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* *
* After You Left *
* Screen Saver *
* (Version 2.6) *
* Written by Mark Qian *
* *

AFTER YOU LEFT is a screen saver where some "residents" in your
computer will start their party AFTER YOU LEFT... They will find
out all kinds of food you have left since ...

Please read through following important description before you
run setup.exe:

A). What will be installed by setup.exe?

The SETUP.EXE will copy five files into your windows directory:

ayl.scr -- The main executable file of the saver;
ayl.txt -- Documentation file;

if the package includes the utility, Savervisor, the SETUP.EXE
will also copy five files into the directory that you specify
(the default is c:\saverv):

saverv.exe - The executable file of Savervisor ;
readme.txt - this file;
saverv.txt - More information about Savervisor;
utility1.dll - An utility file required by Savervisor.

B). Environment requirement:

C). How to install?

"Step By Step" instructions for installation:

1). Download the latest version of and
VBRUN300.DLL(if you don't have one in your system);
2). Copy into a temporary directory, say c:\tmp;
3). Unzip within c:\tmp using pkunzip.exe;
4). Run c:\tmp\setup.exe from File Manager(double click at the
icon of
5). If this package includes a utility, Savervisor, you will be
asked to
key in the directory where Savervisor will be installed.
You need to
either key in you own directory or use the default one. If
package does not include Savervisor, you will not see the
6). The setup program will then ask you choose from one of
a). Run the saver now;
b). Setup the saver now;
c). Exit to Windows now;
You need to choose one of them.
Note: if you choose (click at) the first choice, "Run the
saver now",
please don't move or click your mouse after click at
the choice.
Otherwise, you will disable the saver right after you
enable it.

If you like setup or test the saver that you have installed,
please open
the Desktop of Windows Control Panel, select the saver from
Screen Saver
section, and test or setup the saver.

D). More information

This program is a shareware. You are welcome to distribute this package
( by any means: copy it to your friends, upload it to your
favorite BBSs or On-line systems, collect it into CD-ROMs, and so on.
However, it is NOT a freeware. You can use(evaluate) it up to 30

times. You then have to register(pay fee to its author) if you still
want to use it after that.

Registration information is available in the setup screen of
this program.

You can contact the author in following ways:

a). EMail the author at CIS-mail 76463,1251 through CompuServe;
b). EMail the author at [email protected] through Internet;
c). Mail the author at Mark Qian P.O. Box 390235, Mountain View, CA. 94039-0235 USA.

Author: Mark Qian.