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Leisure Suit Larry Unprotect.
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Leisure Suit Larry Unprotect.
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_INSTALL.BAT 823 360 deflated

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Contents of the LLUNP.DOC file

Copy Unprotecting Liesure Suit Larry Version 1.00
by the Road Runner
August 10, 1987

Sierra On-Line, which makes the King's Quest series and other great games,
still has a copy protection mentality that needs defeating. The accompanying
procedure and programs will (hopefully) allow you to create a Backup version
of Liesure Suit Larry from your Original disks that can be installed on and
run from a hard disk without the key disk requirement. You may also run LL
from the Backup floppy if you desire, the point being that you should play
from Backups and store your Original disks in a safe place.

NOTE: This procedure works for Version 1.00 of LL (Game Adventure Interpreter
2.440) and is not likely to work with other versions. You can check for the
version number by pressing the Alt and D keys during play. The Backup version
has successfully run on an IBM AT, IBM Portable PC and Toshiba T1100+ Laptop
(running from a 3-1/2" floppy).

To create the Backup version, you will need:

. A PC running DOS 2.00 or greater and having at least one 360KB or
greater capacity diskette drive.
. The Original Liesure Suit Larry Disks 1 and 2 (Version 1.00).
. Blank diskettes (two 360KB or one 1.2MB diskette) on which the
Backup will be made, plus labels and write protect tabs. (If you
are working on a 3.5" drive, modify these instructions accordingly.)
_INSTALL.BAT, which accompany these instructions.
. These instructions.

Follow these simple steps:

1. Format one of the blank diskettes. If it is a 360KB (DS-DD) diskette,
format it with 9 sectors per track (both sides) and label it "Liesure
Suit Larry Disk 1 Backup". If it is a 1.2MB (DS-HD) diskette, format
it with 17 sectors per track (both sides) and label it "Liesure Suit
Larry Backup". (If you don't know how to format, read your DOS manual
or seek help from an experienced friend.)

2. Using the standard COPY command (not DISKCOPY), copy all the files
from your Original "Liesure Suit Larry Disk 1" to the Backup disk.
Don't worry about copying any hidden files from the Original.

3. Using the standard DEL or ERASE command, delete from the Backup disk
the files _INSTALL.BAT and SIERRA.COM.

4. Copy the five files, SIERRA.BAT, DEFEATCP.COM, RUNLL.COM, CPC.COM and
_INSTALL.BAT, which accompany these instructions, onto the Backup

5. If your diskettes are the 360KB variety, use the standard DISKCOPY
command to make a Backup of the Original Liesure Suit Larry Disk 2
onto the remaining blank and label it appropriately. If you have
made the Backup on a 1.2MB floppy, copy to this Backup the file VOL.2
from Original LL Disk 2.

6. Put a write-protect label on the Backup diskette(s) and put the
Original Liesure Suit Larry diskettes away in a safe place!

You should now have a working non-copy protected Backup version of LL. You
may play this version either from floppies or a hard disk. Simply follow
Sierra's instructions that accompany the game, but use the Backup diskette(s)
whenever the instructions call for a program disk and ignore the key disk
requirement when running from a hard disk.

A FINAL NOTE: Defeat of copy protection for LL is accomplished primarily by
the program DEFEATCP.COM, an 8K demon which installs itself in memory before
LL is called and monitors ROM BIOS INT 13 I/O requests by the game until it
has fooled LL's key disk checks. After that, it automatically unlinks itself
from I/O and should not cause interfere with other programs after you quit
playing LL. However, space is still taken up in memory by the "dead demon"
and 8K more will be used each time you rerun LL until you reboot or turn off

the computer. For this reason, I recommend that you reboot your system after
playing LL to recover the space and avoid any problems.

Good luck and please enjoy the game unfettered by key disk requirements.

Courtesy of the Road Runner

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