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--WING COMMANDER-- ///|||\\\
Info on the cheat.

INTERCEPTOR is proud to present a trainer for WING COMMANDER. This is
one of the best shoot 'em up arcade game I have play so far. The game can be
fully appreciate if you have a 386/HD/SB/2MB and also a keen eyesight. The
music is beautiful, and the graphic are absolutely amazing.

I have included 3 keys in the cheat. They are listed as follow.

[ Z ]--> To toggle the cheat On/Off. The default is on. If you press it once,
then it will be on Off mode. You will see the screen freeze for a
little bet. That's how you can tell if it's on or off. If you press Z
again to toggle on, nothing will happen.
This feature give you unlimited fuel, shields, time( in training )
and rapid fire for you blaster. The key doesn't affect the other 3 keys

[ X ]--> You will probalby press this key the most (I did it). It will resupply
you ship will missiles. The best use is when you have no more missiles
left. Press X once, then press [W] key to see the weapon status. This
one works for any ship.

[ B ]--> Use to restore Wingmen's life. Best use it when you are in the
training arcade game. If you use it in mission, when you are back at
debriefing, you will see your Wingman with you, but you will be
attending his funeral. Anyway, if you use this key, all wingmen lives
will be restore. (there might something funny going on when you use
this key, I press it once and attend a funeral for 8 wingmen!!!).

[ / ]--> This is pretty cool one. I made it becuz I could never defend the
transporters or Tiger's Claw. So now if you press it, and press W to
see ship status. There are 4 ship classes, what it does it advance
the ship status to the next level from the current one. Go for the
Raptor, that was my favor.

*note* I use these keys becuz I found they do nothing when press during the game

Because of the nature of my cheat, these keys only work when you are
flying. I am trying to iron out all of my bugs, so if this cheat bomb out
on you, then look for an update version later. The reason I am saying
this is I found a small bug in the THEX-TU for Thexder ][. It will work
properly if you have the game there, otherwise after you press a key
during displaying message, it will freeze when back to DOS. That problem
have been fix so look for the update copied.

This cheat doesn't guaranteer you won't died during dog fight. I know
for sure you will died if get shot up too much, slam into asteroids, or collide
with ships (not for Tiger's Claw). But with the rapid fire mode, you could mush
them in no time.

Here's a few keys I map out for the game. I might have miss a few, but the
following keys should help you get started.

F1--> Front cockpit view.
F2--> Left view.
F3--> Right view.
F4--> Backseat view.
F5--> View ship from outside.
F6--> Another view from outside.
F7--> Close up view on your Spacecraft.
F8--> Toggle missile camera On/Off.
F9--> Another view (try it out).

P---> Pause the game. Ideal for a quick piss or get more food!!!
W---> Select different weapon (like missiles type, if you have any).
D---> Damage report. You won't see any on this cheat.
C---> Communication. Use this to give you wingman instruction, ask permission
to land, or tell the enemy to Fuck-Off and Die ( or vice-versa ).
V---> Video image suppress/enable.
N---> See map of you route and select destination to travel.
M---> Message speed.
T---> Select Target, a red box mean enemy. I think yellow mean friendly or
L---> Use this after you press T, for lock on target so you can use missiles.
A---> Autopilot. Fly from one destination to other fast.
CTRL+E---> When U can not land or in doubt, EJECT!!!
ALT+X----> Quick exit to DOS
+,- ----> Increase/Decrease ship speed.
<,> ----> Rotate left, right.
Here is something to get you start with. Start you mission, when you
ship have leave Tiger's Claw, press N to see waypoint. It usually point to Nav1
Go back to main cockpit, press A for for auto navigation. Your first wingman or
should I said wingwoman is Tanaka. You will see some red dots on the radar scr.
That is the enemy, the green is friendly, and usually grey mean transporter.

Her face will pop up on the msg scr and tell you about the enemy. You
can then press C for communication. Give her permission to break away and
attack, or tell the enemy to take a hike. Zoom in the enemy and take them out.

After that, select the next waypoint by pressing N, then A to go there.
You will probably encounter an asteroid field, fly by it manually. Then once the
Auto light lit up, continue with A. Once complete the mission and return to
Tiger's Claw. Press C and ask permission to land. Then you should cut speed and
home on the grey flat landing platform with a big blue light. Once you get close
enough, it will land it for you.

There are a few frustrating points in this game. First, is the missile
doesn't score kill all the time. You best ship suppose to fired some sort of
laser look like ice cream scoop, and it fly so slow.
Another thing is when you on patrol, it's either by pair or alone if
you wingman died. That is not fun when you have to protect those transporter,
and you wingman just died, leaving you out there alone to fight with 3-5 enemy
ships. Of course in the end, the tranporter will get cream easily.
Hope your computer have at least 3MB or more. I have 2MB and where I
start patrolling with a Raptor, it tell me there are no memory space left, so
I have to take out the Sound Blaster music, and boyz, does the animation speed
up quite fast!!!

Hope you enjoy this doc and cheat. Int' 90
look out for more cheat from us. -->HAL9000--->

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Archive   : WING-TT.ZIP
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