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DESC_NAR.COM -- Utility for Melding DESCRIPT.ION and NARATIVE.CF Files

Version 1.3 -- November 15, 1994

DESC_NAR is provided as a freeware adjunct to the CMFiler shareware
disk/file manager for 4DOS/NDOS users. Both CMFiler and 4DOS/NDOS have
the capability to attach notes to files and directories, to help remind
you of their contents. The 4DOS/NDOS notes are contained in files in
each directory called DESCRIPT.ION, the CMFiler notes in files called
NARATIVE.CF. To make matters more complicated, the PC Magazine utility
DIRNOTES makes notes in files it calls DIRN-xyz.DAT, where xyz is the
first three characters of the directory name.

I wrote CMFiler's notes facility before I had any knowledge of the
convention and format already in use in 4DOS/NDOS, and I have consciously
decided to continue using a separate NARATIVE.CF file for the CMFiler
notes facility instead of converting everything to the DESCRIPT.ION
convention. However, I have built a feature into CMFiler that melds or
"synchronizes" the DESCRIPT.ION and NARATIVE.CF files in a directory
whenever the CMFiler notes facility is called. This feature preserves
all existing entries in either file type, and adds to either any unique
entries from the other that did not already appear. It then redates both
files identically as evidence of the update.

DESC_NAR accomplishes the same "synchronization" on all directories
of a hard drive at once, to establish a baseline normalization. Simply
run DESC_NAR.COM at the DOS prompt by typing DESC_NAR. You will be asked
to press the letter of the drive you want searched and DESCRIPT.ION and
NARATIVE.CF files melded. You will then be asked if you want unique file
notes from DIRN-xyz.DAT files added to the NARATIVE.CF and DESCRIPT.ION

Once you have answered both questions, DESC_NAR proceeds to search
all directories for any of the above files, and add to or create new as
appropriate the NARATIVE.CF and DESCRIPT.ION files. You may press Esc at
any time to terminate the program. When all file conversion on that
drive is done, DESC_NAR asks whether you want to do another.

DESC_NAR requires 196k of free conventional memory. Versions 1.1
and later accomodate entries in the DESCRIPT.ION file greater than 39
characters. The previous version truncated any entries greater than 39

DESC_NAR is provided by the author as a freeware utility to
complement the CMFiler shareware disk/file manager. It is offered as-is,
and is not warranted in any way. C. F. Martin is not responsible in any
for any consequences arising from the use of DESC_NAR.

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