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Filename : OBJ4LB.TXT

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obj4lb' is used to modify the symbols in a relocatable
object file, it can handle a.out and coff formats.
-- e.g. myfile.o
The modifications are listed in a .4lb (export) file.
-- e.g. myfile.4lb
Output is placed in a .olb file which is in the same format
as the input file. -- e.g. myfile.olb

The .4lb file has 2 types of entry:
rename: _oldsym _newsym
export: _symbol
Any line not starting with `rename:' or `export:' is ignored.

All renames are completed before exports are processed.
Symbols which are exported are given global characteristics,
all other symbols are given local characteristics, comdefs
are moved to bss.

If a library entry is composed of multiple source files, then
the globals which link the source files may be spurious when
the combined files are stored as a library or archive entry. Use
`aout4lb' to clean up the result. In a dynamic linking environment,
global symbol clashes must be avoided. After `aout4lb' has set up
the desired globals, `strip' may be run to eliminate the local
symbols and thus make the library entry smaller.