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ITS FileSetup’LNGINTLNGNum1LanguageEnglishMainEXEOMFMainITSSETUPSetupINI SETUP.INI SetupMASISetupITSSetupNETSetupCDMegaLoad BkgndScrn
netset.pcxFont netfont2.pcx CDSetupName SETUP.EXE
CDINILabelOMFCD CDLocalSpace200000CDBatOMF.BATCDFilesÿÿMDRV*.*MODEMS.TXT,NETARENA.INIÿÿAppType16REAL QualityRateÿÿ32100321002010012100ÿÿ MenuTitleOne Must Fall 2097 SetupTopTitleOne Must Fall 2097ByLine Version 2.0BotLine:Copyright 1994 Rob Elam, Joshua Jensen, and Epic MegaGamesEndLineGPlease run OMF to begin. Problems? Just run HELPME for complete help.EndAnsi OMF_END.BINHelpMe
helpme.exe SingleWin ijڿÀ٠ôSolidWinßÛÜÛWait Please Wait... YesWord Yes NoWord No ExitWord Exit MenuSelectCard Select Sound Card MenuHelp Instructions MenuExit Save and Exit
ExitToMain Back to Main Menu MegaMenuÿÿ Regular GameNetwork/Modem Game
Ordering Info InstructionsSetupExitÿÿMegaRunÿÿcall=FILE0001.EXE*netcall=ORDER.EXEcall=HELPME.EXE*setup*exitÿÿMegaScrn NETMEGA.PCXMegaFont NETFONT1.PCX ShowCardText
SelectCard Select Your Sound Card
UltraFoundÿÿ ULTRASND settings are ok.
Accept them? ÿÿ BlasterFoundÿÿ BLASTER settings are ok.
Accept them? ÿÿIgnoreNA Ignore - Not available
UseDefault Use default option
AlreadySet) Sound Card Already Setup. Reconfigure?
SelectPort Select Port Address SelectIRQ Select Main IRQ SelectMidiPort Select MIDI Port
SelectMidiIRQ Select MIDI IRQ SelectDmaIn Select DMA Channel In SelectDmaOut Select DMA Channel Out
SelectQuality Select Playback Quality QualityTextÿÿ Ultra high quality (Pentium)  Very High Quality (486-50)  High Quality (486-33)  Medium Quality (386-33) ÿÿ QualityHz Hz Sound8Bit(8-bit
Sound16Bit(16-bit SoundMonoMono) SoundStereoStereo)QInfoÿÿ----------------------Sound Quality Settings----------------------%High quality music and sound requires$a fast CPU. If the game runs slowlyor unreliably on your PC, try"selecting a lower quality setting.ÿÿSelectLanguage Select Language MenuSelectLang Select Your Language
CDDrivePromptÿÿBWelcome to the One Must Fall CD-Rom. Before we can begin playing,4several data files will be copied to your hard disk.<This requires approximately 100K of space on your hard disk.3Which drive would you like to store these files on?ÿÿ CDDirPrompt!Which subdirectory should we use?
CDSureExitÿÿOMF has not been set up.Are you sure you want to exit? ÿÿ CDCopyingCopying files from CD... CDViolation7The One Must Fall CD must be run from the CD-Rom drive!CDNoABÿÿ6Sorry, these files can not be stored on a floppy disk.Press any key to continue...ÿÿCDNoRootÿÿ2You must specify a directory to install the files.Press any key to continue...ÿÿ CDNoSpaceÿÿ6There is not enough space on your hard disk to install8these files. You must free up more space and try again.Press any key to exit...ÿÿCDBadDirÿÿ)That directory is bad. Please try again.Press any key to continue...ÿÿ [email protected]An error occured while copying files! Please Check your CD-Rom
NetMenu Challenge Arena Options NetTypesÿÿMODEMSERIALBBSIPXÿÿNetSlot Which network slot? NetSlot0 Slot NetSlot1 (Recommended) NetSites Cool Arena Sites SiteHelpÿÿPress to select a site to add a new site" to delete this site to edit this siteÿÿ
MODEM_MenuOpt Modem Link MODEM_Descrÿÿ
Modem Link
---------- With modem play, you can connect$with a friend using your PC's modem.You must have a modem that$communicates at 9600 baud or faster.$With modem play, you can either dial&a friend, accept a call from a friend,&or begin immediately if you're already
Modem Options MODEM_Brand Select Modem Brand MODEM_Com Select COM Port MODEM_Speed Select Speed MODEM_Advanced Advanced Options
MODEM_Init Change Init String
MODEM_Call Call a Friend & Begin
MODEM_Wait Wait for a Call & Begin
MODEM_Already Begin! I'm already connected
MODEM_Win1Current MODEM Settings
MODEM_Win2---------------------MODEM_WinBrand Modem Brand:
MODEM_WinInit Init String: MODEM_WinCom COM Port:MODEM_WinSpeed Speed:MODEM_WinAdvancedAdvanced options:MODEM_BrandFile
MODEMS.TXT MODEM_Brand What brand is your modem? MODEM_BrandInfoÿÿSelecting Your Modem Brand--------------------------#Please select your modem brand from&the list. If your modem isn't listed,&just select a 'Standard Modem' settingfrom the list.ÿÿMODEM_PromptInitÿÿType your modem's init string->ÿÿMODEM_PromptAdvancedÿÿEnter your advanced modemoptions or for none.->ÿÿMODEM_PromptPhoneÿÿType the phone number to dial,or press to quit.->ÿÿMODEM_ChangeInitÿÿ)The init string should tell your modem to*turn compression and error correction off.&This is necessary for the game to play smoothly.*Please consult your modem's manual for thecorrect Init string.ÿÿMODEM_ChangeAdvancedÿÿ&These are parameters that set special,#advanced modem options described inthe file HELPME.DOC. These options should normally be left blank.ÿÿ MODEM_Com Which port is your modem on?
MODEM_ComListÿÿCOM1COM2COM3COM4ÿÿ MODEM_Speed$ What's your modem's maximum speed? MODEM_SpeedListÿÿ960014400192002880038400ÿÿMODEM_SpeedRate Baud SERIAL_MenuOpt
Serial Link SERIAL_Descrÿÿ Serial Link ---------&You can connect two computers together$with a special serial cable called a&'null-modem cable'. Then you and your#opponent can compete at high speed!"Null-modem cables are available at"most computer and software stores."Don't try to hook up two computers"with a regular serial cable. Theywon't be able to communicate.ÿÿ SERIAL_Win1Current SERIAL Settings SERIAL_Win2----------------------
SERIAL_WinCom COM Port:SERIAL_WinSpeed Speed:SERIAL_WinAdvancedAdvanced options: SERIAL_Menu Serial Play Options SERIAL_Port
Serial Port SERIAL_Speed Serial Speed SERIAL_Advanced Advanced Serial Options SERIAL_Begin Begin Serial Game SERIAL_PortListÿÿCOM1COM2COM3COM4ÿÿSERIAL_PortPrompt Which port do you want to use? SERIAL_SpeedPrompt$ What speed can you communicate at? SERIAL_SpeedListÿÿ96001920038400ÿÿSERIAL_SpeedRate Baud SERIAL_ChangeAdvancedÿÿ&These are parameters that set special,$advanced serial options described inthe file HELPME.DOC. These options should normally be left blank.ÿÿSERIAL_PromptAdvancedÿÿEnter your advanced serialoptions or for none.->ÿÿ BBS_MenuOpt Bulletin Board Link BBS_DescrÿÿBulletin Board Link-----------------If you have a modem, your local%bulletin board (BBS) may be featuring!multi-player Epic Challenge Arena tournaments!$Ask around on your favorite BBS's to%see if this service is available! If%it's not, have the BBS operator email$Epic at [email protected] We give$them everything they need to set up!#If your favorite BBS supports this,#you can call in and join games withother players.%For more information, see HELPME.DOC.ÿÿBBS_WinÿÿAdding New Bulletin Boards------------------------"To add a BBS to the list, you need!to obtain an arena directory file#(*.ARD) from the BBS. For example,'Exec-PC's directory file is EXECPC.ARD.%Choose 'Call other bulletin board' to%call a number that's not on the list.ÿÿBBS_Menu! Challenge Arena BBS Directory BBS_Other Call other bulletin board IPX_MenuOpt
IPX Network IPX_Descrÿÿ IPX Network -----------"If your network supports the 'IPX'!protocol, you can play with otheropponents via network!"Most popular networks support IPX,including Novell networks.$Consult your network manuals to find!out if your network supports IPX."If you're running on a big company%LAN with multiple 'network segments','you can play people anywhere on the LAN by specifying the right advancedoptions.ÿÿ IPX_Advanced Advanced IPX Options IPX_Begin Begin IPX Game IPX_WinAdvancedAdvanced Options: IPX_ChangeAdvancedÿÿ&These are parameters that set special,!advanced IPX options described inthe file HELPME.DOC.To play with players on anothernetwork segment of a big LAN,use the -N parameter folowed by"the other player's segment number.$For example, to 'see' segment 3 use: -N 3 These options should normally be left blank.ÿÿIPX_PromptAdvancedÿÿEnter your advanced IPXoptions or for none.->ÿÿ