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Wimpy King's Quest V Crack
by R. Bubba Magillicutty

This is definitely my messiest crack ever, but the game has been out for
quite some time and nobody else has done it. I spent about 30 minutes of
actual work on this one, not counting around 90 minutes of play time trying to
find the protection and another hour mapping out the silly copy protection
symbols (if I had the docs this step could have been eliminated.) I delayed
for so long because I hoped someone else would do a nicer crack. I'm sure
it's possible to prevent the copy protection from ever coming up, since it
rarely comes up anyway. But I didn't feel like wasting more time on this
game, which I dislike intensely. Nice graphics and sound, but boring and
SLOW! You have time to go eat lunch while it loads each screen. And that
doesn't include hard disk access, since I run the game with a 6.5 meg disk
cache. But anyway, here's a crack at long last. I don't know why everyone
found it so difficult. A nice crack might be difficult, but a messy one like
this was quite easy.

Run the KQ5FIX.COM program instead of SIERRA.EXE or any of the batch
files. You can include command line parameters such as -f or -v, whatever
they are, and they will be passed on to SIERRA.EXE. When the copy protection
comes up the answer will always be A,B, N, and O. This forms a square that
is easy to enter.
This was written for the 1.44Mb version on the game (the INC release, in
other words) and hasn't been tested with the 1.2Mb version (the 1.44Mb version
has RESOURCE.000 through RESOURCE.007, while the 1.2Mb version adds a
RESOURCE.008.) It should still work, but no promises.
This program looks for and runs SIERRA.EXE. If you have the INC
version, SIERRA.EXE is a loader that takes up memory and would prevent this
crack from working properly. Delete the SIERRA.EXE program, rename CRACK.INC
to SIERRA.EXE, and then delete *.INC. This will save you around 100K of
space (a mere drop in the cuspador compared to those RESOURCE files.)

At various places throughout the game, a small window will pop up and
inform you that you must cast a spell using the wand. I've seen protection
when you enter the tent at the bandits' hideout, when you try to cross the
bridge to the witch's house, and when boarding the boat. Four symbols will
appear, and you have to enter four letters that correspond to the symbols.
The protection has a small chance of popping up at each of the locations in
the game, though it always seems to happen at the boat. It only seems to pop
up when I hang around outside the tent or across the bridge for a few seconds
before entering. If I'm quick, it never seems to pop up. This could just be
my imagination, but then again perhaps not. It's an interesting method of
protection, designed to make it hard on the crackers (and since the game has
been out so long, it obviously worked.)

The loader hooks onto the timer interrupt and every two seconds checks a
pointer in memory to locate the answers to the copy protection. The pointer
is used for other things in the game, and even during the copy protection the
pointer is sometimes 0. The answers to the copy protection move around, so
the pointer is necessary. If the copy protection symbol is found in memory
then the answers are changed to A, B, N, and O (Sierra uses VERY inefficient
programming practices; all of their variable names and procedure names are
still in the game. No wonder the game is 14 megs.) If the pointer is 0, it
will just check again in another 2 seconds. It is theoretically possible to
beat the loader, entering the four answers and clicking 'OK' before the crack
takes effect. However, it isn't very likely. I tried several times and
wasn't able to Beat the Loader (sounds like a stupid new game show.)
However, you DO have 3 tries to enter the correct answer. If you somehow
fail the first two times, wait for a few seconds to make sure the loader has
time to work.
The silly loader is necessary because of the slippery copy protection. I
was able to find the answers easily enough, but wasn't able to find where it
stores the letters you've chosen. If I had found them, I would have made the
loader do the whole copy protection for you, so it would have just flashed
by. But this method was hard enough. The answers move around all the time.
And just finding an identifier to tell if the copy protection was currently
on the screen was a pain. Everything moved around, and finding a functioning
pointer wasn't easy. I've only tested this at the two places where I've
found copy protection, but it works at both so I think it will work
everywhere. I could see exactly where the program checks the answers you
type in, so I hoped to at least have a crack that would let you enter any
four letters. But the code that does the checking is used several times per
second throughout the entire game. Even during the copy protection, before
it checks your answers (before you've typed anything, while you're typing
something, etc.) So I could see no easy way to patch in and crack it that
way. This way is functional though somewhat inconvenient. But not nearly as
inconvenient as looking up silly symbols in the manual (or on the graph paper
I drew them all on.)

I have experienced several lock-ups while playing the game. At first I
thought it was the loader, but I have had some without it. I have also heard
of one other person having problems. The problems started when I booted with
all of my TSR's and other junk (loaded high - I had 600K free.) When using
my debugger bootup (which had only about 550K free) I had no problems.
Perhaps it was luck, or perhaps I just wasn't far enough into the game.
The INSTALL program hard locks my computer whenever I run it (this one
does it under EVERY configuration.) I don't know if anyone else has this
problem, but if so, there is a way around it. I went in and killed one CALL
and the problem went away. What side-effects this has isn't apparent, but I
have seen none so far. If it locks up on you and you want to play the game
(why?) here's what I did:

First, UNLZEXE the INSTALL.EXE program. UNLZEXE is available on PD boards
everywhere if you don't already have it. Then search through for the
following hex string:

E8, 67, 23 (CALL xxxx)

and change it to:

90, 90, 90. (NOP, NOP, NOP)


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