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This version of the program is shareware.
Machination encourages other parties to distribute
this program under the following terms:

* No files are modified or removed from the set of
files that comprise the shareware version of the
program. If you are unsure whether this has
happened to the copy you have acquired, contact us
at the address below and we will send you an
original copy.

* You identify Machination as the publisher of the
program in any documentation or descriptions you

* You identify the program as 'Shareware' in any
documentation you produce and explain that any fee
charged for the program is only a handling charge
for supplying the program. You must also explain
that shareware programs are for evaluation only and
that the full version must be purchased from the

* Any packaging must clearly show the name
Machination and also the names of this and any
other Machination programs included.

* If this program is the only program supplied, or
is the major program if part of a set, you must not
charge more than the equivalent of 10 UK pounds for
the acquisition of it.

* If this program is sold in a retail environment
you must send us a copy of the item with complete

* If this program is sold as part of a magazine
cover disk or CD ROM we would appreciate a copy of
the magazine and disk although this is not a
requirement. If you do send us a copy we will add
you to our mailing list for receiving future
shareware releases.

* You may include your own installation programs
and front screens providing you still comply with
the requirements above.

* If you violate this agreement you are liable to
Machination for damages of not less than the
registration fee for this program for each copy

* Machination hold the exclusive copyright to this
program and all other rights.

* In no event shall Machination be liable for any
loss or damage whatsoever arising directly or
indirectly out of the use or inability to use this
program, and in no event will the liability exceed
the purchase price paid by you for the program.

* This licence may be terminated by Machination in
by giving 30 days notice in writing.

* This licence is governed under UK law.


Computer games can induce epileptic seizure in some
people. If you, or a member of your family, are
susceptible to epilepsy, or you experience
dizziness, altered vision, headaches, or loss of
consciousness while playing computer games. Stop,
and consult a doctor.


If you are interested in distributing the full
registered version of the program please contact us
at the address below.

PO Box 4242
Watford Road
Kings Norton
B30 2LW
United Kingdom

Internet: [email protected]
CIS: 100563,136