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º Dunfield Development Systems º
º Product catalog & Price List º
º Revised: 05-OCT-94 º

Catalog and pricing are in effect until Jan 1995. Anyone placing an order
will receive a current edition of this document with the order. You may
also obtain the catalog by downloading it from our BBS system, or by
calling our main number with a FAX machine (dial 1 at the voice prompt).

Unless otherwise stated, all disks include complete documentation in
the form of ASCII text files.

All prices are listed in U.S. funds. For the convenience of our Canadian
customers, we have also listed Canadian dollar prices (shown in brackets).

All orders must include sufficent payment for shipping charges. See
shipping rate table on order form. Please allow 3-4 weeks for airmail
shipping from Canada to U.S. and international destinations.

Cheques or money orders should be payable to "Dunfield Development Systems".
Canadian residents please add 7% Goods and Services Tax (GST), Ontario
residents add 8% Provincial Sales Tax (PST).

NOTE TO INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Please insure that your cheque or money
order has proper bank encoding along the bottom. Unencoded cheques cannot
be processed by our bank, and will be returned. If you wish to make payment
by wire transfer, please contact us.

We cannot accept credit card orders at this time.

North America: Dunfield Development Systems
& Head Office P.O. Box 31044 Nepean, Ontario Canada K2B 8S8
Tel: (613) 256-5820 Fax: (613) 256-5821

United Kingdom: Micro Amps Limited
66 Smithbrook Kilns, Cranleigh Surrey, GU6 8JJ
Tel: +44 1483 268999 Fax: +44 1483 268397

Netherlands: Antratek Electronics
Lelieveld 123, 2914 CD Nieuwerkerk A/D Ijssel
Tel: +31 (0)1803-17666 Fax: +31 (0)1803-16664

Singapore: Hi-Tech Automation & Control
35-A Tai Thong Crescent, Singapore 1334
Tel: +65 287-7852 Fax: +65 287-7843

Taiwan: Orbit Computer Co., Ltd.
7F No. 346 TZYH YOW 2nd Road, Kaohsiung, Taiwan R.O.C.
Tel: +886 7-3461364 Fax: +886 7-3451956

Dunfield Development Systems BBS: 613-256-6289
DDS MICRO-C Developers Kits:

These are complete PC based cross development systems which include
EVERYTHING you need to develop 'C' and 'ASM' software for one CPU.
- Includes MICRO-C compiler, optimizer, XASM cross assembler, and
related utilities for the particular CPU.
- Hand coded (efficent ASM) standard library for CPU (Source included).
- Includes Monitor/Debugger for CPU (ASM source). *
- Includes text editor, telecomm program and many other utilities.
- Complete documentation (on disk).
68HC08 Developers Kit : $99.95 US ($119.95 CDN) *
6809 Developers Kit : $99.95 US ($119.95 CDN)
68HC11 Developers Kit : $99.95 US ($119.95 CDN)
68HC16 Developers Kit : $99.95 US ($119.95 CDN) *
8051/52 Developers Kit : $99.95 US ($119.95 CDN)
8080/85 Developers Kit : $99.95 US ($119.95 CDN)
8086 Developers Kit : $99.95 US ($119.95 CDN)
8096 Developers Kit : $99.95 US ($119.95 CDN)
Super Developers Kit : $400.00 US ($480.00 CDN) **
* 68HC08 and 68HC16 Developers Kits do not include a monitor/debugger.
** All of the above + extra assemblers and tools from XASM package.
EMILY52: A PC based 8051/52 simulator.

A software simulator/emulator for the Intel 8051/8052 series of
microcontrollers. EMILY features an easy to use "windowed" user
interface, and is capable of simulating at better than 500,000
instructions per second on a 486/33mhz PC.
- Supports full 64K of PROGRAM and 64K of DATA memory. DATA and PROGRAM
memory may also be overlapped into a single 64K address space.
- Optionally interfaces with a Resident Control Program (supplied) on
your target system which allows you to include the physical I/O lines,
timers, serial port etc. in your simulation.
- Single step, Multi Step, Animate and High Speed execution modes,
with 4095 instruction traceback recorder in all modes.
- Simultaneous on-screen displays of program disassembly, internal
memory, CPU registers and simulation messages.
- Full screen editors for CPU registers, Special Function Registers
(SFR's), and each of the INTERNAL, EXTERNAL DATA and PROGRAM memory
spaces. All of the above may be viewed/altered at any time during the
debugging session.
- Multiple breakpoints are transparent to the user program.
- Supports the additional SFR's and internal RAM of the 8052 series,
and is user configurable for additional SFR's of expanded chips.
- Serial I/O in a window on the screen, or redirected to a PC COMM port.
- Includes MONICA52, a PC hosted monitor program for ON-BOARD debugging,
with a user interface that's virtually identical to EMILY52.
- Supports single-chip in-circuit emulation using DS5000 CPU.
- Many more features.
Software price : $49.95 US ($59.95 CDN)

EMILY320: As above for Dallas 80C320: $49.95 US ($59.95 CDN)
XASM: A set of cross assemblers and related utility programs

- Includes 6800, 6801/6803, 6805, 6502, 68HC08, 6809, 68HC11, 68HC16,
8051/52, 8080/85, 8086 and 8096 cross assemblers.
- Output files in either INTEL or MOTOROLA hex format.
- Fully compatible with our MICRO-C code generators.
- Many example programs: BASIC interpreter, FORTH compiler... more.
- Utility programs included:
MACRO - Powerful macro pre-processor.
CREF - Cross-references ASM source files.
PSOURCE - Protects distributed source code.
HEXFMT - General HEX file manipulation, including:
- Calculate checksums over all or part of code file.
- Reformat output record type (INTEL/MOTOROLA/BINARY) & length.
- Change base and load address of code image.
- Remove strings of $FF (unprogrammed) data bytes.
+ Utilities for converting to/from other popular assembler formats.
Software price : $99.95 US ($119.95 CDN)
MONITORS: Powerful software debugger and monitor programs.

- Monitors for 6809, 68HC11, 8051/52, 8080/85, 8086 and 8096.
- Includes XASM compatible, well documented source code.
- Completely stand-alone, runs on the bare hardware.
- Very compact, occupies less than 8K of ROM.
- Built in disassembler.
- Edit/Dump Memory, Processor registers and Interrupt vectors.
- Multiple breakpoints, which are completely transparent to the user
program, and remain effective until removed.
- Software Single-Step works even when tracing ROMed code.
- Download INTEL or MOTOROLA format hex data.
- Revector any/all interrupts to the user program.
- Online help display of commands and syntax.
- Many more features.
* Some features may differ slightly in some monitors.
Monitor package : $49.95 US ($59.95 CDN) (Includes all six monitors)
DLM: Data Line Monitor. Turns your P.C. into a DATASCOPE.

This program monitors both sides of an asynchronous data communications
line using a passive "Y" cable which connects to the monitored devices
and BOTH comm ports (COM1 and COM2). This tool is invaluable for debugging
ANY asynchronous connection, such as TERMINALS, MODEMS, SERIAL PRINTERS
and PROTOCOL debugging. It allows you to actually SEE the data and signals
being passed between the devices.
- Easy to use menu driven interface.
- "Split Line" display for easy viewing of the interaction
between two devices. Display is updated in "real time".
- Over 50 screens may be "buffered" and reviewed later.
- Displays/Stores hardware signal information as well as all
data passed between the devices.
- Captured buffers may be saved to disk for later reference.
- Includes directions for constructing your own "Y" cable.
Software price : $29.95 US ($35.95 CDN)
Project Plans:

This package include all of the necessary schematics, software
and documentation to construct the described devices:

EPROM: Stand-Alone EPROM programmer.
- Supports 2716, 2732, 2764, 27128 and 27256 type devices.
- Controlled by keypad/LED display, or over remote serial link.
- On-Board memory for loading, editing and re-programming.
- Upload/Download INTEL or MOTOROLA hex files.

D-BOX: Computer Control of VCR's etc.
- Controls virtually all VCR, CAMCORDER etc. functions.
- Reports current MODE, STATUS and TAPE COUNTER of VCR.
- Control up to 8 devices using CONTROL-L (LANC).
- RS-232 serial interface to host computer.

RINGSWITCH: Automatic telephone line switch.
- Interprets "distinctive ringing" (ident-a-call) and directs
incomming call to one of three jacks.
- Gives "busy" to any sets that go off-hook while line in use.

8031DESIGN: Several 8031/8051 core system designs
- No (0K), Shared (64K) and Separate (128K) memory configs.
- Standard and Debug (RAM as pseudo-ROM with download).

8051ICE: In-circuit emulator for 8051 microcontroller.
- Supports download/debugging of SINGLE-CHIP 8051 designs.
- Uses DALLAS DS5000 or DS2250 8051 derivative.
- Serial interface to PC.
- Compatible with our EMILY/MONICA software.

ALL PROJECTS : $29.95 ($35.95 CDN)
BD52: An 8032 based single board computer and development system.

- 8032 processor running at 11.059Mhz
- Basic system includes 32K ROM (27C256) and 32K RAM.
- Accepts up to 64K of ROM and up to 64K of RAM.
- Sockets for EEPROM, A/D+D/A, Watchdog+Power monitor, Relay driver
- Flexible memory mapping (12 maps) permit you to share ROM, RAM and
EXTERNAL memory mapped hardware in various combinations of separate
and shared (CODE/DATA) address spaces.
- Pseudo-ROM mode allows you to download code, and then position all
or part of the RAM into write-inhibited CODE address space.
- Pin headers for parallel I/O (12 lines), CPU bus, and ADC I/O.
- RS-232 serial port driver and DB-25 connector included.
- Small footprint, only: 3 inches by 4.5 inches.
- Wall mount power supply (AC adapter) included.

SOFTWARE (included):
- DDS MICRO-C 8052 Developers Kit (See description in this catalog)
- MONICA52 PC hosted monitor / debugger & EMILY52 Simulator
- Control program for loading/running/controlling the BD52 from PC
command line and "batch" files.
- Resident kernal and board test firmware pre-programmed into ROM.

BD52 Development system : $249.95 US ($299.95 CDN)
DEMO: Our freeware and shareware DEMONSTRATION disk

High density diskette (1.2 or 1.4Mb) containing freeware and demo
versions of our software. This diskette includes many example programs,
and LOTS of source code ('C' and ASM).
DEMO disk by itself : $ 5.00 US ($6.00 CDN)
With any other order : No charge
MISC: These packages are also available - Call for details

CUBIX: A complete 6809 Disk operating system
TSF: The Software Factory -Low volume diskette productions tools
** Order Form (OC94) **

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Make cheques or money orders payable to: "Dunfield Development Systems"

Shipping rates*** ³Delivery³ U.S.** ³ Canada*³ International**
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Airmail (hardware ) ³ "" ³ n/a ³ $10.00 ³ n/a
U.P.S. (hardware ) ³ 1 Week ³ $10.00 ³ Call for rates
Fed-Ex (diskettes) ³Next Day³ $15.00 ³ $10.00 ³ Call for rates
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* Canadian rates are in Canadian Dollars, all others are in U.S. funds.
** Customer is responsible for any customs related charges and fees.
*** Rates are based on carriers pricing, and may change without notice.

GST# R131905739
** Common Questions and Answers **

Q: Is MICRO-C a full ANSI compiler?

No, MICRO-C is a "subset" compiler. It does however, support much more
of the 'C' language than most other subset compilers, including:
- All 'C' statements:
if/else while do/while for break continue
return goto switch/case/default {} ; asm
- All 'C' operators:
+ - * / % & | ^ << >> > < == ~ ++ -- ?: , . ->
+= -= *= /= %= &= |= ^= <<= >>= >= <= != ! () [] sizeof
- The following data types:
int char unsigned (including: unsigned char)
struct union extern static register
*(pointer to any type, incl. pointers and structs)
- Arrays of any type (incl. multi-dimension, pointers & structs)
- Function can return any type
- Typecast of values to other types
- Decimal, Octal and Hex constants. eg: 127, 0177, 0x7f
- Full support for strings and character constants: ('' "")
Including: \n \r \t \b \f \177(Octal) \x7F(Hex)
(16 bit character constants are supported. eg: 'ab')
- Inline assembly code (single or multi statement).
- Preprocessor commands:
#define (fully parameterized & multi-line)
#forget (multi undef -similar to FORTH forget)
#ifdef/#ifndef/#else/#endif (fully nested)
#file (sets filename displayed in error messages)
- It DOES NOT support:
Typedef, Long* / Double / Float / Enumerated data types, Bit fields.
* 32 bit "long" number math functions are provided in the library.
These may be easily adjusted to manipulate even larger numbers.
(8051 Compiler includes a floating point library)

Q: Is MICRO-C just another version of SMALL-C?

No, MICRO-C is a completely new design, with several advantages:
- Supports more of the 'C' language: structs & unions, unsigned int
& char, pointers to pointers, arrays of pointers, multi-dim arrays,
typecasting, sizeof, parameterized and multi-line defines ...
- Much more efficent code generated, much faster compilation.
- More portable: MICRO-C was designed to support many CPU architectures.

Q: Does MICRO-C run on a (Macintosh, UNIX box, etc...)?

At the present time, all of our official products run on the IBM PC
under DOS or a DOS compatible operating system. We may be able to
provide un-official ports to other platforms, however technical support
will be minimal. Contact us for more information.

Q: Does MICRO-C output assembly code? Do I need an assembler?

MICRO-C generates assembly code. All developers kits include our XASM
cross assembler, which our CC commands automatically run for you, giving
you a "one step" compile. A command option allows you to
include the 'C' source code as comments in the ASM listing.

Q: Does MICRO-C support the (insert favorite processor)?

See the CATALOG for a list of processors which we directly support.
We have application notes on adapting the compiler to use with CPU
variants (such as extra registers/ports or differing memory maps).

If you need support for a different processor, please check with us.
We may be planning a release for the processor you want (or perhaps
you can "convince" us that is would be a good idea).

Q: How much code can I fit in (nK) of memory?

That depends on so many factors that its impossible to give you a general
answer. It is usually more that you would think, because MICRO-C produces
fairly compact code. This is especially true with our "Developers Kits",
because their libraries are hand-coded in assembly language, using very
tight code. Here are some examples of appications:

MICRO-C Compiler (compiled itself!) 23K
ANSI terminal with built in XMODEM file transfer 10K
Combination lock (rotary encoder, led indicator) 2K
Telephone "distinctive ring" switcher (1 - 3 lines) 1.5K

Q: Is your EMILY52 simulator really that fast?

EMILY's speed is dependant on your PC (>150,000 inst/sec on 386/25,
>500,000 inst/sec on 486/33).

My tests have shown EMILY on the 386/25 to be roughly equivalent to a
4Mhz 8052. For example, a customer reported that an algorithm he had
calculated would take about 1 second on a 12Mhz 8052 took 3 seconds
under EMILY. In contrast, the same program took over 20 MINITES when
run with another popular simulator.

Q: Is MICRO-C really as good as you say it is?

Sturgeons Rule has it that 90% of science fiction is junk. A similar
rule applies to PC software, but I'd say that 90% is a lower bound.
Once in a while, though, you find a product that makes up for the rest..
If price has kept you out of the microcontroller C market, you have no
further excuses. Micro-C is as good as it gets!
- Circuit Celler INK Dec91/Jan92

I just obtained Micro C, and I'm very impressed!...
The portability of Micro C is second-to-none, as is it's professionally
written code and overall usability... I need to emphasize here that
Micro C is by far the best coded compiler I've ever seen. This excellent
code quality extends throughout all associated modules.
- FIDOnet 'C' programmers echo

Dave, Thanks for responding to the minor problem I had with your
wonderful little compiler.
- A satisifed customer