effect of HISSS mission
The number of "Happy Units" that a HISS mission hits a planet with
per ship. A planet's "Happy Units" range from 100 (Happy) to
0 (WAR!) to -300 (AARRRGG!!!!!!)

Rob mission failure rate
The percentage of the time that the rob mission does nothing.

Planets can attack Rebel ships YES/NO
A planet can attack a Rebel ship in orbit using the "NUK" / "ATT"
Friendly codes. ( This takes away the Rebel ground attack )

Planets can attack Fascist ships YES/NO
A planet can attack a Fascist ship in orbit using the "NUK" / "ATT"
Friendly codes. ( This takes away the Fascist pillage attack )

Science ship bonus YES/NO
The "Bohemiam", "Eros" and "Onyx" class science ships are
allowed to change the climate of planets that they are in
orbit around.

Fed crew bonus YES/NO
All Fed ships get a 25% shield boost between battles.
All Damaged weapons are still able to fire.

Odds that a cloak will fail
The percentage chance that a ship's cloak fails to work.

Fuel used to cloak
The amount of fuel in kilotons needed to cloak 100 KT of
ship hull. (Cargo and weapons don't count)

Ships without fuel can move YES/NO
Ships without fuel can move without fuel on "impulse power"

Ship visible range (StarCharts)
The range in light years that a ship that is not cloaked and
not behind a planet can be seen.

Sensor mission range
The range in light years at which ship sensors will work to
detect enemy mines and factories.

New natives will appear YES/NO
One planet is picked. If it has no natives then a new group of
of natives will appear.

Planetary 'NUK' friendly codes YES/NO
Planets can attack a ship by setting their friend code to
"NUK" or "ATT". Planets will attack even if the ship is out of

Overpopulations eat supplies YES/NO
Planets will eat supplies to survive when the planet becomes
overpopulated. If set to NO the supplies are continued to
be produced and the population stops growing.

Isotope Trans-uranium Mutation rate
The number of KTs of new minerals produced in the cores of
all planets from the break down of natural uranium.
This is the number of KTs that would be produced on a
planet with a mineral density of LARGE MASSES. The amount
of new minerals is less on planets that have a lower mineral

Planetary structures decay rate
The number of surface structures that disappear each turn
when the number of structures on a planet is greater then
the maximum number of structures allowed.

Web mine decay rate
The percentage of Web mines that are lost each turn from
each field.

Mine field decay rate
The percentage of normal mines that are lost each turn from
each mine field.

Odds of hitting a mine per L/Y
The odds that you will hit a mine per light year the
ship travels. A die is rolled for each light year traveled.
Travel 100 light years through mines the die will be rolled
100 times (You might make it).

Odds of hitting a web per L/Y
The odds that you will hit a web mine per light year the
ship travels. A die is rolled for each light year traveled.

Maximum mine field radius
The maximum radius that a mine field can have in light years.

Mine detect range
The range at which enemy ships will detect the mine field
in light years during a mine sweep mission.

Mines destroy enemy mines YES/NO
When two mine fields meet they blow each other up.

Engine tech boosts shield power YES/NO
The power from higher tech engines increases the shield
power of the ship.

Engine tech boosts shield power %
The percentage of boost that an engine will boost the ship's

Mine field sweep rate
The number of mine units that one X-Ray laser can sweep in a
turn and how many hundreds of units a Heavy Phasor can sweep
in a turn.

Web mine field sweep rate
The number of web mine units that one X-Ray laser can sweep in a
turn and how many hundreds of units a Heavy Phasor can sweep
in a turn.

Mine field sweep range (LY's)
How close in light years a ship must be before it can sweep
enemy mine fields.

Web mine field sweep range (LY's)
How close in light years a ship must be before it can sweep
enemy web mines.

Cloaked ship will hit mine odds
Odds that a cloaked ship will hit enemy mines per light year
traveled. (Cloaking does not effect a ship's chances against
web mines)

Amount of damage that prevents cloak
If a ship has this or greater amount of damage then it can not

Ships with one engine can tow
If set to no a one engine ship can not tow another ship and
can always be towed by a ship with two engines.

Hyperdrive ships
If set to yes then the 3 ships with hyperdrive are allowed to
use it.

Climate death rate
The percentage of population that dies on a desert or arctic
planet until the population reaches 1 clan. (Some races have
a climate bonus on desert or arctic planets).

Planets have gravity wells
If yes all ships that come within 3 light years are pulled in
to the planet.

Crystal people like desert worlds
If yes the Crystal People have a max population on desert worlds.
A max pop of 5,000,000 on temperate-warm worlds.

Normal mines destroy web mines
If yes and mines destroy mines switch is also yes then normal mines
will destroy web style mines when they overlap. Default is NO.

Climate limits populations
If set to yes ( default ) the climate of a planet will limit
the number of poeple that can live on the planet. If set to
no you can pack up to 25,000,000 on all planets, including
ice and desert planets.


"Meteor HCONFIG"

*** If any of these values are changed a message from ***
*** the "host" will not be sent to the players. ***

These setting have nothing to do with the setting on the
first screen for one meteor impact. I feel that it is best
that you don't ever use this last page of meteor settings.
If over used these tend to spoil the game by overloading the
universe with too many minerals. This will cause the 500 ship
limit to be reached too quickly.

Odds of small meteor impact on all
The odds that a small meteor will hit a planet.
A die is rolled for each planet. (500)

Number of LARGE meteors impacting
This number of large meteors will hit.

Send Meteor Messages YES/NO
A message will be sent to each player for each large
meteor to hit anywhere and a message for each small
meteor to hit a planet that the player owns.


(302 Bytes)

YES = 1
NO = 0
INTEGER = 2 Bytes ( Signed two's complement values )
LONG = 4 Bytes ( Signed two's complement values )

1 recycle AS INTEGER '% of ore recovered from colonizing ships
3 meteor AS INTEGER '% odds of one large meteor impact
5 mine AS INTEGER 'flag mine fields yes (1) or no (0)
7 alchemy AS INTEGER 'flag alchemy yes (1) or no (0)
9 delold AS INTEGER 'flag delete old messages yes (1)
11 nopassword AS INTEGER 'flag disable passwords yes (1)
13 gkill(0 TO 11) AS INTEGER 'ground combat kill ratios
37 opkill(0 TO 11) AS INTEGER 'ground combat defense factor
61 freefighter(0 TO 11) AS INTEGER 'number of free fighters
85 minerates(0 TO 11) AS INTEGER 'mineral mining rates
109 taxrate(0 TO 11) AS INTEGER 'tax 50% to 500%
133 rebelbfs AS INTEGER 'build fighters in space
135 coloniesbfs AS INTEGER 'build fighters in space
137 robotbfs AS INTEGER 'build fighters in space
139 cloakshipopps AS INTEGER '0% - 50% cloak ship failure
141 robcloaked AS INTEGER 'rob cloaked ships (yes/no)
143 shipscan AS INTEGER 'ship scan range limit
145 darkrange AS INTEGER 'range of dark sense
147 hiss AS INTEGER 'hiss mission on and off
149 rebelga AS INTEGER 'rebel ground attack on and off
151 fedsr AS INTEGER 'super refit on and off
153 Web AS INTEGER 'web mines on and off
155 cloakburn AS INTEGER 'cloaked ship fuel burn 1 to 50 kt
157 sensorrange AS INTEGER 'range of the sensor mission
159 nativenew AS INTEGER 'add new natives
161 planetattack AS INTEGER 'planets attack ships (yes/no)
163 cyborga AS INTEGER 'cyborg assimilation rate (1-100)
165 webdecay AS INTEGER 'web mine decay rate
167 minedecay AS INTEGER 'mine field decay rate
169 maxmine AS INTEGER 'max mine field size
171 isotope AS INTEGER 'new mineral form rate
173 decay AS INTEGER 'decay of structures on underpop planet
175 overpop AS INTEGER 'eat supplies? (yes/no)
177 nofuelmove AS INTEGER 'ships without fuel can move (yes/no)
179 oddsmine AS INTEGER 'odds of hitting a mine
181 oddsweb AS INTEGER 'odds of hitting a web mine
183 mineseerange AS INTEGER 'range that you can see mines
185 antimine AS INTEGER 'mines destroy enemy mines
187 shieldbonus as INTEGER 'engine tech gives shield bonus
189 sbrate AS INTEGER 'engine shield bonus % rate
191 cfsweeprate AS INTEGER 'colonies fighter sweep rate
193 cfsweepweb AS INTEGER 'colonies fighter sweep web mines (yes/no)
195 minesweeprate AS INTEGER 'rate that weapons sweep mines
197 websweeprate AS INTEGER 'rate that weapons sweep web mines
199 lizardmaxhiss AS INTEGER 'the max that a hiss mission can effect planet
201 robfailrate AS INTEGER 'the odds that the rob mission will fail
203 rebelnoatt AS INTEGER 'planets can attack rebels (yes/no)
205 fascistnoatt AS INTEGER 'planets can attack fascists (yes/no)
207 minesweeprange AS INTEGER 'the range that a mine field can be sweeped
209 websweeprange AS INTEGER 'the range that a web field can be sweeped
211 sciencemissions AS INTEGER 'ship science missions
213 cloakedmineodds AS INTEGER '10X the odds that a cloaked ship will
'hit a mine ( 13 = 1.3% )

215 nocloakdamage AS INTEGER 'the amount of damage that prevents cloaking
217 fedcrewbonus AS INTEGER 'fed ships get a combat bonus (yes/no)

219 oddssm AS INTEGER 'odds of small meteor impacts
221 smminN AS LONG 'minimum Neutronium in meteor
225 smminD AS LONG
229 smminT AS LONG
233 smminM AS LONG
237 smmaxN AS LONG 'maximum Neutronium in meteor
241 smmaxD AS LONG
245 smmaxT AS LONG
249 smmaxM AS LONG

253 numlg AS INTEGER 'number of large meteors to impact
255 lgminN AS LONG 'minimum Neutronium in meteor
259 lgminD AS LONG
263 lgminT AS LONG
267 lgminM AS LONG
271 lgmaxN AS LONG 'maximum Neutronium in meteor
275 lgmaxD AS LONG
279 lgmaxT AS LONG
283 lgmaxM AS LONG
287 meteormess AS INTEGER 'send meteor messages?

289 onetow AS INTEGER 'one engine ships can tow (yes/no)
291 hyper AS INTEGER 'hyper drive ships (yes/no)
293 cdeathrate AS INTEGER 'climate death rate 0 to 100
295 gwell AS INTEGER 'gravity wells around planets (yes/no)
297 crysclim AS INTEGER 'crystal people like deserts (yes/no)
298 nweb as INTEGER 'normal mines destroy web mines
300 clpop as INTEGER 'climate limits populations


recycle = 75
meteor = 2
mine = 1
alchemy = 1
delold = 0
nopassword = 0
FOR i = 1 TO 11
gkill(i) = 1
opkill(i) = 1
freefighter(i) = 0
minerates(i) = 100
taxrate(i) = 100
gkill(2) = 30
opkill(2) = 10
freefighter(8) = 5
minerates(1) = 70
minerates(2) = 200
taxrate(1) = 200
rebelbfs = 1
coloniesbfs = 1
robotbfs = 1
cloakshipopps = 0
robcloaked = 1
shipscan = 300
darkrange = 200
hiss = 1
rebelga = 1
fedsr = 1
web = 1
cloakburn = 5
sensorrange = 200
nativenew = 1
planetattack = 0
cyborga = 100
webdecay = 5
minedecay = 5
maxmine = 300
isotope = 5
decay = 1
overpop = 0
nofuelmove = 1
oddsmine = 1
oddsweb = 5
mineseerange = 200
antimine = 1
shieldbonus = 0
sbrate = 50
cfsweeprate = 20
cfsweepweb = 0
minesweeprate = 4
websweeprate = 4
lizardmaxhiss = 5
robfailrate = 1
rebelnoatt = 0
fascistnoatt = 0
minesweeprange = 25
websweeprange = 25
sciencemissions = 1
cloakedmineodds = 5
nocloakdamage = 1
fedcrewbonus = 1
oddssm = 0
smminN = 10
smminD = 10
smminT = 10
smminM = 10
smmaxN = 200
smmaxD = 200
smmaxT = 200
smmaxM = 200
numlg = 0
lgminN = 100
lgminD = 100
lgminT = 100
lgminM = 100
lgmaxN = 10000
lgmaxD = 9000
lgmaxT = 9000
lgmaxM = 7000
meteormess = 1

onetow = 0
hyper = 1
cdeathrate = 10
gwell = 1
crysclim = 1
nweb = 0
clpop = 1