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February 26, 1995

This archive contains the shareware version of Mathomatic, the algebraic
manipulator. A tutorial program is included. This is an MS-DOS program, but
it will work under Windows.

The shareware version of Mathomatic has been incorporated into the tutorial
program to eliminate duplicated code. The shareware version is fully
functional and can now be directly accessed by using the included batch files.

This archive may be freely distributed as long as none of the files inside are
modified or missing.

The files that should be in the archive are:

AC.BAT Batch file for running Mathomatic in color mode.
ADV.TXT Advertisement and description of Mathomatic.
AM.BAT Batch file for running Mathomatic with no color.
AMTUTOR.EXE The Mathomatic tutorial, demo, and program.
AMTUTOR.ICO A Mathomatic icon you can load under Windows.
FILE_ID.DIZ Short description of Mathomatic.
GRAPH.EXE The Mathomatic Graph program (Requires EGA or VGA).
LIMIT.IN Read this into Mathomatic to learn how to do calculus limits.
ORDER.FRM The Mathomatic registration form.
POINTS.IN Read this into Mathomatic to get equations from 2/3 points.
README.TXT This file.

To run the tutorial, type in "amtutor" at the DOS prompt. If you have a color
computer and you have the "ANSI.SYS" driver loaded, you can see how Mathomatic
works in color by typing "amtutor -c" at the DOS prompt. In color mode,
Mathomatic outputs ANSI escape sequences to make each level of parentheses a
different color. To execute the shareware version of Mathomatic, select it
from the tutorial main menu or type "am" at the DOS prompt (type "ac" for color

If you are going to use color mode, you will need to add the following line to
your "\config.sys" file:

device = \dos\ansi.sys

In color mode, Mathomatic changes the default text color on your screen to
green. To run ANSI programs without changing the default text color, you need
to set the default color you want in your MS-DOS prompt. The procedure to do
this is just one of many things described in the Mathomatic manual.

You must have at least 640K of memory in your computer to run Mathomatic.
Mathomatic runs on all IBM-PC and IBM-PC/AT compatibles with the MS-DOS
operating system. The Mathomatic "graph" command requires EGA or VGA and
MS-DOS version 3.0 or higher. A math coprocessor is recommended and always
used if available.

The number of equation spaces and the equation size are reduced in this
shareware version of Mathomatic.

Mathomatic is written in Microsoft C V5.1, is self-testing, and strictly
follows the rules of algebra. Mathomatic is powerful enough for users to check
their answers/solutions.

Registered users get the full sized version of Mathomatic with hardcopy manual.
They also get my prime number tools and other goodies. The full sized version
has more equation spaces and allows equations three times larger than the
shareware version allows. And it allows approximation of definite integrals,
which wasn't included in the shareware version because it needs to be explained
by the Mathomatic manual.

The prime number tools work with up to 14 digit numbers. They factor integers
and perform perfect number analysis and quickly generate any number of
consecutive primes.

To become a registered user and get the full sized version of Mathomatic,
please do the following:

1) Print the file "ORDER.FRM". At the DOS prompt, type: PRINT ORDER.FRM
2) Fill it out.
3) Make out a check or money order payable to "George Gesslein II".
It must be in U.S. dollars and drawn on a U.S. bank.
A single user registration costs $49.95.
4) Send the order form with check or money order to:

George Gesslein II
RD#2 118 Sharpsteen Road
Locke, New York 13092

Compuserve user ID: 74040,1212
Internet address: [email protected]

My home phone number, FREE technical support, and discounts on updates will
also be provided to those who register. Feel free to send me Email, even if
you haven't registered. Bug reports, comments, and questions are always

The FREE technical support provided to registered users includes extra help in
using the full sized version of Mathomatic, answers to any math questions you
may have that I can find the answer to, a free update if you find a bug in
Mathomatic, and the kind of expert, professional help you can only get directly
from the author of an advanced math program.

If you decide to keep Mathomatic, please support the development of this
advanced math program by registering.