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VGA Planets(tm) Version 3.0

VGA Planets is a shareware program written by Tim Wisseman. You may
contact Tim at the following address:
Tim Wisseman
P.O. Box 204
North Fork, CA 93643

Tim has no connection to R.V.P.A. in any form, it is written completely
by myself with very little help from Tim. You may contact me in
reguards to R.V.P.A. at the following address:
Jeffry Brickley
2300 Del Rey #172
Las Cruces, NM 88012

Please do not contact me for problems dealing with VGA Planets itself, I
will only direct you to contact Tim. AND if you contact Tim about
R.V.P.A., he may or may not remember me enough to refer you to me!

Now for some information on Tim's WONDERFUL game:
(excerps from the VGA Planets Documentation)


The game can be played on any IBM compatible with VGA graphics
and a 286 or faster CPU with a hard drive.


Please register the game. This will allow me to continue
eating, paying the bills and PROGRAMING. Thanks!

Registered players may play in the same game as unregistered
players. Registered players will have a slight tech advantage.
If a player decides to register the game they can switch over to
the registered version of the game and have easier access to
tech levels 7 through 10. The shareware ( unregistered ) version
of the game also allows access to all tech levels, but it takes
more work to do so.

Players that give registered copies of the game away will
be attacked in the game by the Tim Continuum.


VGA Planets is a graphical multiplayer play by turn war game
that simulates combat in space between galactic empires. The
game emphasizes mining, colonization and the construction of
starships. The players compete against each other economically
and militarily on a galactic scale.

Although there is an economic component to the game, it is
mainly a tactical and strategic wargame. Although the player
with the best economy usually has the best potential to win,
it's not the purpose of the game -- and the scoring system
reflects this.

The game system allows players to construct their own starships
by selecting various components and placing them on a given hull
type. This game can handle from two to 11 players. The game is
designed to be a BBS or Net game. This game can also be played on
one computer alone. The game can be played on any BBS that
supports file transfers, with or without the sysop's help.
Many people are playing VGA Planets over the NET using Email

To begin the game, you are given a planet, a starbase, and
two ships. You have to manage your planet's population and
resources wisely. You can create more ships and expand your
domain through colonization or conquest of neighboring planets.
Of course, the other players are attempting to do the same thing.

The game can also be set up so that players start with just
freighters and no homeworlds.

VGA Planets can be compared to a 11-player chess game in
which all players move all their pieces simultaneously, one turn
at a time.


Ten years ago a small fleet of freighters left your home
world in a quest to find new worlds to colonize. Half way
through your journey you lost all contact with fleet command.
You then begin to fear the worst, a full scale galactic war may
have broken out and your small fleet may be the last of your

You left home with four very special ships that were equipped
with tech 17 Bussard Ramscoops which gather low grade matter
from the interstellar medium and converts it to antimatter
fuel. The tech 17 Bussard Ramscoop Fuel Ships served you well
until you lost the last one a year ago when the final
cobalt-lanthanide-boronite fractionator coil (CLBF coil) burnt
out, your fleet was then forced to make the rest of the journey
burning low grade neutronic fuel. Your fleet finally arrived at
your goal, the small Echo open star cluster on the outer tip of
third major arm of the Milky Way. This open cluster contains 500
planets that are all named after the stars from your home star

The last fuel base you passed is over 7000 light years away
and you are unable to build new CLBF coils. In fact, the only
know source of CLBF coils is small super high tech research
station ran by a group of Andromedians near the galactic core
30000 light years away. The coils are shipped to all the major
homeworlds by Endoane traders. A shipment of supplies which
included 20 new CLBF coils was following one year behind your
fleet until it was lost to an unknown band of pirates. The
highest tech level ever achieved by your race has been tech 10,
so it is really very unlikely that you will ever be able to
build any CLBF coils on your own. Unless you
reestablish contact with your homeworld or a supply shipment
shows up you can regard this as a one way mission.

Upon arrival at the first world you came to all your
starships were landed on the planet's surface to be converted
into raw materials for the building of mines, factories and one
low tech starbase. A small local system freighter and a small
capital ship were built when your starbase was completed.

You soon learn that you are not alone. Moving across your
starcharts are enemy races that have followed you to this star
cluster. You must now put every effort into building the most
powerful fleet of war ships possible before you are attacked.
Your best hope is to send small freighters in every direction to
drop off colonists and supplies so that they can grow in numbers
on new planets and extract the minerals that your starbase needs
to build more ships.

You need to act fast because your enemies will most likely be
trying to expand also. Pay close attention to the starchart,
because you can see your enemy's ships as they
travel between planets. Good luck . . .

For more information See the VGA Planets Documentation!