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LODERUNNER by BRODERBUND is a good game with a very
interesting copy protection scheme. Since the program
ignores and overwrites DOS, and uses only BIOS calls,
debugging is difficult.

Copies made with DISKCOPY won't work, and neither will most
copying programs. (i.e. COPYIIPC, etc.)

Enclosed is LODRUN.COM which will ZAP LODERUNNER copies and
make them run the same as the original. In addition, ZAPPED
copies can be freely copied using DISKCOPY. (What more can
you ask for?) To use LODRUN.COM, make a copy of LODERUNNER
using DOS DISKCOPY, then run LODRUN.COM and follow the
simple instructions.

LODERUNNER cannot be installed on a fixed disk, since it is
a non-DOS program. You must always boot [Ctrl-Alt-Del] with
LODERUNNER in Drive A: in order to run it. You may discard
LODRUN.COM after you have ZAPPED yourself a copy. LODRUN.COM
also will work on your (God-Forbid) original. I don't know
if there is more than one version of LODERUNNER out there,
but if you have a different one, LODRUN.COM detects this and
reports it to you. It will not damage incompatable versions.
You can run LODRUN any number of times on the same disk,
although there's no reason to do this.

LODRUN.COM uses interrupt 13h for corrections to your
LODERUNNER disk (The only way to do this easily). The "CD
13" code is disguised to avoid triggering "Trojan Horse"
detector programs. If you are suspicious, I suggest you
either single-step LODRUN using DEBUG (It's a short
program), or you use a PC without a fixed disk. LODRUN is
NOT a "Trojan Horse", however.

Enjoy... The war against the copy-protectors continues...
and we're winning!

As always, comments and feedback appreciated.

Mary Burkoff
Atlanta PCUG

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Archive   : LODRUN.ZIP
Filename : LODRUN.TXT

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: