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There are 2 utilities to help you maintain your download section.
The first is DLREAD.EXE which reads the download database and prints
the download list to your screen and to a disk file. The file it
creates is DLOAD.DMP . This provides you with a text file suitable
for editting, or any other use. It is usually a good idea to have
a current list of your downloads available for people to download
and view offline.

The second utility is DLOADADD.EXE which reads a text file and creates
database entries. This is pretty much the opposite of the function
performed by DLREAD. DLOAD.DMP is written in a format acceptable to
DLOADADD, so you can simply edit DLOAD.DMP and make any changes or
additions that you like, then rebuild the database file with DLOADADD.
When you run DLOADADD you are asked to supply the name of the text file
that contains the text entries.

If an entry already exists matching the file name, category, and library
number of the record to be added, the existing record is overwritten,
else the new record is added to the file.

The format for text entries to be processed by DLOADADD is listed below.

Each entry consists of at least 2 lines. The first line has 8 or 9 fields
which may be separated by commas or tabs. The fields are :

1. File Library number (0-9)
2. File Category within library (0-9)
3. The file name, with extension
4. The file size
5. The date the file was created, in MM/DD/YY format
6. How many times the file has been downloaded
7. The date the file was last downloaded
8. The name of the user who uploaded the file.

* Field 8 may be used to specify the axact path to the file. This is
* particularly useful in the case of CD-ROM usage, where files may be spread
* across dozens of subdirectories.
* If the first character of this field is '@', the rest of the field is
* taken as the path to the file, i.e. @F:\120A\

9. Password

*The 9th field is optional. If the file has no password, this field may
*be omitted.

The next 1-15 lines contain the file description.
The file description is terminated by a line of at least 10 equal
signs ( ========== ) starting in column 1.

Below are 3 file listings acceptable to DLOADADD.EXE
Note that there are no blank lines between entries, and each entry
ends with a line of at least 10 equal signs.
The first line of each entry uses commas to separate the 8 fields.

The first listing goes into Library 0 Category 0
The second listing goes into Library 1 Category 0,
and has a password : mypasw
The third listing goes into Library 2 Category 3, and the file exists
on drive F: in directory ROMFILES

This is a set of text files that describe how to write DOORS programs for
the FALKEN Multi-user BBS. The interfaces between the doors programs is
the BBS program is described, and sample programs are included to
demonstrate the processes required for successful communication between
tasks. Unarchive with ARC or PKUNPAK.
Captain Comic - a shareware game for IBM computers with EGA graphics.
This is a pretty good arcade-style game. Worth the time to d/l it!
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