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[Updated 21 Dec 83 - Now works for copy to hard disk]

The protection scheme for MS word is quite good. The last track
is formatted with 256 byte sectors. One sector, however, has
an ID that says it is a 1K sector. If you try to read it as a 256
byte sector, you'll get a sector not found. You can read it as a
1K sector with a guaranteed CRC error, and you will get the data
and other sector overhead from 3+ sectors. They read it as 1K, and
use the bytes after the first 256 for decryption. These bytes
constitute the post-amble of the sector, the inter-sector gap, and
the preamble to the next 256 byte sector. If it's not formatted
with the correct inter-sector gap, the decryption key is
different and the incorrectly decoded program bombs.

The best way around this is to modify the MWCOPY program so it
will let you make more than one copy. The below mods will let
you make as many backups as you want (and you can leave the
write protect tab on your master disk). Of course, this method
should only be used by registered owners of Word. If you, or any
of your IMF force is killed, the secretary will disavow any
knowledge of these patches.

We will copy MWCOPY to another disk, using another name (MWCP) so
you'll know it's the special version, and then modify MWCP.

(with master disk in A:, B: has any disk with debug on it)
xxxx:0103 0x.00
xxxx:0148 A5.a7
xxxx:0194 02.04
xxxx:032A 1C.1e
xxxx:032E 1C.1e
xxxx:3372 01.03
xxxx:0CFE CD.9026.90
xxxx:0D00 5B.90
xxxx:04AB 1B.84
xxxx:069A C1.b938.ff28.b9
xxxx:07B3 A2.5f08.e9
xxxx:066F E5.d8
xxxx:0670 94.2990.ff29.b9
-e3375 [this is the additional
xxxx:3375 48.4a mod needed for copy to hdisk]
Writing 332D bytes
B>mwcp (try making a copy..remember,
leave the write-protect on the master)
(Just follow the prompts in the program, except when they ask
you to remove the write protect tab)

The original version of this file did not have the mod at 3375, and
the copy to hdisk would bomb. With the help of a friend who told me
it wouldnt copy to his hdisk, I found the cause. The above
procedure will work for backup to floppy or hard disk. Another
way to unprotect Word gets rid of the need for any weird disk formats.
But it is MUCH more complicated to do. Enjoy!

Dave Alverson CompuServe 72155,1560e Alverson CompuServe 72155,1560

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Archive   : UNPROT.ZIP
Filename : MSWORD.UNP

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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