Dec 112017
Collection of unprotects for titles R-T.
File UNP-R-T.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category Unprotects for Games and Such
Collection of unprotects for titles R-T.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
RBASE.LBR 7680 6030 deflated
SAMNA.UNP 2560 1156 deflated
SARGON3.UNP 1152 622 deflated
SIDEKICK.LBR 16000 12679 deflated
SIGNMAST.LBR 4480 4077 deflated
SMART.TXT 743 474 deflated
SOFTG2.UNP 8064 3186 deflated
SOFTGARD.TXT 37951 6996 deflated
SPINAKER.UNP 3637 1219 deflated
SPOTLITE.TXT 4017 1572 deflated
SPSS.LBR 2816 2236 deflated
SSCULPTR.UNP 2048 1002 deflated
STARTREK.UNP 768 428 deflated
TANK.UNP 2048 799 deflated
TGRAF.UNP 2304 1091 deflated
TIMEMGR.LBR 3712 3163 deflated
TIMER.SK 4352 1690 deflated
TKSOLVER.LBR 10752 9765 deflated
TRIVIA.UNP 1280 609 deflated

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Contents of the SMART.TXT file

To unprotect the "Smart System Disk", use diskcopy to make a
backup, or load all files onto your hard disk. Next using DEBUG
issue the instructions listed below:

G 12F
G 9F35
G 31B8
G C760
G 22
A 27
JMP 29

A 807
JMP 885


This begins execution, then modifys the partially executed file. After
this process is complete, screen output is restored, and voila, you have
it - The Smart System - up and running.

I must confess I am new at this - have only had an MS-DOS machine
for two months, so there may be a faster way. I am working on
it, and would appreciate any help. Leave a message for me on any
Bay Area bulletin board.

March 10, 1985

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