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GFILES - a doors program for FALKEN Multi-user BBS

The GFILES program is a general purpose text file reader for the
FALKEN BBS system. This program executes as a 'door' under
control of the main BBS program. It is included as an example
of how a door works under multidos.

When the program is executed, it waits for the user to enter
a file name, or the word 'exit'. When the word 'exit' is entered,
the program terminates. Any other entry is assumed to be a
file name.

The file GPATH.TXT must contain the full path to the subdirectory
which contains the text files. A file named LIST must exist in
that subdirectory. This file should be a list of the files that
are available for viewing.

You can use this program to simply view text files, or you can
arrange the files logically into a database, where one text file
can simply list the contents of other text files in increasing
detail until the actual data is read.