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New features in EMILY / MONICA release 1.3 :

- Serial I/O may now be redirected to a window (with ZOOM), or to a
PC COMM port in BOTH EMILY and MONICA. EMILY's F3 serial setup menu
has been added to MONICA, and has received a new 'Local' option which
selects I/O in the PC window.
- Serial I/O "fine tuning" now shows only the actual speeds which are
supported by the PC COMM port hardware.
- MONICA now supports single-chip in-circuit emulation with DS5000 type
processor. New '/DS5000' command line option, and F4 setup menu have
been added.
- EMILY and MONICA now support user defined Special Function Registers,
for use with expanded 8051/52 variants.
- New EMSETUP utility for configuring default setup values in EMILY and
MONICA, including screen colors, Special function registers, COMM port
assignment and configuration, reset mode, default filename etc.
- New '/Reset' option to reverse sense of RTS controlled reset.

New features in EMILY / MONICA release 1.4 :

- 'U' command to scroll disassembler Up
- F10 (Shell to DOS) function added to main menu
- F4 (Block fill) added to memory editors
- Refresh (space) changed to F5 in MONICA editors to permit use of
space in ASCII edit mode
- Enhanced breakpoints! Breakpoints can now do:
- Enable -Breakpoint ON/OFF without removing them
- Watch -Update screen displays and keep going
- Pause -Wait specified # milliseconds & keep going
- Key -Wait for key (SPACE=Proceed, ESC=Halt)
- Count -Increment a counter & keep going
- Dec -Decrement a counter and keep going if non-zero
- F4 (Breakpoint counter) command added to main menu
(Monica's F4 DS5000 option has been moved to F7)
- F5 (Reset processor) added to EMILY and MONICA
- Monica's 'Z' (Reset hardware) command moved to F6