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Bibliography Release 48 Last change 10/29/95
This compilation is Copyright (c) 1989,1990,1991,1992,1993,1994,1995 Ralf Brown
Information on Tseng/Ahead/Paradise EGA video modes from a list posted by
Dan Kegel 3/87.

Information on the INT 10h functions supported by the EGA BIOS was derived
from the article "Graphic Enhancement" found in the April 1985 _PC Tech
Journal_, pages 58ff., and is marked with the string (EGA). jrh.

Information on functions unique to the Portable PC and the Convertible was
derived from a similar list compiled by David E. Powell, and added by
Ralf Brown 11/14/87.

Information on LIM EMS 3.2 functions was derived from _Advanced_MSDOS_, by
Ray Duncan. Added by Ralf Brown 11/19/87.

Information on LIM EMS 4.0 functions was derived from the transcription of
the specification by Dick Flanagan. Added by Ralf Brown, 11/20/87.

Some of the information on MCGA/VGA BIOS calls was derived from _Byte_,
Volume 12 Number 12.

Various and sundry info on which machines support which calls was derived from
the BIOS comparison in _Byte_, Volume 12 Number 12 and added by Ralf Brown,

COMPAQ DOS 3.31 INT 25/26 from a posting by John Lefor, 1/25/88.

TopView INT 15/AH=12h info from macro definitions by Daniel T. Travison Jr.
Added 3/4/88. Some additional TopView INT 15 info gleaned from "glue" routines
by John Navas.

Quarterdeck's flyer on its overpriced API specs and tools provided sufficient
clues as to functionality to allow figuring out a large number of DESQview
INT 15h calls.

MS Mouse driver calls derived from PC Magazine, Vol 6 #13. Added 3/29/88.

Non-video PS/2 BIOS calls derived from _IBM_ROM_BIOS_ by Ray Duncan.
Added by Ralf Brown, 7/6/88.

EEMS function calls derived from PC Tech Journal, May 1987. Added by Ralf
Brown, 7/11/88.

The list of functions used by Novell NetWare was taken from Novell's
"NetWare Function Call Reference".

PC Mouse information derived from the "PC Mouse Reference Manual version 4.00"

10-Net INT 6Fh information derived from "10-Net Reference Manual version 2.0"

APPC/PC INT 68h information derived from "Advanced Program-to-Program
Communication for the IBM Personal Computer, Programming Guide", second
edition, Dec 1986.

CD-ROM function call information derived from "Microsoft MS-DOS CD-ROM
Extensions Function Requests", dated May 28, 1988. Added by Ralf Brown,

Novell NetWare function names from a 9/23/88 post by Marc Guyott
. Added by Ralf Brown, 9/30/88.

Miscellaneous data structures contributed by Helmut Waelder derived from
descriptions in _MS-DOS_Encyclopedia_.

Additional 10-Net INT 6F info from 10-Net version 3.3.10.

Additional Novell NetWare info from "Advanced NetWare 2.0 Reference".

Three miscellaneous calls from an info package by Dave Williams. I do wish
he'd given this list more credit than
"various text files downloaded from BBS systems - INTERRUP.ARC, BIOSDOS.ZOO,
considering that most of his interrupt listing is derived from this one (a
majority of that with only formatting changes), AND he's asking a $15 shareware
registration [newer versions do give better credit].

Compaq speed setting calls derived from the Compaq DeskPro 386 Technical
Reference Guide.

TesSeRact RAM-resident API calls derived from the documentation to the
TesSeRact library v1.0, available on BBSs as TESS_10.ARC. Added by Ralf Brown,

Various extended VGA video modes from PC Tech Journal, Jan 1989. Added by Ralf
Brown, 1/6/89.

HLLAPI functions derived from PC Tech Journal, Jan 1989. Added by Ralf Brown,

Virtual Control Program Interface functions derived from "Virtual Control
Program Interface, Revision 1.0, December 1987", copyright Phar Lap Software
and Quarterdeck Office Systems. Added by Ralf Brown, 2/21/89. Available for
free by writing to Bob Moote, VCPI Coordinator, Phar Lap Software, Inc.,
60 Aberdeen Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138.

DOS 4.0 calls submitted by Helmut Waelder are largely derived from _Advanced_
_MSDOS_Programming_, by Ray Duncan, Second Edition.

pcANYWHERE API functions derived from the pcANYWHERE v2.10 User's Guide. 4/7/89

Communicating Applications Specification API derived from "DCA/Intel
Communicating Applications Specification, Version 1.0A", Sep 1988, copyright
Digital Communications Associates, Inc and Intel Corp. Added by Ralf Brown,
4/18/89. Available on Intel's BBS at 503-645-6275.

Image Processing Interface API derived from "Intel Image Processing Interface
Specification, Version 1.0", copyright 1989 Intel Corp. Added by Ralf Brown,
4/19/89. Available on Intel's BBS at 503-645-6275.

More TesSeRact RAM-resident API calls derived from the documentation to the
TesSeRact library v1.1. Added by Ralf Brown, 4/30/89.

CD-ROM 2.10 function calls derived from "Microsoft MS-DOS CD-ROM Extensions
Function Requests Specification, 29 March 1989". Added by Ralf Brown, 6/2/89.

Video7 VGA extended INT 10 calls derived from Video Seven VGA Technical
Reference Manual, dated 6/30/88.

Additional video modes gleaned from configuration file for FRACTINT v8.0.
Added by Ralf Brown, 6/26/89.

A variety of notes inspired by the 12/16/88 version of the MSDOS reference
by Dave Williams. Added 7/30/89.

Additional video modes gleaned from configuration file for VPIC v2.0. Added by
Ralf Brown, 9/2/89.

Btrieve API derived from the Btrieve Reference Manual, Rev. 2.0. Added 9/7/89.

The Hercules GraphX manual, edition 2.1. Aug 1986, was used to fill in gaps
in coverage. Info added 9/7/89.

Banyan VINES info summarized from _VINES_Programmer's_Interface_(DOS)_, June88
revision, provided by Barry Burke .
Added by Ralf Brown, 11/89.

ZIPKEY programmatic interface extracted from ZIPKEY documentation. Added by
Ralf Brown, 12/15/89.

File sharing behavior from July 1987 PC Tech Journal. Added by Ralf Brown,

Inset API derived from "Inset Extended Specification" 11/23/88 by Inset Systems
Added 1/4/90.

EMS4 hardware configuration info data format cribbed from
"MS-DOS Extensions Quick Reference" by Ray Duncan. Added 1/4/90.

PC-IPC API from PC-IPC documentation. Added by Ralf Brown, 1/5/90.

Imtec and Genoa 6400 video modes from VPIC v2.3 config files. Added by Ralf
Brown, 1/12/90.

LANtastic API info derived from "LANtastic (tm) Network Operating System
Technical Reference Manual", provided by Edwin Floyd <[email protected]>
Added by Ralf Brown, 1/90.

Phar Lap 386/DOS-extender API extracted from Phar Lap's manual. Added 1/90.

IBM 3270 Workstation Program API derived from "IBM 3270 Workstation Program
Version 1.10, Programming Guide", dated December 1987. Added 2/90.

VESA SuperVGA BIOS extensions derived from Dr. Dobb's Journal, April 1990.
Added by Ralf Brown, 3/25/90.

Additional undocumented DOS 4 info gleaned from _Developing_Applications_Using_
_DOS_, by Christopher, Feigenbaum, and Saliga. Added by Ralf Brown, 3/29/90
and 3/31/90.

TAME v2.30 data structure provided by David G. Thomas. Added 5/26/90.

OS/386 API call names extracted from _Extending_DOS_ by Ray Duncan et al.
Added by Ralf Brown, 5/27/90.

Network Driver Interface Specification 2.0.1 calls extracted from the May 18,
1990 draft of the spec. Added by Ralf Brown, 6/7/90.

Additional Phar Lap 386/DOS-Extender calls extracted from _Extending_DOS_.
Added by Ralf Brown, 6/8/90.

Even more video modes derived from VPIC 2.8 configuration files. Added by
Ralf Brown, 6/8/90.

DOS Protected Mode Interface version 0.9 API from the May 15,1990 version of
the specification. Intel Corp. order number 240763-001. Added by Ralf Brown,
July 13-14, 1990.

MSWindows INT 2F/AH=16h info gleaned from Microsoft Windows 3.0 Device Driver
Kit and the March 1990 issue of Computer Language. Added 7/17/90.

Tseng ET4000 chipset mode info from _ET4000_Graphics_Controller_Data_Book_ by
Tseng Labs, Inc., Newtown, PA (215)968-0502. Added 7/25/90.

Additional Packet Driver API calls extracted from version 1.09 of the "PC/TCP
Packet Driver Specification" Sept 14, 1989, by FTP Software, Inc.,
26 Princess St, Wakefield, MA 01880-3004. Added by Ralf Brown, 8/29/90.

Additional Netware 3.01 shell calls from "Professional Development Series
Bullets" Volume 2, Number 5 (June 1990). Added 9/90.

Video FOSSIL INT 14 API extracted from Fidonet document FSC-0021 version 1.00
by Rick Moore, dated May 23, 1988. Added by Ralf Brown, 9/12/90.

Additional DESQview API info (mostly for v2.2+ calls) extracted from
_DESQview_API_Reference_, provided by Quarterdeck Office Systems,150 Pico Blvd,
Santa Monica, CA 90405. Added by Ralf Brown, 9/90.

LANtastic v3.0 calls derived from the online "LANtastic (tm) Network Operating
System Technical Reference Manual", file date 6/13/90. Added by Ralf Brown,

Additional DECnet DOS INT 69/INT 6A info derived from the "DECnet DOS
Programmer's Reference Manual" (AA-EB46C-TV). Added 10/13/90.

Carbon Copy Plus API derived from the Carbon Copy Plus user's manual. Added

CMC International SCSI driver TARGA.DEV API derived from its source code.
Added 11/2/90.

Everex Viewpoint VGA calls derived from Everex Viewpoint Owner's Manual and
Reference Guide, version 1.0. Added 11/3/90.

VESA SuperVGA BIOS 1.1 extensions extracted from VESA standard #VS900602.
Added by Ralf Brown, 12/9/90.

PCSpool API derived from PC Magazine, Vol 10 Number 1 (Jan 15,1991). Added

STARLITE calls derived from _General_Software_Project_STARLITE_Architecture_
_Specification_, Final Draft, October 1, 1990, provided by Stephen Jones
of General Software. Added by Ralf Brown, 1/5/91.

Communicating Applications Specification v1.2 information extracted from
"DCA/Intel Communicating Applications Specification Version 1.2" dated 9/27/90
(Intel part number 301812-004) and available from the Intel BBS at
(503)645-6275. Added by Ralf Brown, 2/23/91.

TBScanX v2.3 API extracted from the TBScanX documentation (Frans Veldman,
ESaSS B.V., P.O. Box 1380, 6501 BJ Nijmegen, The Netherlands). Added 3/12/91.

Novell IPX/SPX calls in part from an article by J. Vanderaart in the Dutch
_LAN-Magazine_, issue #1, titled "IPX, de kabel in de knel". Added 3/16/91.

Replacements for July 1987 info derived from
_80286_and_80287_Programmer's_Reference_Manual, Intel #210498-004
_IBM_ROM_BIOS_, Ray Duncan, "Programmer's Quick Reference Series"
_DOS_and_BIOS_Functions_Quick_Reference_, Que
_The_MS-DOS_Encyclopedia_, Microsoft Press
_Advanced_MSDOS_, Ray Duncan (first edition, 1986)
_System_BIOS_for_IBM_PC/XT/AT_Computers_and_Compatibles_, Phoenix
Technical Reference Series
_PC_Tech_Journal, December 1984, April 1986, May 1986, and August 1988
_Programmer's_Journal_, v8 #1
_Byte_, v12 #12 (1987 Extra Edition)
Information added by Ralf Brown, 3/91.

John J. Seal's BIOS Window Extension v1.1 API extracted from the May 1986 Dr.
Dobb's Journal. Added by Ralf Brown, 3/23/91.

Some additional NetWare data structures and flag values from _NetWare_System_
_Interface_Technical_Overview_ by Novell. Added by Ralf Brown, 3/24/91.

Alloy ANSK, NTNX, and MW386 calls summarized from information provided by
Joseph G. Souza and Frank Gladu of Alloy Computer Products, Inc. "Alloy and
its employees are not to be held responsible for any errors which may be
contained in the information provided." Added by Ralf Brown, 4/91.

Windows 3.0 DOSX information from PC Magazine, Feb 26, 1991. Added 4/22/91.

MultiDOS Plus API summarized from the on-line manual provided by Nanosoft, Inc.
(available on the Nanosoft BBS at 508-650-9552). Added by Ralf Brown, 4/91.

Replacements for July 1987 networking INT 2A calls gleaned from
_Networking_Software_, ed. Colin B. Ungaro (McGraw Hill), p265.
Added by Ralf Brown, 5/8/91.

Common Access Method r2.3 calls and data structures extracted from "SCSI-2
Common Access Method, Transport and SCSI Interface Module, Rev 2.3", dated
February 25, 1991, by the Computer and Business Equipment Manufacturers
Association (CBEMA). Available from the SCSI BBS, (316)636-8700.
Added by Ralf Brown, 6/7/91.

DOS Protected Mode Interface spec 1.0 calls extracted from _DOS_Protected_
_Mode_Interface_(DPMI)_Specification,_Version_1.0_, dated March 12, 1991,
Intel Corp. order number 240977-001. Added by Ralf Brown, 6/11/91.

CD-ROM device driver request headers extracted from "Microsoft MS-DOS CD-ROM
Extensions Hardware-Dependent Device Driver Specification" of 5 Aug 88.
Added by Ralf Brown, 7/25/91.

Some DOS 5.0 information extracted from _Microsoft_MSDOS_Programmer's_
_Reference_, ISBN 1-55615-329-5. Added 7/28/91.

DOS 5.0 task switcher interface and misc other info extracted from _Microsoft_
_Programmer's_Reference_, ISBN 1-55615-329-5. Added by Ralf Brown, 8/3/91.

Turbo Debugger hardware breakpoint interface extracted from the Borland C++ 2.0
file MANUAL.TNT. Added by Ralf Brown, 8/4/91.

Various and sundry references from Michael Shiels:
Fundamentals of FOSSIL Implementation and Use, Draft Version 4
August 10, 1987; Vincent E. Perriello, VEP Software
Fundamentals of FOSSIL Implementation and Use, Version 5
February 11, 1988; Rick More, Solar Wind Computing
eXtended Memory Specification (XMS), version 2.0
July 19, 1988; Microsoft Corporation
Virtual DMA Services (VDS), Version 1.00
Printed July 16, 1990; Microsoft Corporation
Enhanced Expanded Memory Specification (Enhanced EMS), version 2.0
(020022-001 A), July 1986; AST Research, Quadram Inc., Ashton-

Additional video modes extracted from the VPIC v4.6 configuration files.
Added by Ralf Brown, 9/14/91.

Japanese functions extracted from the January 1992 issue of _Windows/DOS_
"Japanese Double Byte Character Processing", John G. Nelson, p23.
"Uncovering the NEC-9801 PC", John G. Nelson, p35.
Added by Ralf Brown, 1/2/92.

Additional SMARTDRV info gleaned from "Programmer's Workbench", Dr. Dobb's

Journal, January 1992. Added by Ralf Brown, 1/4/92.

Miscellaneous tidbits found in Andrew Rossman's ([email protected])
INFOPLUS v1.50 of January 1, 1992. Added by Ralf Brown, 1/4/92.

Da Vinci eMail Dispatcher interface calls were extracted from the
_Da_Vinci_Systems_Dispatcher_Development_Toolkit_ (Revision 2), dated
20 June 1990. Added 1/7/92.

FaxBIOS calls and structures gleaned from the FaxBios sample source code
including struct/enum .h files (dated 1 October 1991). Added 1/8/92.

TaskMAX calls extracted from Digital Research Inc.'s DR DOS 6.0 TaskMAX API
document. Added by Ralf Brown, 1/16/92.

SOLLEX SuperVGA calls extracted from _SOLLEX_Super_VGA_Standard_ (Smos
videO controLLer EXtensions), No. S03-SP-001-01, dated 9/23/91,
copyright Seiko Epson Corp. Added by Ralf Brown, 1/20/92.

RSIS information was found in "RSIS: Relocated Screen Interface Specification",
available for free from V Communications, Inc. (see below).

"Strategies for Writing State-of-the-Art TSRs that exploit MS-DOS", Douglas
Boling, Microsoft Systems Journal volume 7 number 1.

Advanced Power Management calls abstracted from _Advanced_Power_Management_
_The_Next_Generation_, Version 1.0, by Intel Corporation and Microsoft Corp.
Added by Ralf Brown, 3/31/92.

PGS1600.DEV info extracted from _PG1600_Display_Adapter,_Installation_and_
_Reference_ First Edition, November 1987, P/N 0010216-101A by CornerStone
Technology. Added 4/10/92.

Borland debug info header was found in Borland's _Open_Architecture_Handbook_.
Added by Ralf Brown, 4/14/92.

Several DR Multiuser DOS (Concurrent CP/M) calls found in "Multiuser DOS for
Control Systems: Part I" by Richard Kryszak, Dr. Dobbs Journal, April 1992.
Added 4/18/92.

Vanderaart text-windows API found in J. Vanderaart,"The Golden Btriever", LAN
Magazine, July 1990, p. 85. Added 4/18/92.

SuperVGA v1.2 info from _Super_VGA_BIOS_Extension_, standard #VS911022,
October 22, 1991. Added 5/6/92.

Additional partition types from a public domain list by Sean Goggin
. Added 5/22/92.

XMS 3.0 calls were found in XMS30.TXT on the CompuServer MSLANG forum.

Vanderaart PC Thuis Shell calls extracted from the premiere (June/July 1990)
issue of PC Thuis Power magazine, column "Voorheen Methode Vanderaart" by
John Vanderaart. Added 7/24/92.

Additional video modes extracted from the VPIC v5.0 configuration files.
Added by Ralf Brown, 8/7/92.

Details on the NetWare API found in Novell's _NetWare_System_Calls--DOS_,
Volume I and Volume II (item numbers 100-000571-002 and 100-000572-002,
1989). Added by Ralf Brown, 9/92.

SNAP.EXE v3.2 API culled from the SNAP source code. Added by Ralf Brown,

FlashTek X-32VM calls extracted from the X-32VM manual of April 1, 1992.

Comtrol Hostess i/ISA interrupt usage from the
COMTROL HOSTESS i/ISA Programmer's Reference, First Edition, December 1991
COMTROL Corporation product number 6978-12/96/91.

Disk Spool II v4.0x documented API extracted from file SP2INTFC.DOC, included
with the Disk Spool II v4.05.04 distribution. Added by Ralf Brown, 1/22/93.

Novell Link Support Layer API extracted from Novell's _ODI_Developer's_Guide_
_for_DOS_Protocol_Stacks_, Rev 1.1 3/18/92. Available for anonymous FTP from Added by Ralf Brown, 2/93.

VADMAD device info from Microsoft KnowledgeBase article Q83012, "Using Auto-
Initialize DMA under Windows" (4/17/92). Added 2/24/93.

Windows 3.0 Virtual DMA Spec bugs extracted from Microsoft KnowledgeBase
article Q77998, "Errors in the VDS API in Enhanced Mode Windows" (11/8/91).
Added 2/24/93.

IBMSND driver API info from "Examining PC Audio, welcome to the wild and wooly
world of PC Sound", John W. Ratcliff, DDJ #198 (March 1993), p. 78-85.
Added 3/93.

UM587 chipset video modes from "IBM VGA-Compatible Video Graphics Controller
User's Manual". Added by Ralf Brown, 5/22/93.

Cirrus Logic CL-GD 5420/5422/5426 video modes extracted from "V542X (Super VGA)
User Manual". Added by Ralf Brown, 5/22/93.

Additional Tseng ET-3000 info extracted from "Puretek VGA Ultra Advanced
Graphics Board Operations Guide". Added by Ralf Brown, 5/22/93.

Additional virus calls extracted from the Computer Virus Catalog maintained
by Prof. Dr. Klaus Brunnstein at
the University of Hamburg. Added by Ralf Brown, 5/25/93.

Software Carousel API extracted from a technical note dated 1/20/88. Added

by Teddy Matsumoto, 11/22/91. Added 6/4/93.

xDISK v3.32+ installation check extracted from the xDISK v3.40 documentation.
Added by Ralf Brown, 6/4/93.

NetWare Access Server Driver API extracted from "NetWare Access Server
Driver Specification", Version 1.0 (November 17, 1992), Novell part number
107-000018-002. Added by Ralf Brown, 6/12/93.

Chips&Technologies VGA BIOS INT 10/5Fxx extracted from Programmer's Guide to
EGA and VGA Programming, 2nd edtion. Added 6/24/93.

Cloaking API based on CLOAKAPI.INC and RMFUNCS.DOC on Netroom Supplemental
Disk. Added by Ralf Brown, 6/24/93.

Cirrus Logic BIOS info from the Cirrus Logic CL-GD542X Technical Reference
Manual, dated April 1993. Added 7/13/93.

Some QEMM internal functions documented in Quarterdeck files QDMEM.DOC and
QPI.DOC, dated 6/15/93. Added by Ralf Brown, 7/18/93.

10NET v5.0 calls and data structures extracted from "10NET 5.0 Implementation
Spec", chapter 5. Added by Ralf Brown, 7/24/93.

Phar Lap 386|DOS-Extender v4.0/4.1 info extracted from 386DOSX.DOC. Added

Novell NetWare 3270 API (INT 6F) extracted from Novell SNA Note 3-133,
"API/HLLAPI INFORMATION", dated March 7, 1991. Added by Ralf Brown, 7/28/93.

PCMCIA Socket Services from _PCMCIA_Socket_Services_Interface_Specification_,
Revision A.00, dated June 20, 1991. Added by Ralf Brown, 8/30/93.

MEMORY.LST updates from "IBM Local Area Network Technical Reference"
SC30-3383-03, December 1990 (page D-31), and "IBM PS/2 and PC BIOS Interface
Technical Reference" (September 1991 edition). Added 9/24/93.

Connection Manager API extracted from _The_Connection_Manager_User's_Guide_,
Third Edition, February 1993. Added by Ralf Brown, 10/18/93.

NetWare multiplexor (INT 21/AH=F2h) calls from November 1993 _Dr._Dobb's_
_Journal_ "Undocumented Corner" (Pawel Szczerbina, "The NetWare Core Protocol
(NCP)") and Novell's SC3X04.EXE (available from NOVLIB and
Added by Ralf Brown, 10/26/93.

Additional Microsoft Mouse driver details from Microsoft Knowledge Base
articles, available for anonymous FTP from Added by
Ralf Brown, 10/26/93.

HLLAPI return codes extracted from Microsoft's _Windows_HLLAPI_Specification_,
version 1.0 (10/6/92). Added by Ralf Brown, 10/31/93.

Chicago VxD identifiers from "Undocumented Corner", _Dr._Dobb's_Journal_
December 1993. Added by Ralf Brown, 11/19/93.

SBSIM (SoundBlaster Simplified Interface Module) API extracted from file
SBSIMDMO.C, distributed along with the other files for _SoundBlaster:_The_
_Official_Book_. Added by Ralf Brown, 1/22/94.

Windows debugging kernel calls from _Undocumented_Windows_ and _Windows_
_Internals_. Added 1/22/94.

YEA_GUS.EXE and EURO_MOD.EXE APIs from the SPHINX C-- v0.189 example files
GUS.H-- and GUSMOD.H--. Added by Ralf Brown, 1/31/94.

ZFAX v3 API from the ZFAX v3.01 manual, Appendix D. Added 2/3/94.

Husky Hunter 16 BIOS from the _Husky_Hunter_16_User_Guide_, 2nd edition (Sept
1991). Added 2/4/94.

Additional ASPI information from Brian Sawert's ASCILOOK utility, published
in the March 1994 Dr. Dobb's Journal. Added by Ralf Brown, 3/26/94.

Novell XQL INT 7Bh from XQL C interface source of 7/89. Added by Ralf Brown,

Various PS/1 and DOS/V calls were found in Frank van Gilluwe's book
_The_Undocumented_PC_, Addison-Wesley 1994. ISBN 0-201-62277-7. Added by
Ralf Brown, 4/16/94.

Various ports and miscellaneous data structure were found in Frank van
Gilluwe's book _The_Undocumented_PC_, Addison-Wesley 1994. ISBN 0-201-62277-7.
Added by Ralf Brown, 6/5/94.

Compaq QVision info from the _COMPAQ_QVision_Graphics_System_Technical_
_Reference_Guide_, second edition (October 1993). Compaq part number
073A/0693. Added by Ralf Brown, 7/31/94.

Cloaking v1.01 info from the Cloaking(tm) Developer's Toolkit, first edition
(October 1993), provided by Helix Software. Helix part number N04,1093.
Added by Ralf Brown, 8/94.

K3PLUS API from the K3API.DOC file v2.04 for K3PLUS. Added by Ralf Brown,

QEMM port-trapping API extracted from the QEMM v7.5 manual. Added by
Ralf Brown, 10/22/94.

IBM 8514/A and XGA Adapter Interface calls extracted from Richard F. Ferraro's
_Programmer's_Guide_to_the_EGA,_VGA,_and_Super_VGA_Cards_, third edition.
Added by Ralf Brown, 10/94.

Enhanced Disk Drive Specification calls and tables from Phoenix Technologies'
_Enhanced_Disk_Drive_Specification_,_Version_1.0_, dated January 25, 1994.
Added 10/94.

VSWITCHD VxD API from "Q&A MSDOS" column by Jeff Prosise in the September 1994
_Microsoft_System_Journal_. SHELL VxD API from "Windows Questions and
Answers", _Windows/DOS_Developer's_Journal_, August 1994. POSTMSG VxD API
from "Q&A MSDOS", _Microsoft_Systems_Journal_, November 1994. Added 11/5/94.

VESA Audio Interface calls from the VBEAI SDK include files. Added 1/3/95.

VESA SuperVGA BIOS v2.0 calls gleaned from SVGAKit v5.1beta1 by SciTech
Software. Added by Ralf Brown, 1/6/95.

PCMCIA ExCA function names from "Programmer's Guide to the AMIBIOS",
ISBN 0-07-001562-7, page 395. Added 1/7/95.

Hewlett Packard EX-BIOS functions extracted from the _HP_Vectra_AT_Technical_
_Reference_Manual_,Vol_2:_System_BIOS_, first edition, September 1985. Added

Plug-and-Play BIOS specs extracted from _Plug_and_Play_BIOS_Specification_
_Version_1.0A_ (May 5, 1994). Added by Ralf Brown, 3/4/95.

Extended System Configuration Data formats extracted from _Extended_System_
_Configuration_Data_Specification_Version_1.01_ (December 28, 1993).
Added by Ralf Brown, 3/5/95.

Plug-and-Play Configuration Manager API extracted from _Plug_and_Play_Device_
_Driver_Interface_Version_1.0C_ (October 5, 1993). Added by Ralf Brown,

Comments about PC LAN Program from _IBM_PC_Local_Area_Network_Program_User's_
_Guide_ Third edition (April 1987, for Release 1.2). Added 3/17/95.

QRIP API extracted from QRIPTECH.TXT in RIPCPP10.ZIP (C++ class library for
using QRIP/TSR). Added 3/17/95.

AMI BIOS-FLASH interface from "AMIFLASH - Flash Implementation Guide",
available as FLASH110.ZIP on American Megatrends' BBS and FTP sites.
Added 3/31/95.

Many Windows VxD function numbers extracted from PharLap's PHARLAPX header
file PHAR386.H. Added by Ralf Brown 4/14/95.

PHARLAPX VxD API extracted from PharLap's Added by Ralf Brown, 4/14/95.

Intel SMBus info from _Intel_System_Management_Bus_BIOS_Interface_
_Specification_, _Revision_1.0_, February 15, 1995, by Intel Architecture
Labs. Added 5/14/95.

Various Novell NetWare info available at
ftp://ftp.urz.uni-heidelberg/pub/novell/unsupported; SC4X01.ZIP info (many
NetWare INT 21/F216h,F217h,F268h,F27Bh subfunctions; written by Wolfgang
Schreiber) added 8/95.

Pentium Local APIC info from _Pentium_Processor_System_Architecture_ (second
edition), by MindShare, Inc. (Addison-Wesley 1995, ISBN 0-201-40992-5).
Added by Ralf Brown, 9/8/95.

ATA-2 info from _AT_Attachment_Interface_with_Extensions_(ATA-2)_,
Revision 3 (January 17, 1995), document of the X3T10 standardization
committee. Added 9/9/95.

ATA-3 info from _AT_Attachment-3_Interface_(ATA-3)_, Revision 1 (April 25,
1995), document of the X3T10 standardization committee. Added 9/9/95.

Enhanced Disk Drive Spec v1.1 (and INT 13 Extensions v2.1) from
_Enhanced_Disk_Drive_Specification_Version_1.1_, January 26, 1995.
Added 9/10/95.

Bootable CD-ROM info from _"El Torito"_Bootable_CD-ROM_Format_Specification_
Version 1.0, November 14, 1994, by Phoenix Technologies and IBM.
Added 9/10/95.

PCI configuration info from _PCI_System_Architecture_ (third edition), by
MindShare, Inc. (Addison-Wesley 1995, ISBN 0-201-40993-3).
Added by Ralf Brown, 9/10/95.

Most PCI vendor IDs from Linux v1.3.25 include/linux/pci.h by Drew Eckhardt,
dated 9/8/95. Added by Ralf Brown, 9/15/95.

EPP BIOS Revision 7 from _IEEE_1284_Enhanced_Parallel_Port_BIOS_Specification_,
Revision 7, dated 3/9/94. Added by Ralf Brown, 9/17/95.

Many additional NetWare functions (particularly NCP calls) from Chapters 1-8
and portions of Chapters 9-15 of the NetWare API reference available online
from Added by Ralf Brown, 9/95 and 10/95.

Multiprocessor Specification info from _Multiprocessor_Specification_,
Version 1.4, July 1995 (Intel order number 242016-004, available online from Added by Ralf Brown, 9/20/95.

Smart Battery protocol info from _Duracell_Intel_Smart_Battery_Data_
_Specification_, Revision 1.0, February 15, 1995.
Added by Ralf Brown, 9/21/95.

Additional Plug-and-Play info from _Plug_and_Play_System_Architecture_, by
MindShare, Inc. (Addison-Wesley 1995, ISBN 0-201-41013-3).
Added by Ralf Brown, 9/23/95.

PCI BIOS v2.1 info and more-complete PCI vendor ID list from _Programming_
_Plug_and_Play_, James Kelsey, Sams Publishing 1995. ISBN 0-672-30703-0.
Added by Ralf Brown, 10/95.
Please redistribute all of the files comprising the interrupt list (listed at
the beginning of the list and in INTERRUP.1ST) unmodified as a group, in a
quartet of archives named INTER48A through INTER48D (preferably the original
authenticated PKZIP archives), the utility programs in a fifth archive
called INTER48E.ZIP, and the WinHelp-related programs in a sixth archive
named INTER48F.ZIP.

This compilation is Copyright (c) 1989,1990,1991,1992,1993,1994,1995 Ralf Brown
Internet: [email protected] (currently forwards to [email protected])
UUCP: {uunet,harvard}!!ralf
FIDO: Ralf Brown 1:129/26.1
or post a message to me in the DR_DEBUG echo (I probably won't see it
unless you address it to me)
CIS: >INTERNET:[email protected]

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  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: