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This file contains a short overview of DISPLAY and the files you need.
It includes a list of files that you should read.

DISPLAY can view, convert, manipulate, read and write images and movies.
It can create movies and slide-shows. DISPLAY supports a wide variety of
graphic and movie formats (8-24 bit). With the image manipulation tools,
it's more than just a viewer/converter.

To use all options you will need both, and
Be sure to use the directory tree option for unpacking (i.e. pkunzip -d)
The following filelist is for version 1.85

contents of

DISPLAY.EXE - the executable program for 386 and above
GO32.EXE - the dos-extender required to run display
INSTALL.EXE - the install program
INSTALL - documentation to install display manually
EMU387 - needed for machines without FPU
CONFIG.DIS - the configuration file
BRIEF.DOC - quick help
CHANGE - history of display
RUNME.BAT - batchfile to start display
README.1ST - the file you are reading
FILE_ID.DIZ - description file for ftp
DOC/DISPLAY.FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
DOC/MATCH.DOC - documentation for unix-like wildcards
DOC/ATI_16M.DOC - documentation for the ATI graphic-card
DOC/SHEET.TPL - example file for contact-sheet making
DOC/DISPLAY.DOC - documentation for display
DOC/VDRIVER.DOC - documentation for video drivers
DOC/REPORT.FMT - error report form
COPY/COPYING.CB - copyright
COPY/COPYING.DJ - copyright
DRIVER/*.GRN - video drivers
DRIVER/*.GRD - video drivers
UTIL/FINDJPG.C - source for findjpg.exe
UTIL/FINDJPG.EXE - extract JPEG image from file
UTIL/VESAINFO.C - source for
UTIL/VESAINFO.COM - program to check your graphic-card
UTIL/MAKEFILE - makefile to compile vesainfo.c

contents of

DRVSRC/*.ASM - source for video drivers
DRVSRC/VESA/*.H - source for vesa video driver
FONTS/*.FNT - font library for use with display

Most people won't need the, but if you want to create contact-
sheets you'll need the fonts.

It's highly recommended to read display.doc (the file is short and not well
written but you'll learn many useful things about display). It is located in
the doc\ subdirectory. You can use an editor or lister or use the F1 key.
There is another important files you should read: display.faq
If you want to change the configuration of display take a look inside the
config.dis file. Although you can change most things from inside display
you'll understand some things much better, if you've read the comments in
the configuration file.