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Distributors of "public domain" or user-supported software libraries
must obtain written permission to distribute copies of NAG-BUSTER. No
one may use NAG-BUSTER as a promotion for any commercial venture or as
an enticement for the user to pay for any program, product, or service
unless they have received the express written permission of the
program's author.

In order to distribute NAG-BUSTER, a dealer or disk vendor must comply
with the following conditions:

1) You must obtain written permission from author Erik Famm
if you wish to distribute NAG-BUSTER. Please use the vendor
application at the end of this document. If you receive no
reply, write again: my silence does NOT constitute permission,
and you may not distribute "pending" receipt of permission.

2) A maximum disk fee as set by Erik Famm in the vendor
contract must not be exceeded. NAG-BUSTER may not be included
on any disk sold for more than this maximum. Major CD-ROM
or optical disk libraries are exempt from this restriction,
provided that they have the author's permission to distribute

3) Vendors may not modify or delete ANY files on the disk.
Vendors may add a "GO" program, and/or a reasonable number
of small text files designed to assist or provide a service
to the user, but these added files must be easily identifiable
and end-users must be allowed to delete the added files.

(4) Vendors must make a reasonable effort to distribute only the
most recent versions of NAG-BUSTER. All vendors who have
requested and received written permission to distribute
NAG-BUSTER will receive new MAJOR releases as they are issued.

(5) When vendor catalogs or advertisements carry both Shareware
and PD programs, the Shareware programs must be differentiated
from the public domain programs in some way (in the
description, with an asterisk, by listing the registration fee,

Company Name: _______________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________



Telephone: _______________________________________________________________

Contact: _______________________________________________________________

What total price are you planning to charge for NAG-BUSTER? _________________

Would you like to receive major upgrades as they become available? __________

I certify that the above named company is a legitimate shareware disk

Signature: ____________________________________ Date: ______________________


In order that I can verify that you are a legitimate shareware vendor,
I request that you include a copy of your product catalog with this
application, along with a blank diskette and mailer. Once you have
been approved, you will receive written permission from us to
include NAG-BUSTER in your library for distribution. Additionally, you
will receive your diskette back containing the latest NAG-BUSTER release.

I am also requesting that you send me revisions of your catalog as they
are published. The main reason behind this is that a mailing list of
active vendors will be maintained. My continued receipt of your
catalog will both enable me to verify that you have the most recent
NAG-BUSTER release (within reason), as well as know that your business
is still active.

When major revisions are made to the program, I will send you the
latest upgrade so that your library is kept up to date.

Send this application to:

Erik Famm
Hertzbergsgt. 7 A
N-0360 OSLO

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Archive   : NAG11C.ZIP
Filename : VENDOR.DOC

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