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======================== Host Help File ==========================
M)aster Execute remote master functions (if not registered,
this will ask you several questions then randomly
choose the rest of the options).

T) resTore universe Restore from prior backup of universe (up to three

E)xport a universe Archive and download the universe's files.

I)mport a universe upload a universe and extract it for playing.

H)ost manually Execute host from remote.

L)og of Activity Show all activity through door.

X) reset Activity log Erase the activity log file.

C)hange host config Change host parameters as in HCONFOG.EXE, but from

G) Log Summary Summarize the Activity log.

N)ewsletter build Create a new newsletter with game information.

A)uto host toggle Turn on 24 hour auto host (once a day automatically).

B) Challenge host mode turn on host mode to execute whenever all "joined"
players have turns in.

S) Host.log view View Host 3.1's Host.log file.