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Unprotecting Screen Sculptor V 1.03

Screen Sculptor is written in Turbo Pascal, and employes the
use of CHaiN files. Because of the nature of these chain files,
you can not directly strip the copy protection with debug! As a
matter of fact due to the structure of the code that turbo
generates, the actual disk access can not be striped out! The
only thing that can be done is to change the code which Screen
Sculptor looks for and leave it at that! (This means you still
must have a disk in Drive A, but any DOS formatted disk should
work for this!!) The procedure is as follows:

PCTools Procedure

1) With a disk utility such as PC Tools (Norton may also be
used as well as debug, but these procedures are much more
difficult! But you may find the debug procedure the
easiest.) You want to look as relative sector 4 of the
file SSMAIN.CHN (not relative sector 4 of the disk!!!).

2) At an offset of 96h, you should see the following numbers:
3D 10 00 ( CMP AX,0010H)
These should be canged to
3D 02 00 ( CMP AX,0002H)

3) Step 2 (Change 10 00 to 02 00) should be repeated at offset
12FH and 167H within Relative Sector 4.

The Screen sculptor will now run (using this modified file) on
ANY DOS formated floppy Diskette!! Use the same offsets with
Norton except remember that relative sectors are numbered as 0,
1, 2, 3,... that means that the sector you want to modify is the
FIFTH sector in the file!!

DEBUG Procedure

To do the unprotect from debug type at the DOS Prompt:


Then to make the changes type at debugs '-' prompt:

ECS:997 02 00
ECS:A2F 02 00
ECS:A67 02 00

the type W to write the file to disk. MAKE ABSOLUTLY SURE YOU

This will unprotect your copy of Screen Sculptor V 1.03 so ENJOY


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Archive   : UNP-R-T.ZIP

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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