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MATHOMATIC is a powerful symbolic math program that works like a super-smart
algebraic calculator. It is an inexpensive alternative to Mathematica.

MATHOMATIC is an artificially intelligent algebraic manipulator program which
implements most of the rules of algebra for the mathematical operators +, -, *,
/, and power (including roots). Any linear or quadratic equation can be
automatically solved for any unknown. Many other types of equations can be
solved and simplified, too. Unlike other symbolic math programs that provide
partial support for a multitude of operators and functions, MATHOMATIC goes all
the way with its basic mathematical operators and commands.

You can simplify equations, factor most polynomials, perform basic calculus
operations, compare equations, replace variables with any expression, jiggle a
variable about some value to see the sensitivity to that value, etc. In
addition, simultaneous algebraic equations can be easily combined and solved
for any variable. Complex number arithmetic and multi-variable polynomial
division are supported, too.

MATHOMATIC includes a tutorial program and a color graphing program. The color
graphing program requires EGA/VGA and numerically graphs, solves, and finds
asymptotes of equations.

Requires 640K of RAM and MS-DOS 3.0 or higher.