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TYPOMARKS Rev 3.1 June 1, 1995

TYPOMARKS is a macro for use with the Ami Pro word processor,
which provides a simple and natural way to create the special
characters and symbols which signify top quality word processing
and desktop publishing: proper quotation marks, apostrophes, em
and en dashes, bullets, and other useful symbols. You can use
TYPOMARKS when preparing an original document, and you can use it
to add proper typography to an existing document.

With TYPOMARKS you can enter the special characters as you go, or
you can automatically transform an entire document from the
standard, keyboard marks into the proper typographic ones. Those
who have used Ami Pro's SMARTYPE macro to apply typographic
quotation marks to an entire document will appreciate TYPOMARKS as
the intelligent alternative. TYPOMARKS fixes SMARTYPE's tendency
to get out of sync and apply backwards marks through the rest of
the document if you should accidentally omit one mark along the
way, and it does a lot of other things more intelligently as well.

The documentation file TMX.SAM may be read or printed through Ami
Pro, and you need to do this before beginning the user friendly
TYPOMARKS installation.

TYPOMARKS is shareware. Feel free to copy it, give it to your
friends, post it on bulletin boards, distribute it at computer
shows, as long as you keep all the distribution files together
and make no changes to any of them. You may use it for a trial
period of up to two weeks, but after that you must register your
copy and pay the modest license fee--as little as $10 for
personal users for all the computers you own. Full terms of
licensing arrangements are specified in the documentation file.

The full set of TYPOMARKS distribution files is:

TMX31.ZIP The compressed distribution file, containing the
files listed below
README.TXT Overview which you are now reading, in ASCII format
TMX.SAM The documentation file, in Ami Pro format
TMX.BMP The SmartIcon for TMX.SMM
INSTALL.SMM The installation macro
INSTAUX.SMM Auxiliary macro, used only during installation
FILE_ID.DIZ Top level description used by many
bulletin board systems, in ASCII format
LICENSE.SAM Shareware license registration form, in Ami Pro format

The entire set of distribution files and any resulting installed
files are copyright 1995 by Bruce B. Bottomley.

Bruce B. Bottomley 410 992-3908
5246 Wildflower Terrace E-mail:
Columbia, MD 21044 [email protected]

The author may also be found at the Programmer's Corner Bulletin
Board in Columbia, MD. Phone 410 995-6873 or 301 596-7693. Check
Programmer's Corner for the latest version of this and other
useful shareware products.

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Archive   : TMX31.ZIP
Filename : README.TXT

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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