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To Unprotect SAMNA WORD II Version 1.1 ---

Follow these procedures carefully and you will have an unprotected
version 1.1 of SAMNA WORD II that can be placed on a hard disk or
copied to a diskette.

1. Copy all the files from SAMNA DISK 1 to a formatted work disk or
hard disk volume. All files should be copied into the same directory
if using DOS 2.xx.

2. Copy all the files from SAMNA DISK 2 to the same work disk or hard
disk volume as in step 1.

Now, you will need to "patch" three programs on the working disk using

3. Log onto the drive that contains the working disk (e.g. B: )

4. Have DEBUG on a disk or volume somewhere.

each line below should be typed exactly as shown with the ENTER key after it.

6. E 5F1 90 90
7. E 14BE 90 90
8. W
9. Q

Patch FILE2 -

11. E C99 E9 43 5F
12. W
13. Q


15. E 1FEB 90 90
16. W
17. Q

Finished with the patches. The patch to INSTALL.COM is only needed to
install your type of printer.


1. Log on to the drive containing your patched working SAMNA disk.
2. Place the SAMNA PRINTER DISK (a copy or write-protected original)
into another disk drive.
4. When it asks if you are INSTALLing or making a CHANGE, reply C.
5. When it asks for the drive that has the original SAMNA DISK, reply
with the letter of the drive that has the SAMNA PRINTER DISK.
6. When it asks for the drive that you are installing on, enter the
drive letter of the working SAMNA DISK.
7. Then you will be given a screen of printer choices. Choose the one
you want (refer to the SAMNA manual), and press ENTER.
8. That completes the printer installation.
(Files DEFAULT.PAR and SAMNA.OV7 are changed - The printer file is
copied from the printer disk and renamed to SAMNA.OV7 and the
file DEFAULT.PAR is changed)

That completes the unprotection. Remember, all files should be in
THE SAME DIRECTORY. This is different from the way SAMNA is set up to
work normally... i.e. the file SAMNA.COM is normally in the root
directory and the other files are in a sub-directory called SAMNA. This
works OK on floppies and hard disks but not on some networks.

I have found SAMNA WORD II to be a nice product but it's usefulness is
diminished by it's installation difficulty and copy-protection method.
This will make hard disk usage easier and backup/restore operations
more reliable.

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Archive   : SAMNA.ZIP
Filename : SAMNA.UNP

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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