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CMFiler 5.37d Multifunction Disk/File Manager for DOS
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Author: NoVaSoft, 3239 Riverview Dr., Triangle, VA 22172
Registration: $30.00

Acclaimed by DOS 6 Secrets author Bob Ainsbury, Novell DOS 7 Unleashed
author Jonathan Kamin, ZiffNet Threads' Preston Gralla and PC Magazine's
Edward Mendelson. CMFiler is the most versatile file manager available
today, from any distribution medium. CMFiler offers side-by-side display
of either file lists or disk tree structures, and supports a complete suite
of directory and file services in either display mode.

In the main file services module, the two display panels function as source
and target for file copy, move and append. Diverse tagging options let
you tag all files with same name, extension, or date, or all newer or
older. Nine ordering schemes and a filename mask give added ease to view
large directories. Delete or "trash" files in retrievable ~TRASH~
directory, set file attributes and change date/time stamps. Newer or
read-only files are protected against inadvertently being overwritten by
older or non-read-only files of same name during copying.

Notepad lets you write 39 character notes on files and directories, which
follow files when copied or moved. Print spooler lets you print files in
the background while you perform other tasks in the foreground. Built-in
editor lets you view or edit files -- eg, change AUTOEXEC.BAT without
leaving CMFiler. Application launcher lets you run other programs from
CMFiler with one or two keystrokes. Define nine function keys as your
most-used programs for instant point-and-shoot launching. Special support
for common compression utilities, and a quick viewer to peek inside
compressed files for an alphabetical file list remove the drudgery and
confusion of compressor/ extractor command line parameters.

The tree module is not just a tree viewer, but contains complete suite of
tree structure delete, copy and move operators. Look at file lists without
leaving tree, even use file editor/viewer. Copy or move a directory
structure "into" or "under" a target directory (there is a big
difference!), or copy just the files, or just the directory skeleton.

Extra convenience features make CMFiler irresistable. "Freshen" the files
in one directory from another, format or mass copy a diskette with built-in
format and disk copy functions, or fill floppies from a hard disk directory
to create a backup set. Security features include optional file wipe when
deleting to ensure complete destruction of sensitive data, optional
password protection, sector slack-space filling.

At $30 registration fee, CMFiler underprices as well as outperforms the
rest, yet it is small at 150k, tight and fast because it was painstakingly
written in 100% optimized Assembly language code. Requires only DOS 3 or
better, and no special system requirements. Supports EGA/VGA 43/50-line
mode and most laptop LCD displays with a variety of color attribute
choices. Member, ASP.