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CactGrep 1.35 Documentation Jan 2, 1995

Copyright (c)1993 by Cactus Software Systems(CSS). All Rights Reserved.

CactGrep is a very fast "grep" (global regular expression parser) for
searching thru file(s) for a particular string (or pattern) of characters.
This program will search text files as well as .com, .exe, .bin, .sys,
.gif, .lib and other binary (non-text) files.

Typing "CactGrep" at the DOS prompt will show a help screen.

Typing "CactGrep /?" will show an extended help screen.

CactGrep is distributed as "cheapware". You may try this program for 30 days
to see if it is of value to you before registering. If you find the product
to be of value you MUST pay the registration fee or stop using the program.

If you paid a fee for CactGrep to anyone but CSS, you did NOT register
CactGrep you paid for media and handling costs.

Registration will bring you faster versions that are compiled to use the
extra power of 80286 or 80386+ computers, as well as a faster 8086/88


CactGrep is provided AS-IS without warranty!

CSS is NOT and will NOT be responsible for the use or misuse of this

It is the belief of CSS that this program will function essentially as
described in this document but CSS cannot test for every possible
software/hardware configuration.

If you use this program then you have agreed to the previous statements.

NOTE: Further clarification of the licensing of CactGrep is in the file
"license.doc" included in this package.
Individuals are allowed to use this program on more than one computer as
long as it cannot be used one more than one computer at a time.

Use of this program by "for profit" organizations or Government
organizations beyond the 30 day trial period requires registration.

Each change of the version numbers reflects corrections and/or
"improvements" to CactGrep. This reflects the ongoing testing of the output.

The source code for CactGrep is available to registered users for $25 for
individuals or $100 for government or for profit organizations. If you
purchase the source code you will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure
agreement and will NOT be allowed to distribute any modified or unmodified
form of CactGrep or the source code. You will be able to utilize modified
versions for your own use. This provision is for the protection of CSS
and other users and is NOT intended to prohibit individuals or organizations
from adjusting the program for specific needs. Individuals or organizations
wishing to incorporate CactGrep into a program should contact CSS directly
for very nominal licensing fees. The program compiles with Turbo C++ 3.0 or
Borland C++ 3.1.

NOTE: Due to the low registration cost of CactGrep - Registration or
purchase of the source does NOT in anyway require any support for
the program by CSS. However, we will address problems reported
in a prompt manner.

Anyone may distribute the CactGrep cheapware version as long it is unmodified,
complete and any distribution fee is less than $5.00.

NOTE: The registered versions of CactGrep may NOT be distributed.

Registration schedule is as follows:
1. Register CactGrep but w/o disk $ 5.00 ($5.35)

2. Register CactGrep w/returned registered version - $ 7.00 ($7.49)
* Latest version with faster versions for 8088,
80286 and 80386+ computers.

3. Purchase source code - Individual. $ 25.00 ($26.75)

4. Purchase source code - Business/Government. $100.00 ($107.00)

5. Update registered version by mail. $ 2.00 ($2.14)

6. Update source by mail. $ 5.00 ($5.35)

Presently the latest version will be posted on Crickett BBS at

NOTE: Media, handling and postage are included.

The CSS address is:

Cactus Software Systems
7353 E. Broadway #328
Tucson, AZ 85710-1408


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