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Output of file : GAME.DOC contained in archive : VGAPWWIV.ZIP

Please read Tim Wisseman's documentation in VP314B.ZIP, after installing
VP314B.ZIP host files on your system it uncompressed the PLANET*.DOC files
into the installation directory. Please read them to find out how to
play the game. Keep the VP314B.ZIP file in your game directory, because
the door allows for users to download so they do can install
the player files on their local system and read the docs.

VGA Planets the game was written by Tim Wisseman. All rights and ownership
remain in his hands.

This special BBS version comes with an interface DOOR program that should
work on most popular BBS systems. Please read SYSOP.DOC for more information.
The BBS interface door program was written by me (Rick DiLorenzo) and is
a seperate package from VP314B.ZIP (Tim's) that is in no way affiliated or
associated with Tim. I just answered the 'call' by him for people to help him
create a workable BBS version of his popular shareware game.