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# Lines starting with '#' are comments in this file.
# Substitution strings in .user, .status, .who commands :
# The text of the @ string is replaced by the information specified.
# You can put an optional length parameter after the name, such as
# @handle[20]
# which means to reserve at least 20 bytes for the handle, for lining
# up your displays.
# @handle - the user's handle
# @realname - real name
# @address - street address
# @city - what city the user is calling from
# @state - what state
# @zip - zip code
# @logondate - the date of the user's last call. if the user is
# online, the date of THIS call is shown
# @logontime - the time of the user's last call.
# @timeonline - how many minutes he has been online this call
# @timeleft - how many minutes left for this call
# @line - which line he/she is on
# @area - what they are doing (message base, tlcf, etc)
# @timerlevel - their timer level (0-5)
# @flags - access flags, i.e. 1111000110
# @comment - their comment
# @acctdate - date account was created
# @ansi - Either 'Ansi graphics' or 'no graphics'
# @baud - baud rate they logged on
# @sysop - prints the mc_sysoplogon or mc_suboplogon string from
# messages.msg if the user is a sysop or subop
# @birthday - the user's birthday
# @homephone - home phone number
# @workphone - work phone
# @expiredate - date the account expires
# @logons - how many logons since last billing
# @totlogons - total logons
# @connecttime - total minutes online since last billing
# @totconnecttime - total minutes online
# @tlcftime - total time spent in tlcf
# @credits - how many credits the user has left
# @acctnum - the user's account number
# @sex - prints 'Male' or 'Female' accordingly
# @age - shows the user's gae, calculated from Birthday
# These are examples of how these things are used :
# mc_bios_format1 {User information for @handle : access= @timerlevel,
# Comment: @comment\rAccount created : @acctdate,
# Last logon : @logontime\r}
# bios_format_2 is displayed when a sysop does a .user
# in addition to the mc_bios_format1 which is displayed when anyone
# does a .user
# mc_bios_format2 {Real name : @realname Birthday : @birthday
# Phone : @homephone\r
# Access Flags = @flags, Account expires on @expiredate\r}
# mc_who_format { @line[2]: @handle [@comment] in @area. Logon at @logontime
# @address @city @state @zip @timeonline @timeleft @timerlevel @flags
# @acctdate @ansi @baud @sysop\r}
# # NOTE: The mc_bios_format3 message is not used, but MUST be present.
# #
# # this is displayed by the .status command
# #
# mc_user_status {
# \r\r\r\[2J\[3;20f\[1mAccount Status Information\[0m\r
# \rName: @handle
# \rAccount Number: @acctnum
# \rAccount Created: @acctdate
# \rAccount Expires: @expiredate
# \rAccess Level: @timerlevel
# \rTotal Logons: @totlogons
# \rLogons Since Last Billing: @logons
# \rTotal Connect Time: @totconnecttime minutes
# \rConnect Time since Last Billing: @connecttime minutes
# \rTotal Time Spent in Teleconference: @tlcftime minutes
# \rCredits Remaining: @credits\r}

mc_hello {@falken.ans}

mc_nonewaccts {
\rI'm sorry, we are not allowing new callers at this time.
\rLogging you off now.\r\r}

mc_novisitors {
\rI'm sorry, we are not allowing visitors at this time.
\rLogging you off now.\r\r}

mc_mainmenu {@mainmenu.ans}

mc_short_mainmenu {
\r\rMAIN (A,E,D,B,U,T,M,W,C,F,U,I,S,J,L,X) >}

mc_submenu1 {
\r\rAvailable Door Programs\r
\rG => General Text Files
\rT => Trivia
\rX => Exit Doors System
\r\r> }

mc_short_menu1 {
\r\rAvailable Door Programs\r
\rG => General Text Files
\rT => Trivia
\rX => Exit Doors System
\r\r> }

mc_submenu2 {
Sub menu 2\r\r
Type x for main menu,
or menu number 1-5\r\r >}

mc_short_menu2 {\rSubmenu 2 : 1,2,3,4,5,x > }

mc_submenu3 {
Sub menu 3\r\r
Type x for main menu,
or menu number 1-5\r\r >}

mc_short_menu3 {\rSubmenu 3 : 1,2,3,4,5,x > }

mc_submenu4 {
Sub menu 4\r\r
Type x for main menu,
or menu number 1-5\r\r >}

mc_short_menu4 {\rSubmenu 4 : 1,2,3,4,5,x > }

mc_submenu5 {
Sub menu 5\r\r
Type x for main menu,
or menu number 1-5\r\r >}

mc_short_menu5 {\rSubmenu 5 : 1,2,3,4,5,x > }

mc_main_help {
\[1mF A L K E N Main Menu Help Screen\[0m\r\r
FALKEN BBS is a multi-user, interactive communications system provided for
entertainment and information exchange. The system is menu-driven, so there is
no need to memorize cryptic commands.
Several areas of the system are reserved for paying users, but
others such as the message base, are open to all users. Areas of
particular interest are :
\r 'A' (Account Edit) - for users who have become familiar with the
\r system, you can choose short menus, ANSI graphics, etc.
\r 'W' (Who) - shows you who else is logged on the system. Sysops and
\r sub-ops are designated aprropriately.
\r 'C' (Chat with operator) - The computer running this system is in an
\r office, and not manned at all times. If there are any SYSOPS
\r logged onto the system, they may invite you to join them in the
\r TELECONFERENCE area to answer any questions you may have.
\r\rThere are help screens in most areas of
the system, accessible by entering 'h' or '?' at a prompt. In
TELECONFERENCE, all commands are preceeded by a period (.), to
see the teleconference help screen, you would type '.help' .\r}

mc_main_notonmenu {That's not on the menu.\r}

mc_main_loaderr {Unable to load external task.\r}

mc_glob_send_err {Format for .send is '.send username message'\r}
mc_glob_send {From SYSTEM level user %s :\r%s\r\r}
mc_glob_msgsent {Message sent.\r}
mc_glob_notonsys {That user is not on the system now.\r}
mc_glob_cmdnotallowed {That command is restricted to SYSOP level users.\r}
mc_glob_disconnected {User has been disconnected.\r}
mc_glob_extend {User has been given a 10 minute extension.\r}
mc_glob_noextend {User has no time left on this call.\r}
mc_idlemsg {\rYou have been idle for too long.\rOne minute until disconnect.\r}
mc_timesup1 {\rYou have one minute remaining on this call.\r}
mc_timesup5 {\rYou have 5 minutes remaining on this call.\r}
mc_timesup {\rYour time is expired for this call.\r}
mc_show_timeleft {You have %d minutes remaining on this call.\r}
mc_show_timeleft2 {You have %d minutes remaining today.\r}

mc_chat_sysopaway {\rSysop is away from the console now.
\rIf there is no response in a few seconds, type 'EXIT' to
return to Main Menu.\r}

mc_chat_1 {Line %d: %s wants to chat.}

mc_chat_2 {%s has joined the Chat area.\r}

mc_chat_3 {%s is here in the Chat area.\r}

mc_chat_4 {%s has left the Chat area.\r}

mc_chat_from {From %s : %s\r}

mc_feedback_1 {\r\rEnter your feedback to the sysop.\r}

mc_feedback_stored {Feedback has been stored.\r}

mc_system_1 {Only one Sysop allowed in System functions.\r}

mc_press_enter {\rPress [ENTER] to continue}

mc_accessdenied {User authorization failure.\r}

mc_who_nousers {No other users on the system.\r}

mc_goodbye {
\rThank you for calling.
\rLogging you off now.\r}

mc_cmd_notallowed {
\rAccess denied - insufficient clearance.\r}

mc_chat {
Operator is being paged.
\rWait for 20 seconds and if there is no response,
type \[1m[exit]\[0m to return to Main Menu.\r}

mc_new1 {
\[2J\r\r\[8C\[1mWelcome to the FALKEN Multi-user BBS\[0m
\r\rWhat is your name (first and last) ?
\rPLEASE, for now, use your real name. We ask for your "handle" at a later
time. \rName>}

mc_needtopay {
\rYour account has been reduced to RESTRICTED access. To regain full access
contact the sysop via feedback.\r}

mc_expiresoon {
\rYour account will expire soon. make arrangements with sysop to
extend your account.\r}

mc_new9 {
\r\[2J\[10C\[1mWelcome to FALKEN BBS\[0m \r\r
Before you use our system, please note these comments and answer
the following questions. We allow new users to take advantage of
many of our capabilities. In return, we ask that you be truthful
and courteous while you are online. Several of our capabilities
are reserved for our paying customers.
\rWe must determine whether your computer expects us to supply a
\rline feed after a carriage return. Look at the next two lines-
\rif there is a blank line between them, type [y]. If there is no
\rblank line between them, type [n].
\r\rIs there a blank line between this line
\rand this one?

mc_welcom {
\[2J\r\rWelcome aboard %s. You are caller #%ld
\rThe last time you logged on was %s
\rIt is now %s

mc_welcom2 {
\[2J\r\rWelcome Aboard.
\rThis is the first time you have used our system, so we would
appreciate it if you supply with some information about yourself.
\r\rPlease answer all the questions completely.
\r\rWe must determine whether your computer expects us to supply a
\rline feed after a carriage return. Look at the next two lines-
\rif there is a blank line between them, type [y]. If there is no
\rblank line between them, type [n].
\r\rIs there a blank line between this line
\rand this one?

mc_edit1 {
"\r\rUser Parameter Edit\r
\r Name %s (contact SysOp to change)
\r 2. Street %s
\r 3. City %s
\r 4. State %s
\r 5. Zip Code %s
\r 6. Phone %s
\r 8. Linefeed %c
\r 9. Width %2d
\r G. Graphics: %s
\r M %s Messages\r}

mc_logon_notime {You have no time left today.\r}

mc_logon_newmail {\rEmail : %d new letters found.\r}

mc_logon_nonewmail {You have no new email.\r}

mc_logon_newbulletins {%d bulletins have been updated since your last call.\r}

mc_logon_btime {Time to next scheduled shutdown : %d hrs, %02d minutes.\r}

mc_logon_otherusers {\rOther users logged on :\r
Line Name Area Logon at\r
==== ====================== ========== ========\r}

mc_lastboot {\rLast Startup : %s Last %d logons :\r\r}

mc_logon_brcast {Line %d : %s logged on}

mc_logon_tooyoung {You are below the minimum age for access to this BBS.\r}

mc_30secs_left {30 seconds until disconnect\r}

mc_helo2 {Please enter account name or type [visitor] or [new] : }

mc_badid {There is no account for that name.
\rPlease enter account name or enter the word 'new': }

mc_alreadyon {That account is currently active.\rEnter name : }

mc_askpw {Password : }

mc_askp2 {Incorrect password.\r}

mc_askp3 {Invalid response.\rPassword : }

mc_new_name_err {Illegal name format. Please re-enter\r>}

mc_new_err {What?\r>}

mc_new_name {\rBy what name will you be known to us?\r>}

mc_new_name2 {Please enter your FULL name.\r>}

mc_new_passwd {
\rChoose a password now. You will need to use this password
whenever you log on in the future.\r>}

mc_new_realname {
Please enter your real name now, both first and last name.\r
Only the SYSTEM OPERATOR has access to this information.\r>}

mc_new_realname2 {
Please enter your first and last name. No aliases, please.\r>}

mc_new7 {\rWhat is your home phone number ? (xxx) xxx-xxxx\r> }

mc_new7w {What is your daytime phone number ? (xxx) xxx-xxxx\r> }

mc_new3 {You will now be asked for your street address,
City, State, and Zip code, in that order.\r\r
What is your street address ?\r> }

mc_new4 {\rWhat city do you live in ?\r> }

mc_new5 {\rWhat state do you live in ?\r> }

mc_new6 {\rWhat is your zip code ?\r> }

mc_new8 {
\rHow many characters can fit on one line of your display ? \r> }

mc_new13 {\rIs all the information correct?\ryes/no? > }

mc_new15 {
\rPlease use only 10 letters or numbers, with no imbedded spaces.\r> }

mc_new10 {
Please tell us your birthday in the following format :\r

mc_new12 {
\rIncorrect format. Use this format : (xxx) xxx-xxxx\r>}

mc_alreadyexists {
\rThere is already an account for that name. Choose another.\r>}

mc_noprofanity {
Input discarded due to profanity. Please re-enter your data.\r>}

mc_bios_help {
\rFor your biography file, include such information as your age,
occupation, special interests or abilities, and anything that is
interesting or unique about yourself. Please limit your entries
to one screen, for easy viewing by other users.

mc_bios_1 {\rUser Biography Section\r
Enter a user's name to view that person's biography, OR\r
[help] or\r
[edit] to edit your own biography entry.\r
[list] to see a list of users that have supplied a biography.\r
[exit] or [x] to return to the Main Menu.\r >}

mc_bios_err {No biography for that name.\r>}

mc_bioslist {Users who have supplied a bio :\r

mc_bioslist_end {\rEnd of User Bio List.\r}

mc_bioslist_2 {
\rPress [ENTER] to continue, or give a name to start listing from.\r}

mc_bios_new {Entering new biography information.\r}

mc_bios_notfound {User record not found.\r}

mc_bios_format1 {User information for @handle : access= @timerlevel,
Comment: @comment\rAccount created : @acctdate,
Last logon : @logontime\r}

mc_bios_format2 {Real name : @realname Birthday : @birthday
Phone : @homephone\r
Access Flags = @flags, Account expires on @expiredate\r}

mc_bios_format3 { not used }

mc_bios_nobio {No biography for that user.\r}

mc_bios_end {*** End of biography text ***\r}

mc_bios_stored {Bio information has been stored.\r}

mc_userlist_1 {
\rUserlist Section
\r\rUser records are in alphabetical order. Press [ENTER] to list all
all records in order, or enter a name or partial name to list users
from that point in the list.\r>}

mc_userlist_2 {
\r[ENTER] to continue, to exit, or a name to list from.\r>}

mc_userlist_3 {
Name Acct Created Last Logon\r
================================== ========== ==========\r}

mc_userlist_end {\rEnd of User List.\r}

mc_entry_tlcf {
\r\r\[2J\[1mWelcome to the Teleconference Area.\[0m
\rFor information, type [.help]\r}

mc_short_entry_tlcf {
\r\r\[2J\[1mEntering Teleconference\[0m\r}

# The first %s will be replaced with the user name,
# the next one will be replaced with the text.
mc_tlcf_from {From %s :\r%s\r}

mc_tlcf_channel_from {Channel %d: From %s : %s\r}

mc_tlcf_help {
\r\[2JSee the directions posted in the User's Manual for full
instructions on teleconferencing.
\r\rTeleconference commands :
\r All commands are denoted by a '.' in the first column.
\r.exit : returns user to main menu.
\r.user : displays a user's biography file (.user fax00001)
\r.join : allows you to join an active teleconference, if it is public.
\r.make : allows you to create a new teleconference and enter it.
\r.leave : exit current teleconference and enter the OPEN teleconference.
\r If you are in the OPEN teleconference, you will return to
\r the MAIN MENU.
\r.list : lists all teleconferences and who is in them.
\r.status : tells which teleconference you are in, and who else is there.
\r.sayto : sends a private message to the recipient, even if he/she is in
\r a different teleconference.
\r.private : sets the teleconference you are in to PRIVATE mode, where no
\r one else may .join it. Does not affect OPEN.
\r.invite : allows a user to join your private conference.
\r.public : resets your teleconference to PUBLIC mode.
\r.knock : lets users in a private conference know that you
\r wish to join them.
\ : pages a user to the teleconference area.
\r.time : displays current date and time.
\r.subject : allows you to change the conference subject line.
\r.ignore : start ignoring another user's input. (.ignore handle)
\r.noignore: stop ignoring other users.
\r.act : communicates an action to other teleconference users. For
\r instance, if herb types '.act smiling',
\r other teleconference users would see 'herb is smiling'.
\r.buffer : starts recording your text up to 20 lines, even with a
\r [ENTER] at the end of the line, yet the word wrapping
\r remains active.
\r.sendbuf : sends the buffered contents "shotgun style" to all members
\r currently in the Teleconference Module.
\ : allows you to post a message on the common Chalkboard
\r.view : allows you to read the messages on the common Chalkboard
\r.logoff : Log off the BBS directly
\r.kill : Sysop command to log a user off

mc_tlcf_name {\rYou are in the %s teleconference.\r}

mc_tlcf_sayto_err {The .sayto command uses the form :\r
.sayto username message -OR- /username message\r}

mc_tlcf_allow_err {\rThe .allow command allows a restricted user to enter
teleconference.\rIt uses the form : .allow username\r}

mc_tlcf_nothere {\rThat user is not in teleconference now.\r}

mc_tlcf_page_err {\rYou must supply the name of the user to be paged.
Example : .page herb\r}

mc_tlcf_notonsys {%s is not on the system now.\r}

mc_tlcf_pagusr {%s is paging you from the teleconference area.\r%s\r}

mc_tlcf_paged {%s has been paged.\r}

mc_tlcf_cant_page {That user cannot be paged now.\r}

mc_tlcf_alrdypaged {That user has already been paged.\r}

mc_tlcf_leaving {%s has left the conference.\r}

mc_tlcf_1 {You must enter the name of the teleconference to enter, as in\r
'.join open'\r}

mc_tlcf_2 {There is no conference by that name.\r}

mc_tlcf_3 {That conference is private. You cannot join it at this time.\r}

mc_tlcf_4 {You must enter the name of the conference to MAKE, as in\r
'.make special'\r}

mc_tlcf_5 {There is not enough room to make a new conference.\r}

mc_tlcf_invite_err {\rThe .invite command allows a user to join a private
conference. It uses the form : '.invite username'.\r}

mc_tlcf_subjerr {A subject description must follow the .subject command,
as in : '.subject Tech Talk'\r}

mc_tlcf_subjerr2 {You cannot change the description of the OPEN conference.\r}

mc_tlcf_subjchng {%s has changed the conference description to '%s'.\r}

mc_tlcf_dupname {Conference not created. There is already a conference
with that name.\r}

mc_tlcf_chbrd1 {
There are %d messages on the Chalkboard. .VIEW to see them.\r}

mc_tlcf_joined {%s has joined the conference.\r}

mc_tlcf_cmderr1 {Error : Command line too long.\r}

mc_tlcf_cmderr2 {Error : Unknown command.\r}

mc_tlcf_buffer1 {Buffering text : %d bytes stored\r}

mc_tlcf_cmderr3 {That command is restricted to SYSOP and SUBOP level users.\r}

mc_tlcf_remove {System level user %s is removing you to the Main Menu\r}

mc_tlcf_remove2 {User has been removed to the main menu.\r}

mc_tlcf_echo_on {Echo enabled.\r}

mc_tlcf_echo_off {Echo disabled.\r}

mc_tlcf_welcom {Welcome to conference %s\r}

mc_tlcf_knockerr {You need to specify which conference to knock.\r}

mc_tlcf_knocking {%s wants to join the conference.\r}

mc_tlcf_knocked {Knocking...\r}

mc_tlcf_list_format {\rName : %s, %s\rSubject : %s\rUsers :\r}

mc_tlcf_endlist {End of list.\r}

mc_tlcf_nowactive {Conference %s is now active.\r}

mc_tlcf_perm1 {Conference is now permanent.\r}

mc_tlcf_permerr1 {You cannot make a private conference Permanent.\r}

mc_tlcf_permerr2 {You canot change the status of the OPEN conference.\r}

mc_tlcf_perm2 {Conference is no longer Permanent.\r}

mc_tlcf_notperm {This conference is not Permanent.\r}

mc_tlcf_nowpublic {This conference is now Public.\r}

mc_tlcf_nowprivate {This conference is now Private.\r}

mc_tlcf_beepon {A BEEP will now accompany all .SAYTOs addressed to you.\r}

mc_tlcf_beepoff {All .SAYTOs addressed to you will be silent now.\r}

mc_tlcf_ignoring {%s is ignoring you at this time.\r}

mc_tlcf_sayto {Private message from %s :\r}

mc_tlcf_msgsent {Private message sent to %s.\r}

mc_tlcf_status {You are in %s conference %s.\rThe subject is %s\r}

mc_tlcf_ishere { %s is here.\r}

mc_tlcf_pagerr1 {That user does not have TLCF access.\r}

mc_tlcf_notprivate {This conference is not private.\r}

mc_tlcf_alrdyhere {That user is already in the conference.\r}

mc_tlcf_invitation {You are invited to join conference %s.\r}

mc_tlcf_invitationsent {Invitation sent.\r}

mc_tlcf_userinvited {%s has invited %s to join the conference.\r}

mc_tlcf_badwordlist {\rList of words not allowed in TLCF :\r}

mc_tlcf_endbwlist {End of 'bad words' list.\r}

mc_tlcf_ignorerr1 {Format for .ignore is : '.ignore username'\r}

mc_tlcf_usernotfound {\rUser name not found.\r}

mc_tlcf_nowignoring {\rUser %s is now being ignored.\r}

mc_tlcf_nowignoringyou {\r%s is now ignoring you.\r}

mc_tlcf_ignoreoff {You are no longer ignoring anyone.\r}

mc_tlcf_acterr1 {Format for .act is : '.act action'\r}

mc_tlcf_act {ACT* %s %s\r}

mc_tlcf_alrdyintlcf {That user is already in TLCF.\r}

mc_tlcf_allow1 {You are invited into the TLCF area.\r}

mc_tlcf_cancel {No longer buffering text.\r}

mc_tlcf_buffering {Buffering up to 2K input. Use .sendbuf to send text\r
Use .cancel to stop buffering text.\r}

mc_tlcf_sendbuf {Sending buffered text to conference members.\r}

mc_tlcf_sendbuf2 {\rMulti-line message sent by %s\r}

mc_tlcf_chbrdempty {*** Nothing on chalkboard now.\r}

mc_tlcf_chbrdmsgs {***Chalkboard Messages :\r\r}

mc_tlcf_chbrdend {\r***End of Chalkboard Messages.\r\r}

mc_tlcf_chbrderr1 {Command error : text must follow '.post'\r}

mc_tlcf_chbrderr2 {Message too long - 70 character maximum.\r}

mc_tlcf_chbrdposted {\rMessage posted on chalkboard.\r}

mc_tlcf_chbrdposted2 {*** %s has posted a message on the Chalkboard.\r}

mc_tlcf_chbrdnotfound {Chalkboard message not found.\r}

mc_tlcf_chbrderr3 {You can only erase chalkboard messages you posted.\r}

mc_tlcf_chbrderased {Message erased from chalkboard.\r}

mc_editor1 {
\rText Editor Subsystem
\rEnter up to 100 lines of text, up to 80 characters each line.
\rCurrently Insert Mode is activated. Enter /m on a blank
line to bring up the command menu. Type /h to get help information.
Type /s to save your text, /q to quit without saving.

mc_editor2 {
\rText Editor Subsystem
\rEnter up to 100 lines of text, up to 80 characters each line.
\rCurrently Insert Mode is activated. Enter /m on a blank
line to bring up the command menu. Type /h to get help information.
Type /s to save your text, /q to quit without saving.

mc_editor_help {
\r\r\[2J\[1;35f\[1mEditor Help\[0m
\r\rSee the Editor Instruction portion of the User's Manual for more details.
\rThis editor is a line-oriented editor. You may insert, append, delete,
list, and replace lines of text. The commands available are :
\r\r a : append input to the end of the file.
\r i : insert lines of text.
\r l : list lines of text.
\r w : writes the text to the disk.
\r f : find a text string.
\r c : change text, replacing old string with new string.
\r d : delete lines of text.
\r q : quit.
\r r : replace current line with this line.

mc_editor_menu1 {
Editor Commands :\r\r
i : insert lines\r
l : list lines\r
a : append to end of text\r
c : change text\r
f : find (search for) text\r
s : save text\r
q : quit without saving\r
d : delete lines\r
r : replace a line\r\r
> }

mc_short_editor1 {
\r\rText Editor Insert Mode\r
Enter /m on blank line to see the menu, /s to save, /q to quit.\r}

mc_short_editor2 {\rText Editor Commands :\r
[S]ave [Q]uit [H]elp [F]ind [I]nsert [A]ppend [L]ist [R]eplace [D]elete\r?}

mc_editor_nodata {no data in buffer\r?}

mc_editor_nfound {not found\r?}

mc_editor_nostr {no search string\r?}

mc_editor_badrange {bad line range\r?}

mc_editor_insmod {insert mode\r}

mc_editor_buf_full {buffer full\r?}

mc_editor_appmod {append mode\r}

mc_editor_r_err {replacement line must follow 'r'\r?}

mc_editor_leave {Leaving editor.\rPress [ENTER] to continue.}

mc_editor_badcmd {unknown command. use ? for help\r?}

mc_editor_synerr {syntax error\r?}
mc_editor_whichline {Which line to start at ? }
mc_editor_find1 {\r** %d occurances found.\rPress [ENTER] for menu.}
mc_editor_change1 { What do you want the text changed to ?\r}
mc_editor_numlines {How many lines to change ? }
mc_editor_change2 {\r** %d changes made.\rPress [ENTER] for menu.}
mc_editor_del_lines {How many lines to delete ? }
mc_editor_del_none {No lines deleted.\r}
mc_editor_more { mc_editor_eot {\r}
mc_editor_rangerr2 {Line range erroro. Re-enter line number.\r}
mc_editor_replace1 {Enter replacement text.\r}
mc_editor_nochange {No changes made.\r}
mc_editor_insmode2 {Insert mode : %d lines in buffer\r}
mc_editor_insert1 {Insert text in front of which line ? }
mc_editor_list1 {Start listing at which line number ? }
mc_editor_search1 {\rEnter text string to search for : }
mc_editor_change3 {\rEnter text string you want to change.\r}
mc_editor_del_line {Which line to start deleting at ? }
mc_editor_replace_line {Which line to replace ? }
mc_editor_geterr {You must supply the filename : /g filename\r}
mc_editor_openerr {Unable to open text file.\r}
mc_editor_puterr {You must supply the filename : /p filename\r}

mc_msgbase_menu {\r\[31m
\r\[16Cº\[7m MESSAGE BASE \[0m\[31mº
\r\[16Cº [ENTER] => Message Folder List º
\r\[16Cº s # => Skip a message folder º
\r\[16Cº when reading new msgs º
\r\[16Cº u # => UnSkip a Message Folder º
\r\[16Cº n => Number of Message Folderº
\r\[16Cº r => Read All New Postings º
\r\[16Cº p => Post a New Message º
\r\[16Cº h => Help for Message Base º
\r\[16Cº q => Quit to the Main Menu º
\r\r\[16C\[0m >}

mc_msg_1 {
\[1m\rADEPT Message Base\[0m
\r N : To go to a different message folder, enter it's number.
\r S : Scan subject, originator, posting time and date of all messages.
\r SN : Scan messages entered or responded to since your last access.
\r R : Read all messages and responses starting with oldest.
\r R- : Read all messages starting with most recent.
\r RN : Read new messages and responses since your last access.
\r R#x : Read messages and responses starting with message number 'x'.
\r P : Post a new message.
\r E#xRn: Edit message 'x', response number 'n'.
\r You may edit messages or responses you have posted.
\r Response 0 is the original message.
\r C#xRn: Cancel message 'x', response number 'n'.
\r Response 0 is the original message.
\r H : On-line help.
\r X : Exit to Active Folder list.
\r Q : Quit returns you to Main Menu from any level.

mc_msg_help {\r\r\[2J The message base is a list of messages
created by the users of this system. Each message may have up to
100 lines of 80 characters each, and also has a list of responses
(commentaries on the message by other users). The messages will
be removed from the system by the system operator roughly once
every 2 weeks, unless responses continue to be posted.
\r After reading each message, you may read the responses. At the prompt
enter [f] to read the next message (skip responses), enter [x] to
return to the menu, or press [ENTER] to read the next response.
Entering [n] allows you to read only NEW responses to the
messages. Entering [bx] where 'x' is a number allows you to
backup and re-read responses (i.e. enter 'b4' would scroll back
four responses prior to the current response). Entering [s]
allows you to skip the responses and add your own response to the
message. Entering [r] will allow you to add a response to the message
before reading all the responses.
When all responses have been read, you will have an
opportunity to respond to the message. If you wish to do so,
enter [r], and you will enter the online editor to compose your
response. If not, enter [X] to return to the menu, or press
[ENTER] to read the next message.

mc_msgbase_names {\rActive Message Folders :\r}

mc_msg_chooseagain {
\rInvalid selection. Please choose again.\r >}

mc_msgbase_names2 {\rPress [ENTER] to continue >}

mc_msgbase_endlist {\r}

mc_msgbase_getsubj {What is the subject of your message ?\r>}

mc_msgbase_notfnd {Unable to locate requested message.\r}

mc_msgbase_upderr {*** Error on message update ***\r}

mc_msgbase_names3 {
\r* = skip this folder when reading new messages.\r
\rSelect folder to enter by typing its number, or type [r] to read
all new messages, or type [q] to quit the message base.\r>}

mc_short_msg_1 {\r\rMessage Base
\rCurrent Message Folder is %s.\r>}

mc_msg_2 {
= Next Response, = Menu, = Skip Responses
\r = read NEW Responses, = Backup 'x' Responses,

send a private response, = add a Response, = Next Message\r>}

mc_msg_3 {Do you wish to add a response ?\r>}

mc_msg_4 {\r\rWhat is the subject of your message ?\r>}

mc_msg_5 {\r\rPress [ENTER] for more.\r>}

mc_msg_6 {\r\rAll responses have been displayed.
\rDo you wish to add a response ?
\rEnter [y] to respond, [x] to exit, [p] to send a private response
\ror press [ENTER] to read next message.\r>}

mc_msg_7 {\rEnter your PUBLIC response.\r}

mc_msg_7a {
\rEnter your PRIVATE response to %s.\rWill be sent via E-Mail.\r}

mc_msg_8 {FOLDER# %4d MSG# %4d: %s
\r Posted by %s %s %d responses\r}

mc_msg_8a {FOLDER# %4d MSG# %4d: %s
\r Posted by ANONYMOUS %s %d responses\r}

mc_msg_10 {Syntax error : use C#xRn where x is message number,
and n is the response number.\r}

mc_msg_11 {Message not found.\r}

mc_msg_12 {You may cancel only those messages you posted.\r}

mc_msg_13 {
That message is being accessed by another user right now.\r}

mc_msg_14 {Message cancelled.\r}

mc_msg_15 {Syntax error : use E#xRn where x is message number,
and n is the response number.\r}

mc_msg_16 {You may edit only those messages you posted.\r}

mc_msg_unskip_err {You must supply the name of the folder to un-skip. i.e.
'u 3' }

mc_msg_skip_err {You must supply the name of the folder to skip. i.e.
's 3' }

mc_msg_anonymous_err { Anonymous messages are not allowed.\r}
mc_msg_which_folder { \rWhich Folder ([ENTER] to quit)\r>}

mc_msg_access_err {You do not have access to any message folders.\r}
mc_msg_write_access_err {You do not have access to any message folders.\r}
mc_msg_bad_cmd {\rUnknown Command.\r}
mc_msg_menu3 {x, r, s, or h\r> }
mc_msg_folder_range_err {Folder number out of range.\r}
mc_msg_ok {OK\r}
mc_msg_press_enter {Press [ENTER] to continue}
mc_msg_summary_hdr {
\r\r *** Message Folder Summary **
\r\rFolder Subject Msgs New Msgs\r\r}

mc_em_menu {\r\[31m
\r\[16Cº\[7m ELECTRONIC MAILBOX \[0m\[31mº
\r\[16Cº l - List your mail º
\r\[16Cº (up to 20 entries) º
\r\[16Cº r - Read all your Mail º
\r\[16Cº rn - Read all your NEW Mail º
\r\[16Cº r# - Read Mail starting at # º
\r\[16Cº s - Send Mail º
\r\[16Cº d - Delivery Status º
\r\[16Cº m - Mailing List maintenance º
\r\[16Cº q - Quit to Main Menu º
\r\[16Cº OLD=%old% NEW=%new% º
\r\r\[0m\[16C >}

mc_email_list_hdr {
\r # New Date Sender Subject
\r-- --- -------- -------------------- --------------------\r}
mc_email_list_footer {%d old letters found, %d new letters found\r}
mc_email_range_err {Message number out of range.\r}
mc_email_not_found {Message not found.\r}
mc_email_no_email {No email found.\r}
mc_email_no_new_email {No new email found.\r}
mc_email_userid_err {UserID error : Unknown account name.\r}
mc_email_nomore {No more email.\r}
mc_email_mlist_err {Cannot find mail distribution list.\r}
mc_email_subject {Please provide a subject line, < 40 chars.\r}
mc_email_receipt {Would you like a return receipt (y/N) ? }
mc_email_receipt2 {You will be notified when recipient reads this message.\r}
mc_email_file_att {Do you wish to attach a file to this letter ? }
mc_email_upload {Transferring to File Upload section,\r}
mc_email_list_exists {That list already exists.\r}
mc_email_list_create_err {Error creating mailing list.\r}
mc_email_list_created {List Created.\r}
mc_email_list_deleted {List Deleted.\r}
mc_email_delete_list_err {Error deleting distribution list.\r}
mc_email_list_notfound {Distribution list not found.\r}
mc_email_list_entries {Entries in this list :\r}
mc_email_end_of_list {\rEnd of List\r}
mc_email_adderr {Must supply account name - 'a name'\r}
mc_email_delerr {Must supply account name - 'd name'\r}
mc_email_listfull {That distribution list is full.\r}
mc_email_acctnotfound {Account not found.\r}
mc_email_entryadded {Entry Added.\r}
mc_email_entrydeleted {Entry Deleted.\r}
mc_email_file_attached {
There is a file attached to this letter.\rDownload it now ? }
mc_email_stored {\rMail has been stored.\r}
mc_email_newmail {\rNew Email has been posted to you.\r}
mc_em_menu_short {\rE-Mail : %old% Old Letters, %new% New Letters\r
(r,rn,s,d,m,l,x) > }

mc_em_delete {
\r[d] = delete this letter, [r] = reply to the sender, [x] = exit,
\r[f] = forward to another (f username), = read next
letter \r>}

{\r[v] = view or change a mail list, [d] = delete a mail list,
\r[a] = add a mail list [q] = quit (return to email menu.
\r> }

mc_em_viewmenu {
\r[a] add a user to this list ('a name')
\r[d] delete a user from this list ('d name')
\r[l] list the names in this mail list
\r[s] save changes and exit
\r[q] quit without saving changes\r>}

mc_em_fwderr {User name not found - cannot forward.\r}

mc_em_copyerr {User name not found - cannot send copy.\r}

mc_em_replyerr {User name not found - cannot reply.\r}

mc_em_address {To whom is the mail to be addressed?\r
If sending to a mail list, place an @ in front of the list name.\r }

mc_em_delstat1 {Which users mailbox to check for unread mail ?\r
or 'x' to return to menu > }

mc_em_cancel {
\r[d] = delete this letter, = continue, [q] = quit,
\r[c] = copy this letter to another user (c username)\r> }

mc_email_upderr {Error updating distribution list.\r}
mc_email_entryupdated {List Updated.\r}
mc_email_list_hdr2 {Email Mailing List Maintenance.\rYour Mailing Lists :\r\r}
mc_email_list_del_name {Enter name of mail list to delete : }
mc_email_list_name {Enter a name for the new mail list.\r}
mc_email_which_list {Which mail list to view ? }
mc_email_nomore2 {No more undelivered mail for that user.\r}

# In the following menus, certain text strings are replaced by Falken.
# %libname% is replaced by the actual library name
# %curcategory% is replaced by the name of the current category
# %category1% is replaced by the name for category 1
# %category2% is replaced by the name for category 2
# ETC on down to category 8
# All spaces to the trailing '%' will be replaced, so if your category
# 1 is 'IBM Programming Utilities', you would want the string to be :
# '%category1 %' so it is big enough to hold the
# name.
# These names are defined in BBSCFG for each library
# Be sure to leave enough room after the replacement string for the
# full name to fit. Library names take 30 characters,
# category names take 20 characters

mc_dl_sysop_menu {\r
\r DOWNLOAD SECTION Sysop Functions
\r================================== =====================================
\r c => Choose a file category d => Delete file and BTRIEVE record
\r f => Change to a file library ("d filename")
\r l => List available files s => Save files from upload directory
\r v => Verbose list of avail files e => Edit a download entry
\r t => Transfer (download) a file m => Move entry to different library
\r u => Upload a file y => Directory list of UPLOAD
\r q => Return to main menu w => Directory list of DOWNLOAD
\r z => Delete file from UPLOAD
\r ("z filename")
\r Library = %libname %
\r Category = %curcategory %
\r\r >}

mc_dl_menu {\r\[32m
\r\[16Cº\[7m DOWNLOAD SECTION \[0m\[32mº
\r\[16Cº c => Choose a file category º
\r\[16Cº f => Change to a different library º
\r\[16Cº l => List of available files º
\r\[16Cº v => Verbose list of available files º
\r\[16Cº t => Transfer (download) a file º
\r\[16Cº u => Upload a file º
\r\[16Cº ? => Help and List of Computer Types º
\r\[16Cº q => Quit to Main Menu º
\r\r\[0m\[16C >}

mc_dl_help {
\r\r\[2J The various options available in the download section are :
\r\r l ==> List available files. This is simply a list of the
files we have available for downloading for your computer type.
\r\r v ==> Verbose list. Similar to 'l', but gives descriptions of the files.
\r\r t ==> Transfer a file.
You will be asked for the file entry. You will then
be prompted for protocol information, etc.
\r\r u ==> Upload a file.
\r\r q ==> Quit to Main Menu.
\r (l,v,t,q,?) }

# When the user is changing categories, this menu is presented.

mc_dl_categorymenu {
\r\rAvailable categories for %libname% :
\r 0. ALL Files
\r 1. %category1 %
\r 2. %category2 %
\r 3. %category3 %
\r 4. %category4 %
\r 5. %category5 %
\r 6. %category6 %
\r 7. %category7 %
\r 8. %category8 %
Your choice ? }

mc_dl_libraries {
\r\rThe following File Libraries are available :\r
1. Falken Updates\r
2. Doors\r
3. IBM Applications\r
4. Falken Utilities\r
5. Info*Share Files\r
6. Communications\r
7. IBM Programming\r
Q. Quit to main menu\r
\rYour Choice ? }

mc_dl_protocol {\rWhich protocol is to be used ?
\r\r x ==> Xmodem
\r c ==> Xmodem/CRC
\r k ==> Xmodem-1K (some systems mistakenly call this YMODEM)
\r 1 ==> Ymodem/Ymodem-g
\r 2 ==> Zmodem
\r q ==> quit to previous menu
\r> }

mc_dl_accessdenied {Access Denied.\r}
mc_dl_libnotused {That library is not in use. Please select another.\r}
mc_dl_namemissing {File name missing.\r}
mc_dl_move_err {Syntax is 'm filename'.\r}
mc_dl_notfound {File not found.\r}
mc_dl_movelib {Which library to place file into ? \r}
mc_dl_badlib {Invalid library. Please re-enter choice ? }
mc_dl_whichcategory {\rChoose a category, or type 'q' to quit > }
mc_dl_badcategory {Invalid category selection. Re-enter > }
mc_dl_updating {Updating database record.\r}
mc_dl_updating2 {Database entry updated. Copying file.\r}
mc_dl_copyerr {Error : File not copied.\r}
mc_dl_copied {File copy successful.\r}
mc_dl_updaterr {Database update failed. Record deleted.\r}
mc_dl_yourchoice {\rYour choice ? }
mc_dl_availcats {Available categories are :\r\r 0 : All files\r}
mc_dl_newcategory {File Category now set to %d\r}
mc_dl_list_hdr {File Name Size Date Description
\r------------ ------ -------- ---------------------------\r}
mc_dl_list_hdr2 {File Name Size Date D/Ls Last D/L Uploaded By
\r------------ ------ -------- ---- -------- -----------\r}
mc_dl_needpasswd {Password required. Enter 'filename/password'\r}
mc_dl_notime {You do not have enough time left on this call to
complete the file transfer.\r}
mc_dl_logopenerr {Unable to open download log file.\r}
mc_dl_nextfile {Enter next file name, or press [ENTER] for no more files.\r}
mc_dl_name_err {Bad file name format.\r}
mc_dl_enterpasswd {Enter password for file, [ENTER] for no password.\r}
mc_dl_cantfindrec {Cannot find database record for that file.\r}

mc_dl_3 {Ready to send file. You should now initiate file
transfer with your terminal program.\r}

mc_dl_4 {File not found.}

mc_dl_5 {File deleted.}

mc_dl_6 {Record deleted.\r}

mc_dl_7 {Record not found.\r}

mc_dl_8 {\rEnter file name to be saved from Upload Directory
\r( to exit) > }

mc_dl_9 {\rUser %s currently saving, try again later.\r}

mc_dl_10 {\rNo files found.\r}

mc_dl_11 {Directory list of %s :\r}

mc_dl_12 {\rFile not found.\r}

mc_dl_13 {\rEnd of file list. Press [ENTER] to continue.\r}

mc_dl_14 {\rNo file for record %s.\r}

mc_dl_14a {%-12s %-6ld %8s %4d %8s %s\r}
mc_dl_14as {%-12s %-6ld %8s %s\r}

mc_dl_15 {
\r[ENTER] = continue, [x] = stop, [c] = continuous, [t] = transfer file > }

mc_dl_16 {File name error. Cannot open file.\r}

mc_dl_17 {
\r%lu bytes to transfer. Will take approx. %d:%02d at %d Baud\r}

mc_dl_18 {\rFile deleted.}

mc_dl_19 {\rFile Transfer was successfully completed.\r}

mc_dl_20 {\rDownload aborted.\r}

mc_dl_21 {\rWhat filespec do you want the file saved as?
\rName must be 8 characters or less, plus a 3 character extension.
\rOnly letters and digits allowed, with no imbedded spaces.
\rExample : PCWRITE.ARC
\r\rDownload Name > }

mc_dl_23 {\rInvalid file name\r\r}

mc_dl_24 {\rError...entry already exists, try another name.\r}

mc_dl_28 {\rEnter file description.
You may enter up to 10 text lines using the editor.\r}

mc_dl_29 {\rBtrieve error on insert. Status = %d\r}

mc_dl_30 {\rFile not found\r\r}

mc_dl_31 {\rError...file not copied\r\r}

mc_dl_32 {\rDownload saved successfully.\r}

mc_dl_33 {%13s %10lu %20s\r}

mc_dl_34 {\rEnd of file list.\r}

mc_dl_35 {\rFilename of entry to edit, [x] to quit > }

mc_dl_36 {Moving a file to a different software category.
\rFile name or 'x' to quit.\r> }

mc_dl_37 {Which category should the file be listed under ? }

mc_dl_getkwds {
\rEnter up to 4 key words or phrases, separated by commas.
\rPress [ENTER] for all files.
\r> }

mc_dl_getage {\rHow far back, in days, should the search go ?
\rType 'NEW' for files added since your last call, or
\rPress [ENTER] for all files.
\r> }

mc_dl_whouploaded {\rName of user who uploaded the file ? }

mc_dl_whatfile {\r\rWhat file to download ?
\rIf you have specified a batch protocol, enter only one file name,
\ryou will be prompted for more file names.
\rType [x] to return to Download Section Menu.

mc_dl_getpasswd {\rThat is a restricted area. Enter password.\r>}

mc_ul_badprotocol {That protocol is not supported.\r}

mc_ul_protocol {\rWhich protocol is to be used ?
\r\r x ==> Xmodem
\r c ==> Xmodem/CRC
\r k ==> Xmodem-1K (some systems mistakenly call this YMODEM)
\r 1 ==> Ymodem/Ymodem-g
\r 2 ==> Zmodem
\r q ==> quit to previous menu
\r> }

mc_ul_whatfile {\rUpload File Name : }

mc_ul_getfilenames {
\rEnter the names of file(s) you are uploading.
\rIf you are using a batch protocol, enter the names one at a time, pressing
[ENTER] after each file name. When all file names have been supplied,
press [ENTER] by itself to begin uploading. File names can contain a 1-8
character name, a period, and a 1-3 character extension.
\r\rEnter first file name , or 'q' to quit > }

mc_ul_badfile {
\rThat file name is already in use. Choose another name.}

mc_ul_description {
\rPlease provide a description of the program/file.
\rLimit your description to 10 lines or less, please.\r}

mc_ul_logoff {Log off when file transfer is complete ? }
mc_ul_complete {Upload complete. Posting upload notices to sysop.\r}
mc_ul_post_err {Error posting upload notices.
Please inform sysop of uploads.\r}
mc_ul_logoff2 {Logging you off now.\r}

mc_warn_profanity {
\rProfanity is not permitted on this BBS as a matter of system policy.
\r\rFor the purposes of this system profanity is defined as
usage of words, phrases, and/or slang that is normally
considered socially unacceptable or inflammatory in nature. A
"rule of thumb" which seems to be satisfactory as a measurement
of acceptability is: If the local newspaper or radio station
infrequently permits the printing or transmission of a word,
phrase, or slang expression, then it can be expected that
WE will not support its usage on the system in the
Teleconference Mode. The system software is designed to
temporarily terminate callers who fail to display temperance in
this manner. We appreciate your support in this endeavor.
\r\rRegrettably your last message was prevented from being
transmitted beyond the system console to the addressee and has been
discarded. Please re-enter it without the use of profanity.\r\r}

mc_user_status {
\r\r\r\[2J\[3;20f\[1mAccount Status Information\[0m\r
\rName: @handle
\r\rAccount Created: @acctdate
\rAccount Expires: @expiredate
\rAccess Level: @timerlevel
\rTotal Logons: @totlogons
\rLogons Since Last Billing: @logons
\rTotal Connect Time: @totconnecttime minutes
\rConnect Time since Last Billing: @connecttime minutes
\rTotal Time Spent in Teleconference: @tlcftime minutes
\rCredits Remaining: @credits\r}

mc_ansireset {

mc_sysoplogon { (sysop)}

mc_suboplogon { (subop)}

mc_mustreadfirst {
\rAccess denied. You must first read bulletins }

mc_logoffmsg {
\r\rYou have elected to exit the system.\r
Are you sure you wish to log off now ? }

mc_userinfo_q1 {
\rThis is Falkens built-in questionaire section.\r\r
Your answers here will be made public, and displayed to any user with the
'.user ' command. If there is a question you do not wish to answer
publicly, simply press [ENTER] to answer the question.\r
To quit back to the Main Menu, enter 'quit' at any prompt.\r\r
1. What is your real name ? }

mc_userinfo_q2 {
2. If you run a BBS, what is it's name and number ?\r

mc_userinfo_q3 {
3. What is your favorite movie ? }

mc_userinfo_q4 {$end}

mc_userinfo_q5 {$end}

mc_userinfo_text {
Please tell us a little about yourself, in 15 lines or less.\r}

mc_userinfo_format {
\rReal name : %1 %\r
BBS Name : %2 %\r
Favorite Movie : %3 %\r\r}

mc_who_format { @line[2] @handle[22] @area[10] @logontime[8] @sysop\r

mc_setup_ques1 {}
mc_setup_ques2 {}
mc_setup_ques3 {}
mc_setup_ques4 {}
mc_setup_ques5 {}
mc_setup_ques6 {}

mc_last {last}