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Some software protection schemes rely on the
absence of correctly formatted sectors on certain
tracks. Also, other schemes require the second
side of a diskette to be blank. If you're having
trouble with a target diskette, it is helpful to
erase it a few times before restarting the copy.
This TWIN ERASE utility will completely erase a
diskette, thereby preparing it for Twin Copy.

TWINERAS is also sensitive to an AT and will
perform accordingly. However, remember, on an
AT, TWIN COPY only handles the low capacity
diskettes. Copy protection has not been introduced
with high capacity recording.


To use TWINERASE, type the following from the DOS prompt,

TWINERAS [x:] [/B]

x: = The drive in which you will place the diskette to
be erased.
/B = If both sides are to be erased, this operand is to
be entered. The default is side 0 only. You will
notice additional prompts when exercising a two-sided
erasure for extra protection.

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