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NUQ - New User Questionaire

A utility for Falken.

NUQ will ask some questions of a new user when they log on for the first
time. You must install nuq as a login door. It only runs if the
TOTLOGONS field in the user account is 1, meaning this is their first

In the Logon Doors Setup screen, place an entry like this :
where NUQ.DAT is the name of a data file containing the questions you
wish to ask a new user. The questions and answers will be sent to the
sysop in email, along with the new user notification.

Format of NUQ.DAT :

The data file supplied to NUQ must be in the Falken directory. It consists
of 1 or more questions. A blank line separates the questions. Questions
may be of any length. User responses are limited to 78 characters.

Sample NUQ.DAT :

What is the best time to call you for validation ?

Are you the sysop or co-sysop of a Bulletin Board System ?
If so, what is the name and phone number of your BBS ?

Where did you first hear about Info*Share ?

The and will not actually be in the
file, of course - they were put there for clarification purposes in this

The first and third questions are single line questions.
The second question takes 2 lines, and both lines will be displayed
before the user is prompted for an answer. Blank lines separate the

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