Category : Unprotects for Games and Such
Archive   : MLINK207.ZIP
Filename : MLINK207.UNP

Output of file : MLINK207.UNP contained in archive : MLINK207.ZIP


The following is a method to unprotect MultiLink Ver 2.07 to allow
booting directly from another disk without the need to insert the
MultiLink distribution disk.

------------------------- ---------------------------------------
C>copy mlink.bak Make a backup first!
C>debug Start debug session.
-u 33EC Unassemble from address 33EC.
You should see:

xxxx:33EC CALL 34DF
xxxx:33EF JNB 340D
xxxx:33F1 MOV CX,2908
xxxx:33F4 CALL 34DF
xxxx:33F7 JNB 340D
xxxx:33F9 DEC BYTE PTR [2544]
xxxx:33FD JG 33E9
xxxx:33FF INC BYTE PTR [2543]
xxxx:3403 CMP BYTE PTR [2543],01
xxxx:3408 JBE 33E9
xxxx:340A JMP 07C4
If you don't see this, you have another
version. If so, enter 'q' to quit the
debug session. Otherwise, continue.
The instructions at
xxxx:33EC, xxxx:33F4, and xxxx:3414
xxxx:34B8, xxxx:34BC, and xxxx34BE
xxxx:34C0, xxxx:34C1
need to be replaced.

-e 33EC F8 90 90
-e 33F4 F8 90 90
-e 3414 90 90
-e 34B8 90 90 90 90
-e 34BC 90 90
-e 34BE 90 90
-e 34CO 90
-e 34C1 90 90
-w Save the changes to disk
-q End the debug session.

*End of MLINK207.UNP*