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deltaComm Development, Inc., PO Box 1185, Cary, NC 27512 USA

(919)-460-4556 voice, (919)-460-4531 FAX, (919)-481-9399 BBS

Telix Copyright (C) 1986-1994 by deltaComm Development, Inc.

February 17th, 1995 --

In line with deltaComm policy, minor updates, such as those from Telix
for Windows 1.00a to Telix for Windows 1.01d, are free. This patch file
has been released to take your registered copy of Telix for Windows and
convert it to a registered v1.01d.

Version 1.00a (size: 1,744,896) was released on August 1st, 1994.
Version 1.00b (size: 1,740,032) was released on September 14th, 1994.
Version 1.01a (size: 1,733,888) was released on October 14th, 1994.
Version 1.01b (size: 821,248) was released on December 7th, 1994.
Version 1.01c (size: 773,632) was released on February 1st, 1995.
Version 1.01d (size: 773,632) is dated February 17th, 1995.

To apply this patch, please follow the directions below precisely:

1) Place the files PATCH.EXE and PATCH.RTP in the same directory that
you keep TELIX.EXE and APROW.DLL in. Exit Windows. This patch
program MUST be run when Windows is not loaded.

2) Run the PATCH.EXE program. Your screen will look somewhat like the
following, but may differ depending on the revision of Telix you
are patching (the patch program may patch more files than are
shown in this example) :

PATCH Version 2.01 - .RTPatch(R) Software Update System
(C) Copyright Pocket Soft, Inc., 1991-1994. All Rights Reserved.
< Pocket Soft, Inc. (713) 460-5600 >

ÄÄÄÄÄ Processing Patch File ÄÄÄÄÄ

Applying UPDATE File Patch for 'TELIX.EXE'

Updating ...
File successfully Updated!
Deleting Old File

Applying UPDATE File Patch for 'APROWP.DLL'

Updating ...
File successfully Updated!
Deleting Old File

ÄÄÄÄÄ Patch File Processing Complete ÄÄÄÄÄ


3) The resultant copy of TELIX.EXE will be the latest release, and
may be immediately used.

4) Some sections of Telix for Windows may have had user modifications
made to them, notably the Host Mode and the Keyboard Definition
files. Because we did not want to overwrite any modifications
you might have made, the patch program will NOT automatically
update these files, though they HAVE been corrected in some cases.

A complete set of *.KBD keyboard macros and terminal emulation
keyboard sequences can be found in the included file KBDFILES.ZIP.

A newer, updated host mode that more closely resembles the
documentation may be found in the included file WINHOST.ZIP.

The latest copy of TELIX.MDM has been included outside the patch.


Q: I get the following error message when applying the patch:

error ept0036: Original file not found. However, a file of the
same name was found. No update done since file
checksums do not match.

A: PATCH was unable to locate an exact match for the original file
to be updated. If you think you may be patching the wrong file,
or if you are certain that you are patching the right file,
please contact Technical Support at (919) 460-4556 if this
message persists.

This message may also be caused by another situation: A TSR could
be interfering with your system and its ability to read the
original file from disk.

Programs known to cause PATCH.EXE to generate this error are
Stacker and DoubleSpace, some disk caches, some CD-ROM drivers,
and some anti-viral software. Anything loaded in your CONFIG.SYS
and AUTOEXEC.BAT can potentially cause this error. Each can cause
the checksum of the file you have to differ from the checksum of
the file we used to build the patch.

Please try to remove these items from memory if PATCH gives you
this error, and then start over at step 2. The best way to do
this is to boot from a bootable floppy drive that has NO

If all the above steps fail, please upload your TELIX.EXE file
to deltaComm Online at 919-481-9399 and we will look into the
possibility of adding support to the patch for your revision.