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Above & Beyond 3.1 - The PIM for Success

A Microsoft Windows shareware application. (C) 1994 1Soft Corporation


Above & Beyond is a powerful system for planning, managing, and tracking
one's active business and personal life. Innovative dynamic schedules
manage workflow effectively. All types of recurring activities need be
entered just once. You can print schedules to take your plans wherever
you go. Above & Beyond also includes a pop-up calendar, alarms, task
and event timers, week- and month-at-a glance, contact database, and
much more.

With Above & Beyond, you can plan time for everything you want to do!

Above & Beyond is ideal for workgroups, too. Where workstations are
connected via a LAN, managers can balance the work-load of staff
members, assign new items, prioritize work, as well as check task
completion status without interrupting on-going work. Above & Beyond
automates the process of arranging meetings for group members, posting
meeting notices to all attendee's schedules. Secretaries can post phone
messages for calls to be returned, and monitor multiple schedules to
know who is where when.

Above & Beyond streamlines work-flow and productivity soars!


Create a directory specifically for Above & Beyond, such as C:\AB. Copy
the file to that directory. Then run PkUnZip AB to unpack the
files. From Windows you can create a visible icon with a command line
such as:


You can also create an icon for the Above & Beyond Notebook with a
command line such as:



Double click on the Above & Beyond icon to start it running. The first
time you run Above & Beyond, the on-line Help will automatically be
activated to give you an introduction to its capabilities and information
on how to use it. There is complete documentation in the on-line Help.


Above & Beyond is "try before you buy" software, known as shareware.
See how much you enjoy using it. If and when you discover you want
to continue to use it, register. Feel free to make copies for others
you know who could benefit from trying it. You are welcome to upload
it to your favorite BBSs. Please post it as ABOVE31.ZIP. A program
description is in the file FILE_ID.DIZ.

The distribution files are:

README.TXT - The file you are now viewing
FILE_ID.DIZ - Program description for BBS posting
A&B.EXE - Above & Beyond executable file
AB.HLP - Above & Beyond online user's guide
NB.EXE - Above & Beyond Notebook executable file
NB.HLP - Above & Beyond Notebook online user's guide
SAMPLE.DTA - Above & Beyond sample schedule data
SAMPLE.NBK - Above & Beyond Notebook sample file
WORKTOOL.LST - Worktool list


All feedback, positive and negative is welcome. Above & Beyond is so
popular largely because users have spoken up, and 1Soft has added
features and made changes that have been requested.

Our address is: 1Soft Corp. POB 1320 Middletown, CA 95461 USA.
CompuServe: 71240, 1625 InterNet: [email protected]
FAX: 707/987-3150 Voice phone: 707/987-0256

Thanks for your support. And *enjoy* Above & Beyond!