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Archive   : OXCC1433.ZIP
Filename : OXCCB.MAK

Output of file : OXCCB.MAK contained in archive : OXCC1433.ZIP

all: genops.o oxcc.o oxccl.o oxccb.o bterp.o

genops.o : oxanf.h
gcc -c -o genops.o -DNEED_GENOPS -x c oxanf.h
cfar -rt0l0 ../oxlib.cff genops.o

# Warning GCC 2.4 crashes if optimization is turned on with bterp
bterp.o : bterp.c
gcc -O2 -c bterp.c
cfar -rt2l4094 ../oxlib.cff bterp.o

oxccl.o : oxccl.c
gcc -O2 -c oxccl.c
cfar -rt2l4094 ../oxlib.cff oxccl.o

oxccb.o : oxccb.c
gcc -O2 -c oxccb.c
cfar -rt2l4094 ../oxlib.cff oxccb.o