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`cfls' is a modified version of GNU `ls' which will list normal and
.cff directories.

Usage: cfls [-abdgiklnpqrstxABCFNQRSUX1] [path...]\n");

a, +all List all files.\n\
b, +escape Quote nongraphic characters.\n\
d, +directory List directory name, not contents.\n\
g, Ignored for Unix compatibility.\n\
i, +inode Print index number of each file.\n\
k, +kilobytes Print file sizes in kilobyte blocks.\n\
l, +format=long Print in long format.\n\
m, +format=commas List files horizontally, separated by commas.\n\
p Put '/' after each directory, if not multi-col.\n\
r, +reverse Sort in reverse order.\n\
s, +size Print the size of each file in blocks allocated.\n\
t, +sort=time Sort directory contents by timestamp.\n\
x, +format=across Multi-column, sorted horizontally.\n\
A, +almost-all List all files except for '.' and '..'.\n\
B, +ignore-backups Do not list files that end with '~'.\n\
C, +format=vertical Multi-column, sorted vertically.\n\
F, +classify Tag the file type of each file.\n\
N, +literal Do not quote file names.\n\
Q, +quote-name Enclose file names in double quotes.\n\
R, +recursive List the contents of directories recursively.\n\
S, +sort=size Sort directory contents by file size.\n\
U, +sort=none Do not sort directory contents.\n\
X, +sort=extension Sort directory contents by file extension.\n\
1, +format=single-column List one file per line.\n\
w, +width cols Assume screen width to be 'cols' wide.\n\
T. +tabsize cols Assume that each tabstop is 'cols' wide.\n\
I, +ignore pattern Do not list files that match 'pattern'.\n");