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* SCL1.H - definitions/declarations for SCL1 Library version 2.0 *
* *
* Copyright (C) 1990 by Jos‚ Rodr¡guez Alvira & Jos‚ R. Lebr¢n *


/* Menu structures */

struct MenuOpt{
int Row,Col;
char *String;
int Letter;

struct BarMenu{
int StartCol,EndCol;
char String[20];

struct PopMenuData{
int L1,C1,L2,C2;
int NumberOption;
char *WinBuffer;
struct MenuOpt *Menust;

struct MenuSysData{
unsigned int Key;
struct PopMenuData *PMenu;

/* Mouse Button */

struct MouseButton{
int Top,Left,Bottom,Right;
int Row,Col;
char String[20];

/* ItemList structure */

struct ItemList{
int Row,Col;
char *String;

/* Input Fields structure */

struct InputFields{
int PromptLine;
int PromptCol;
char *Prompt;

int FieldLine;
int FieldCol;
char *FieldBuffer;

int MaxChar;
unsigned int CharType;
int (* cdecl Helpf)(struct InputFields *);
int (* cdecl Checkf)(struct InputFields *);

/* Error Box */

struct ErrorMess{
int ErrorNum;
char *Message;

/* Tag List structure */

struct TagList{
char TagFl;
char *String;

/* Date structure */

struct DateData{
int WeekDay;
int MonthDay;
int Month;
int Year;

/* VideoData structure */

struct VideoData{
int Monitor;
int Mode;
int Page;
int Lines;
int Cols;
unsigned int Segment;
int Retrace;

struct FILETIME{
unsigned int seconds:5;
unsigned int minutes:6;
unsigned int hours:5;

struct FILEDATE{
unsigned int day:5;
unsigned int month:4;
unsigned int year:7;

struct FileData{
char reserved[21];
char attrib;
struct FILETIME time;
struct FILEDATE date;
long size;
char name[13];

/* Dialog functions - structures and messages

messages received by LineEditor */

#define LE_INIT 0
#define LE_DRAW 1
#define LE_ACTIVE 3
#define LE_KEY 4
#define LE_DATA 5
#define LE_POSITION_UP 8
#define LE_SET_POSITION 10
#define LE_CHARS_UP 11
#define LE_CHARS_DOWN 12
#define LE_CLEAR 14
#define LE_CHECK_MOUSE 15
#define LE_RESET 100

/* messages returned by LineEditor */

#define LE_OK 0
#define LE_EXIT_KEY 1
#define LE_MOUSE_EVENT 2
#define LE_BUFFER_END 3
#define LE_ILLEGAL_KEY 5
#define LE_BUFFER_FULL 6
#define LE_MY_MOUSE 15
#define LE_DEL_NULL 18

/* LineEditor structure */

typedef struct{
int PColor; /* Prompt's color */
int PRow; /* Prompt's position */
int PCol;
char *Prompt;
int FColor; /* Field color */
int FRow; /* Field position and screen lenght */
int FCol;
unsigned int FLength; /* length in columns */
unsigned int FSize; /* Maximum number of chars */
int CType; /* type of characters accepted */
int MaskFn; /* 0 accept chars in mask, 1 discard chars in mask */
char *MaskArray; /* array of mask chars */
char *Buffer; /* destination buffer */
char *FormatC; /* chars used in format string */
unsigned int *ExitKeys; /* array of exit keys scan/ascii code */
int InsFlag; /* 1 = Insert ON ,0 =typeover */
int InsertCur; /* Insert Mode cursor 0 = none, 1 normal, 2 big */
int TypeOverCur; /* typeover mode cursor */
int CPaint; /* Conditional paint color */
unsigned int StartPos; /* Start and end pos for conditional paint */
unsigned int EndPos;
unsigned int EventInfo; /* return information */
unsigned int Position; /* current position into buffer (offset) */
unsigned int Scroll; /* horizontal scroll counter 0=none */
int Edited; /* =1 if line was edited */

/* TextWindow
messages received by TextWindow */

#define TW_INIT 0
#define TW_DRAW 1
#define TW_WRITE 2
#define TW_CLS 3
#define TW_LINE_DOWN 4
#define TW_DRAW_BORDER 5
#define TW_WAIT_ON 30
#define TW_WAIT_OFF 31
#define TW_RESET 100

/* messages returned by TextWindow */

#define TW_OK 0
#define TW_WINDOW_FULL 1

/* TextWindow structure */

typedef struct{
int Color;
int UpperRow;
int LeftCol;
int LowerRow;
int RightCol;
int FrameType;
int WrapFlag;
int Position;

/* ScrollWindow
Messages received by ScrollWindow */

#define SW_INIT 0
#define SW_DRAW 1
#define SW_WRITE 2
#define SW_ACTIVE 3
#define SW_DRAW_BORDER 5
#define SW_POSITION_UP 8
#define SW_SET_POSITION 10
#define SW_CLS 11
#define SW_CHECK_MOUSE 15
#define SW_UWRITE 16
#define SW_RESET 100
#define SW_PAGE_UP 101
#define SW_PAGE_DOWN 102

/* Messages returned by ScrollWindow */

#define SW_NULL_ARRAY -2
#define SW_OK 0
#define SW_EXIT_KEY 1
#define SW_MOUSE_EVENT 2
#define SW_BUFFER_END 3
#define SW_ILLEGAL_KEY 5
#define SW_MY_MOUSE 15
#define SW_NEW_MOUSEPOS 16
#define SW_BLOCK_MARK 17

/* ScrollWindow structure */

typedef struct{
int NColor;
int RColor;
int UpperRow;
int LeftCol;
int LowerRow;
int RightCol;
int FrameType;
int ScrollBar;
int BarColor;
char **Array;
char *TagArray;
int TagColor;
char *Title;
int TitleColor;
unsigned int *ExitKeys;
unsigned int Lines;
unsigned int Length;
unsigned int TopLine;
unsigned int Position;
unsigned int FirstCol;
int OldVBlock;
int OldHBlock;
int WindowLines;
int WindowCols;
int VScroll;
int HScroll;
unsigned int EventInfo;

/* MouseButton
Message received by MouseButton */

#define MB_INIT 0
#define MB_DRAW 1
#define MB_ACTIVE 3
#define MB_CHECK_MOUSE 15
#define MB_RESET 100

/* Message returned by MouseButton */

#define MB_OK 0
#define MB_EXIT_KEY 1
#define MB_MOUSE_EVENT 2
#define MB_ILLEGAL_KEY 5
#define MB_MY_MOUSE 15

/* MouseButton structure */

typedef struct{
int NColor;
int RColor;
int UpperRow;
int LeftCol;
int LowerRow;
int RightCol;
int PRow;
int PCol;
char *Prompt;
int BoxFlag;
int ActiveFlag;
unsigned int *ExitKeys;
unsigned int EventInfo;

/* TagItem
messages received by TagItem */

#define TI_INIT 0
#define TI_DRAW 1
#define TI_ACTIVE 3
#define TI_CHECK_MOUSE 15
#define TI_RESET 100

/* messages returned by TagItem */

#define TI_OK 0
#define TI_EXIT_KEY 1
#define TI_MOUSE_EVENT 2
#define TI_ILLEGAL_KEY 5
#define TI_MY_MOUSE 15

/* TagItem structure */

typedef struct{
int Color;
int Row;
int Col;
int TagFl;
char *String;
unsigned int *ExitKeys;
unsigned int EventInfo;

/* Select
messages received by Select */

#define S_INIT 0
#define S_DRAW 1
#define S_ACTIVE 3
#define S_CHECK_MOUSE 15
#define S_RESET 100

/* messages returned by Select */

#define S_NULL_ARRAY -2
#define S_OK 0
#define S_EXIT_KEY 1
#define S_MOUSE_EVENT 2
#define S_ILLEGAL_KEY 5
#define S_NEW_POSITION 8
#define S_MY_MOUSE 15

/* Select structures */

typedef struct{
int Row;
int Col;
char *String;

typedef struct{
int Color;
int PRow;
int PCol;
char *Prompt;
unsigned int *ExitKeys;
int Options;
int Position;
unsigned int EventInfo;

/* Fields2 */

typedef struct{
int FieldType;
void *Structure1;
void *Structure2;
int (* cdecl CheckF)();

typedef struct{
int Message;
unsigned int EventInfo;
FData1 *Structure;
int ActiveField;
int FieldsNumber;

typedef struct{
int EventInfo;
int (* cdecl CheckF)();

/* Field types */

#define LINE_EDITOR 1
#define MOUSE_BUTTON 3
#define TAG_ITEM 4
#define SELECT 5
#define LIST_WINDOW 6
#define CALENDAR 7
#define USER_DEFINED 100

/* messages received */

#define F_INIT 0
#define F_DRAW 1
#define F_ACTIVE 3
#define F_MOUSE_EVENT 2
#define F_POSITION_UP 8
#define F_SET_POSITION 10
#define F_EXIT 13
#define F_SET_POS_EXIT 16
#define F_DRAW_NR 19
#define F_CHECK_ALL 20
#define F_COLORS 21
#define F_RESET 100

/* TagList2
TagList2 messages received */

#define TL_INIT 0
#define TL_DRAW 1
#define TL_ACTIVE 2
#define TL_RESET 100

/* TagList2 messages returned */

#define TL_OK 0
#define TL_CANCEL -1

/* TagList2 structure */

typedef struct{
int NColor;
int RColor;
int TColor;
int UpperRow;
int LeftCol;
int LowerRow;
int RightCol;
char **Array;
char *TagArray;

/* FileBox2
FileBox2 messages received */

#define FB_INIT 0
#define FB_DRAW 1
#define FB_ACTIVE 2
#define FB_RESET 100

/* FileBox2 messages returned */

#define FB_OK 0
#define FB_CANCEL -1

/* FileBox2 structure */

typedef struct{
int NColor;
int RColor;
int UpperRow;
int LeftCol;
int LowerRow;
int RightCol;
char *Filename;
int Attrib;

/* MenuSystem
MenuSystem messages received */

#define MS_INIT 0
#define MS_DRAW 1
#define MS_CHECK 3
#define MS_KEY 4
#define MS_SHADOW_ON 20
#define MS_SHADOW_OFF 21
#define MS_LINE_ON 22
#define MS_LINE_OFF 23
#define MS_SET_FRAME_TYPE 24
#define MS_SET_BAR_ROW 25
#define MS_SET_BAR_START 26
#define MS_SET_BAR_END 27
#define MS_ALT_ON 29
#define MS_ALT_OFF 30
#define MS_RESET 100

/* MenuSystem messages returned */

#define MS_NO_SELECT 0
#define MS_OK 0
#define MS_SELECT 1
#define MS_CANCEL -1

/* MenuSystem structures */

typedef struct{
int Row;
int Col;
char *String;
int Letter;

typedef struct{
int UpperRow;
int LeftCol;
int LowerRow;
int RightCol;
int Number;
char *WinBuffer;
MSOptions *mso;

typedef struct{
int StartCol;
int EndCol;
unsigned int Key;
char *String;

typedef struct{
int BarNColor;
int BarRColor;
int MenuNColor;
int MenuRColor;
int MenuHColor;
MSBar *msb;
MSWindow *msw;
int Number;
int Menu;
int Option;
unsigned int EventInfo;

/* ListWindow
Messages received by ListWindow */

#define LW_INIT 0
#define LW_DRAW 1
#define LW_WRITE 2
#define LW_ACTIVE 3
#define LW_DRAW_BORDER 5
#define LW_POSITION_UP 8
#define LW_SET_POSITION 10
#define LW_CLS 11
#define LW_CHECK_MOUSE 15
#define LW_RESET 100

/* Messages returned by ListWindow */

#define LW_NULL_ARRAY -2
#define LW_OK 0
#define LW_EXIT_KEY 1
#define LW_MOUSE_EVENT 2
#define LW_BUFFER_END 3
#define LW_ILLEGAL_KEY 5
#define LW_MY_MOUSE 15
#define LW_NEW_MOUSEPOS 16
#define LW_BLOCK_MARK 17

/* ListWindow structure */

typedef struct{
int NColor;
int RColor;
int UpperRow;
int LeftCol;
int LowerRow;
int RightCol;
int FrameType;
int ScrollBar;
int BarColor;
char **Array;
char *TagArray;
int TagColor;
char *Title;
int TitleColor;
unsigned int *ExitKeys;
int StaticWidth;
unsigned int Items;
unsigned int ColumnWidth;
unsigned int FirstItem;
unsigned int Position;
int WindowLines;
int WindowCols;
int TotalCols;
int TotalWindowItems;
int OldHBlock;
unsigned int EventInfo;

/* Calendar
Calendar structure */

typedef struct{
int NColor;
int RColor;
int Row;
int Col;
int FrameType;
unsigned int *ExitKeys;
int Lang;
int Month;
int Day;
int Year;
unsigned int EventInfo;

/* Messages received */

#define C_INIT 0
#define C_DRAW 1
#define C_ACTIVE 3
#define C_CHECK_MOUSE 15
#define C_SHADOW_ON 20
#define C_SHADOW_OFF 21
#define C_RESET 100

/* Messagges returned */

#define C_OK 0
#define C_EXIT_KEY 1
#define C_MOUSE_EVENT 2
#define C_ILLEGAL_KEY 5
#define C_NEW_POSITION 8
#define C_MY_MOUSE 15

/* Functions prototypes */

void cdecl BackgroundOn(int (*FAddress)());
char * cdecl AddExtension(char *Filename,char *Extension);
void cdecl BackgroundOff(void);
void cdecl Beep(void);
void cdecl BigCursor(void);
char * cdecl Bin2Ascii(long Number,char *Buffer);
void cdecl Box(int Color,int FrameType,int UpperRow,int LeftCol,int LowerRow,int RightCol);
int cdecl Buf2Disk(char *Filename,char *Buffer,unsigned int Bytes);
int cdecl Calendar(int Message,CData *cd);
int cdecl Center(char *String);
void cdecl ChangeDumpColor(int OldColor,int NewColor,char *p);
char * cdecl ChangeExtension(char *Filename,char *Extension);
unsigned int cdecl CheckChar(unsigned int Character,unsigned int ControlCode);
int cdecl CheckBarMenu(int Number,struct BarMenu *bm);
int cdecl CheckItemList(int Number,int ItemLength,struct ItemList *il);
int cdecl CheckMouseButton(int Number,struct MouseButton *mb);
int cdecl CheckMouse(void);
void cdecl ClearKeyBuf(void);
int cdecl CloseFile(int Handle);
void cdecl Cls(int Color,int UpperRow,int LeftCol,int LowerRow,int RightCol);
int cdecl CreateFile(char *Filename,int *Handle,int Attrib);
void cdecl CursorOff(void);
void cdecl CursorOn(void);
int cdecl DeleteFile(char *Filename);
int cdecl DialogBox(int BoxColor,char *Prompt,int InputColor,int MaxChar,unsigned int CharType,char *Buffer);
void cdecl DisableMouse(void);
void cdecl DrawBoxLine(int Color,int FrameType,int Row1,int Col1,int Row2,int Col2);
void cdecl DrawBarMenu(int NColor,int RColor,int NumItems,int Selection,struct BarMenu* bm);
void cdecl DrawItemList(int NColor,int RColor,int Number,int Selection,struct ItemList *il);
void cdecl DrawMouseButton(int NColor,int RColor,int Number,int Selection,struct MouseButton *mb);
void cdecl DrawLine(int Color,int Row,int Col,int Count,int Direction,int Character);
void cdecl ErrorBox(int ErrNum);
void cdecl ErrorShadowOff(void);
void cdecl ErrorShadowOn(void);
int cdecl FieldCheck(FData2 *p);
int cdecl Fields(int NColor,int RColor,int NFields,struct InputFields *ifld,unsigned int ExitKey,unsigned int HelpKey);
FData2 * cdecl Fields2(int Message,FData1 *fd1,FData2 *fd2,...);
int cdecl FileBox(char NColor,char RColor,char *Filename);
int cdecl FileBox2(int Message, FBData *p);
int cdecl File2Buf(char* Filename,char* Buffer,unsigned int* MaxSize);
void cdecl FillBlock(int Color,int UpperRow,int LeftCol,int LowerRow,int RightCol,int Character);
int cdecl FindFirst(char *SearchString,struct FileData *Buffer,int SearchAtr);
int cdecl FindNext(void);
int cdecl GetCurLine(void);
int cdecl GetCurCol(void);
int cdecl GetCurrentDir(char *PathBuffer);
int cdecl GetCurSize(void);
int cdecl GetFiles(char *SearchString,int SearchAtr);
struct DateData * cdecl GetDate(void);
int cdecl GetDefaultDrive(void);
long cdecl GetDiskFreeSpace(int Drive);
unsigned int cdecl GetExtendedAscii(unsigned int Character);
int cdecl GetFileMode(char *Filename,unsigned int *FMode);
long cdecl GetFilePt(int Handle);
long cdecl GetFileSize(int Handle);
long cdecl GetFreeMem(void);
unsigned int cdecl GetKey(void);
int cdecl GetString(int PColor,int PRow,int PCol,char* Prompt,int FColor,int FRow,int FCol,int MaxChar,unsigned int CharType,char *Buffer);
void cdecl GSSBox(int Color,int FrameType,int UpperRow,int LeftCol,int LowerRow,int RightCol,int GrowFl,int SoundFl,int ShadowFl);
char * cdecl GetTime(void);
void cdecl HideMouse(void);
void cdecl InitUserError(struct ErrorMess* p);
int cdecl InitMouse(int Cursor);
void cdecl InitVideo(void);
void cdecl Int24ShadowOff(void);
void cdecl Int24ShadowOn(void);
unsigned int cdecl KeyReady(void);
unsigned int cdecl KeyStatus(void);
int cdecl LineEditor(int Message,LEData *p,...);
int cdecl ListManager(int NColor,int RColor,int Number,int Length,int Selection,int Lines,int Cols,struct ItemList *il);
int cdecl ListWindow(int Message,LWData *p,...);
int cdecl LW_MoveTo(LWData *lwd);
int cdecl MakeDir(char *Path);
int cdecl Menu(int NColor, int RColor, int HColor,int NumOpt,struct MenuOpt *mo);
int cdecl MenuSys(int NColor,int RColor,int HColor,int MenuNumber,struct BarMenu *bm,struct MenuSysData *msd);
int cdecl MenuSystem(int Message,MSData *msd,...);
void cdecl MessageOn(int Color,char *String);
void cdecl MessageOff(void);
void cdecl MessageShadowOff(void);
void cdecl MessageShadowOn(void);
int cdecl MouseButton(int Message,MBData *p);
int cdecl MouseMenu(int NColor,int RColor,int HColor,int NumOpt,struct MenuOpt *mo,int XMin,int XMax,int YMin,int YMax);
int cdecl MoveFilePt(int Handle,unsigned long Bytes);
int cdecl MoveFilePt2Offset(int Handle,unsigned long Bytes);
int cdecl OpenFile(char *Filename, int *Handle, int OMode);
int cdecl PushCursor(void);
int cdecl PopCursor(void);
int cdecl PopMenu(int NColor,int RColor,int HColor,struct PopMenuData *pmd);
int cdecl ReadFile(int Handle,char *Buffer,unsigned int Bytes);
int cdecl RemoveDir(char *Path);
char * cdecl RemoveExtension(char *Filename);
int cdecl RenameFile(char *OldName,char *NewName);
void cdecl ResetMouse(void);
void cdecl ResetMouseCur(void);
void cdecl ScrollDown(int Color,int UpperRow,int LeftCol,int LowerRow,int RightCol,int Scroll);
void cdecl ScreenDump(int Row,int Column,char *StringAdr);
int cdecl ScrollList(int NColor,int RColor,int Row,int Col,int Lines,char **p);
void cdecl ScrollUp(int Color,int UpperRow,int LeftCol,int LowerRow,int RightCol,int Scroll);
int cdecl ScrollWindow(int Message,SWData *p,...);
void cdecl SetInt24Colors(int NColor,int RColor);
void cdecl SetCurPos(int Row,int Col);
void cdecl SetCurSize(int CursorSize);
void cdecl SetErrorBoxColor(int UColor);
int cdecl SetFileMode(char *Filename, unsigned int NewMode);
void cdecl SetHorLimit(int Minimum,int Maximum);
int cdecl Select(int Message,SData1 *sd1,SData2 *sd2);
void cdecl SetDialogColor(int NColor,int RColor,int HColor);
void cdecl SetMouseCur(int Character);
void cdecl SetMouseIsr(void);
void cdecl SetMousePos(int X,int Y);
void cdecl SetShadowColor(int Color);
void cdecl SetUserBox(int UpperLeft,int UpperRight,int LowerLeft,int LowerRight,int UpperSide,int BottomSide,int LeftSide,int RightSide);
void cdecl SetUserBoxLine(int HLeft,int HRight,int VUpper,int VLower);
void cdecl SetVerLimit(int Minimum,int Maximum);
void cdecl SetVideoMode(int NewMode);
void cdecl SetVideoPage(int NewPage);
void cdecl SetVideo4350(void);
void cdecl SetVideo25();
void cdecl Shadow(int Color,int UpperRow,int LeftCol,int LowerRow,int RightCol);
void cdecl ShowMouse(void);
void cdecl SortPointers(char *p[]);
void cdecl Sound(int Freq);
void cdecl SoundOff(void);
void cdecl SoundOn(void);
long cdecl StopWatch(int Function);
int cdecl SW_MoveTo(SWData *sw);
int cdecl TagItem(int Message,TIData *tg);
int cdecl TagList(int NColor,int RColor,struct TagList *tl);
int cdecl TagList2(int Message,TLData *p);
int cdecl TagMenu(int NColor,int RColor,int HColor,int NumOpt,struct MenuOpt *mo,int XMin,int XMax,int YMin,int YMax);
int cdecl TextWindow(int Message,TWData *p,...);
void cdecl TrapInt23(void);
void cdecl TrapInt24(void);
void cdecl TSound(int Frequency,unsigned int Duration);
unsigned int cdecl Video(void);
struct VideoData * cdecl VideoConfig(void);
void cdecl Window(int Color,int UpperRow,int LeftCol,int LowerRow,int RightCol,char* Flag,char* Buffer);
void cdecl WriteOffLen(int Color,int Offset,int Count,char * String);
void cdecl WriteOffset(int Color,int Offset,int Character);
void cdecl WriteScreen(int Atributte,int Row,int Column,char* StringAdr);
void cdecl WriteScreenLen(int Color,int Row,int Col,int Count,char *String);
unsigned int cdecl WaitKeyMouse(void);
void cdecl WaitTime(unsigned int HSec);
void cdecl WriteChar(int Color,int Row,int Col,int Count,int Character);
int cdecl WriteFile(int Handle,char *Buffer,unsigned int Bytes);
int cdecl YesNo(int NColor,int RColor,int Selection,char *p);
void cdecl YesNoShadowOff(void);
void cdecl YesNoShadowOn(void);

/* Global Variables */

/* TrapInt24 */

extern int I24_CrtErrFl;

/* GetCurSize */

extern int GCS_CursorSize;

/* GetExtendedAscii */

extern char GE_CharTable;

/* Mouse related */

extern int MSE_LPress,MSE_LRel,MSE_RPress,MSE_RRel;
extern int MSE_Move,MSE_MoveX,MSE_MoveY,MSE_LpX;
extern int MSE_LpY,MSE_LrX,MSE_LrY,MSE_RpX,MSE_RpY;
extern int MSE_RrX,MSE_RrY,MSE_MouseFl,MSE_DoubleClick;

/* GetFiles */

extern char *GF_PointerBuf[];
extern int GF_FileNumber;

/* GetString */

extern char GS_Insert;
extern char GS_Edit;
extern char GS_Beep;

/* Fields */

extern char F_Insert;
extern char F_Beep;

/* VideoConfig */

extern int VC_Monitor,VC_Mode,VC_Page;
extern int VC_Lines,VC_Cols,VC_Retrace;
extern unsigned int VC_Segment;

/* GetTime variables */

extern int GT_Hours;
extern int GT_Minutes;
extern int GT_Seconds;
extern int GT_Hundreths;

/* TrapInt23h */

extern char I23_CtrlBreakFl;

/* SetDialogColors */

extern int D_NColor,D_RColor,D_HColor;

/* Arguments and constants */

/* CheckChar */

#define CC_ANY 1
#define CC_LETTER 2
#define CC_DIGIT 4
#define CC_REAL 0x14
#define CC_FILESPEC 0x20
#define CC_ESPANOL 0x42
#define CC_PUNCTUATION 0x80
#define CC_PATH 0x0100
#define CC_SEARCH 0x0200
#define CC_EXPONENTIAL 0x0404

/* KeyStatus */

#define INSERT 128
#define CAPSL 64
#define NUML 32
#define SCROLL 16
#define ALT 8
#define CTRL 4
#define LSHIFT 2
#define RSHIFT 1

/* Video */

#define COLOR 0xb800
#define MONO 0xb000

/* Monitors types */

#define VC_MDA 1
#define VC_CGA 2
#define VC_EGA 4
#define VC_EGAM 5
#define VC_PGC 6
#define VC_VGAM 7
#define VC_VGA 8
#define VC_MCGADC 10
#define VC_MCGAAM 11
#define VC_MCGAAC 12

/* Cls */

#define CLS_ALL 0,0,24,79

/* StopWatch */

#define SW_START 0
#define SW_STOP 1

/* File Attributtes */

#define F_READ_ONLY 1
#define F_HIDDEN 2
#define F_SYSTEM 4
#define F_VOLUME 8
#define F_DIRECTORY 16
#define F_ARCHIVE 32

/* DOS 2.0 File Open Mode */

#define DOS2_READ 0 /* Access Rights */
#define DOS2_WRITE 1
#define DOS2_RW 2

/* DOS 3.0 File Open Mode */

#define DOS3_INHERIT 0 /* Inheritance Flag */
#define DOS3_PRIVATE 0x80

#define DOS3_COMP 0 /* Sharing Mode */
#define DOS3_DENY_RW 0x10
#define DOS3_DENY_W 0x20
#define DOS3_DENY_R 0x30
#define DOS3_DENY_NONE 0x40

#define DOS3_READ 0 /* Access Rights */
#define DOS3_WRITE 1
#define DOS3_RW 2

/* DrawLine */

#define DL_VERTICAL 1

/* InitMouse */

#define IM_NO_SHOW 0
#define IM_SHOW 1

/* Window's buffer size macro */

#define W_BUF_SIZE(ur,lc,lr,rc) (((((rc) - (lc)) + 1) * 2) * (((lr) - (ur)) + 1))

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