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(Beta release history deleted to save space)


First official release.

Of course, could not resist the temptation to add just one more feature.
Turned on ^QI - jump to specified line number. ^F8 is the weenie key alternate.
This is very useful when your assembler tells you that line so-and-so has an
error. Just hit ^QI (or ^F8), and type in that line number. You will be moved
straight to that line so you can fix it.


Also fixed complicated bug relating to the search and replace function. Didn't
work correctly under certain, oddball circumstances. Calling it 2.0a due to
foolishly giving out a pre-release 2.0... Dated 15 November 1993


Turned on ^KP to print either marked block or whole file.

Added ^B/^F9 as a "zero MSB" function. Strips bit 7 off all bytes in the file.
Useful for converting some types of text files created with WordStar DOCument
mode (or others).

Also discovered that the AECONFIG.COM program still said it was for AE ver. 1.9.
This has been fixed to avoid confusion.

Found yet another BUG in the search and replace function. If the replace
string was the same as the find string prepended with something, a gross
recursion of replacements would commence until the remaining free space in
the file would fill with the replace string. This has been fixed.

This fix REPLACES the fix installed in 2.0a. This is the way it should
have been done in the first place.

Added shell to DOS feature ^KF. Very handy to be able to do this.

Added auto-save feature.

Changed auto-save feature to make it transparent. See documentation for

Changed insert/overstrike indicator from I/O to the more intuitive Ins/Ovr.

Status line may now be configured off, if desired.

A default file extension may now be installed into the program.

Auto-tabbing now won't if the cursor is past an existing semi-colon. This
effectivly turns this off in a full line comment.

Various little tweeks and ehancements.

Dated 24 January 1994


Fixed file name question (Save As:) so that control-x would work properly.
(Abort entry to nul) Now also accept control-u in addition to for
questions that wait for . (More WS compatiblity)

Fixed obscure bug in search and replace that only occurred if the status
line was turned off. Not a serious bug, but a bug none the less.

Re wrote the prompted input routine used for functions such as load and
save block, find, search and replace. Now handles Control-X, control-U, esc.
properly and remains in the same color rather than defaulting to B&W.

Added support for ^P, insert literal keystroke. Allows entering most
control codes directly into the file. Use with caution!

Now all strings printed, including the signoff message, abort with error
messages, etc. are printed with an internal string print routine. This
allowed me to eliminate a couple of almost duplicate strings (one with $
termination, one with 00 termination) AND use the default screen color instead
of B&W. I have no idea why I've gone to all this trouble about color as I
don't use it!!!

Also resets typematic rate to default. It came to my attention (the hard way)
that WinDOZE sets the typematic rate to ultra-fast, and doesn't bother to
reset it back to normal upon termination. (Typical MS). This was driving me
NUTS! If this causes a bunch of problems for folks, we can make it a
configurable option of some kind, but I don't think it will...
(yea, right...)

Double key commands (^K, ^Q) now time out after 10 seconds and revert to normal
input mode. This helps to prevent confusion when the operator presses the first
key, then falls asleep at the switch. (Similar to WS)

Dated 1 April 1994


Naturally, the day after release a bug is discovered. An internal protection
mechanism would crash on certain XT machines. This has been removed.

Dated 4 April 1994


Added feature to load block (^KR) to query about deleting the file just
loaded. As I usually use ^KR to load a temp snippet hacked out of some
other file, I usually don't want to keep it around after I've loaded it
into the file I'm currently working on. Any key other than Y will prevent
AE from erasing the loadfile...

Beeps have been signifigantly improved. All beeping is now handled internally.
This allows the program to have pleasant beeps, instead of utilizing the often
piercing tone that MS-DOS gives us. There are also 3 different beeps to
indicate different conditions.

Added a new config byte to turn off beeping, if desired.

Prompted inputs for search string, file load/save, etc. now support ^R in
a manner similar to WordStar. Without going into a 5K discussion of how it
is different, I'll leave that to the user. It isn't quite the same, but very
similar. 99% of the time, the differences shouldn't matter...

Line undelete (^U) is improved, and more WS compatable. (And saved several

Auto-Save now will upon execution of the Shell to MS-DOS feature. This
allows shelling to MS-DOS without worrying about saving a changed file.

If the program is configured to turn off insert on it will now also
turn off insert on line delete as well.

Dated 1 July 1994


AE now makes sure that trailing spaces/tabs are stripped off the last line
in the file. This is primarily to eliminate trailing tabs from the auto-indent

AE also makes sure that the last line is terminated with the usual CR-LF pair.
This is a notorious problem with some assemblers that BARF on an unterminated

Fixes bug in the shift-left and shift-right functions (Control-Left/Control-
right). This has been a long standing bug that was a stack imbalance problem
that would crash the program sporaticly. As this feature isn't used too much,
it didn't become noticable until recently.

Dated 12 September 1994


Once again, just after releasing a version I've been using for a couple of
months, a bug is discovered. A minor cosmetic bug. If the save & exit
function was aborted with escape or control-U, the cursor would end up at
the end of the file, not back where it was before the save was attempted.

Dated 15 September 1994


Changed the program so that the LPT number can be installed with the
installation program (or DEBUG), instead of defaulting to LPT1:. Also
fixed a potential printer status bug. If AE locked up on an off line
printer before, this should fix it.

Dated 10 December 1994

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