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L O A D - U S
A FairWare (tm) Product
(C) Copyright SWFTE, Inc., 1984

Load-US (tm) is a utility developed by SWFTE, Inc. which allows you to
run Lotus 123 (tm) and Symphony (tm) directly from a hard disk without the
system disk in Drive A. This utility is NOT a copy program; it is a
technological breakthrough that allows authorized users to use 123 and
Symphony on a hard disk system. Load-US saves you the aggravation of
locating your System disk each time you need to run 123 or Symphony.
Load-US protects you from being "locked out" of your own data and software
if your System disk is lost, stolen or destroyed. Use Load-US and use hard
disk storage technology for programs and data with confidence.

To start Load-US: load DOS, copy Load-US onto your hard disk (into
your Lotus subdirectory, if you have made one), type 'Load-US' and press
Return to start Load-US. Follow the instructions on the Load-US system
screens to install the system. Once installed, Load-US permits you to run
Lotus 123 or Symphony normally without your Sytem disk.

Load-US should be run only at reboot time or start up time. It is
necessary to install the program once per session; however, installing the
program more than once will not cause any change to the system. Multiple
installations will be flagged by: "Load-US needs to be installed only once!".

Perhaps most importantly, this product is being distributed on a
FairWare (tm) basis. The product can be copied and circulated freely by
anyone. If a user derives benefit from the product, we expect that they
will send us the suggested contribution of $10 as outlined on the Load-US
cover screen. Diskettes may also be purchased directly from SWFTE, Inc.
for $10, plus $5 for postage and handling. Please feel free to contact us
directly if you have any questions concerning the distribution or
function of this FairWare product.

Load-US does not violate ANY copyright laws or licensing agreements.
Use Load-US and use your hard drive with confidence and peace of mind.

P.O. Box 219
Rockland, DE 19732

123, and Symphony are trademarks of Lotus Development Corporation.
Load-US and Fairware are trademarks of SWFTE, Inc.

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Archive   : SYMBREAK.ZIP
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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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