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Archive   : GDS31D.ZIP
Filename : GDSUSER.CFG

Output of file : GDSUSER.CFG contained in archive : GDS31D.ZIP

;auto,/#LPT2 ;Printer's DOS file name (remove the semicolon to change it.)
;NOTE: The default is PRN (/#PRN).

;This file can have options which would otherwise be command line parameters.
;for example, if you want to get rid of that annoying beep that happens after
;every single picture is displayed, remove the semi-colon (;) from the
;following line:

;auto,/!0 ;disable beep after image display complete

;If you want to get rid of the opening screen (why would you want that?), then
;remove the semicolon from the next line:

;auto,/QUIET ;don't show opening GDS screen

;You can also use another configuration file for similar things called
;"GDSLOCAL.CFG", which behaves the same. GDS reads GDSUSER before GDSLOCAL.
;"GDSLOCAL.CFG" files are intended to be put in a directory where work is
;being done requiring weird command line stuff. It can also be used to
;customize things on a remote machine on a network.

;auto,/ok ;assume CONFIG file is ok (if you get repeated configurations)

;Refer to the end of GDS.TXT for a complete listing of available command line
;options. -THE STAFF