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Unprotect for Jack Nicklaus' Unlimited Golf and Course Design

If you have this program, you know how wonderful VGA graphics can be used.
Graphically it still has it's shortcomings but the worst fault is using the
little code wheel to enter the game. Here's how to get around it:

Unlimited Golf

>ren golf.exe g
>debug g
>ren g golf.exe

Unlimited Course Design

>ren design.exe d
>debug d
>ren d design.exe

Above, the ">" represents your DOS prompt; "-" represents DEBUG's prompt.
This was done on GOLF.EXE dated 6-15-90 7:26p 82345 bytes long and DESIGN.EXE
dated 6-15-90 7:16p 72691 bytes long. For GOLF.EXE dated 7-23-90 10:05a 82417
bytes long replace 1ac2 in the example with 1acb. For DESIGN.EXE dated 7-23-
90 9:49a 76307 bytes long replace 6b0 in the example with 6b1.

In the first example with GOLF.EXE you are simply telling the program to JMP
over the CALL's to the protection routines. The two bytes listed (EB 0D) are
all that need to be replaced. In the example with DESIGN.EXE you are simply
replacing the CALL to the protection routine with NOP's.

The course designer is very nice. Some of you may have heard about a third-
party course designer for Jack Nicklaus Golf. I wrote it and never
distributed it because I wasn't prepared to fully document it and/or answer
questions on the details of it's use. This Unlimited Course Design is very
well done. After several iterations of my program, we were only starting to
come around to the point where this one is. The design program will make this
program the standard.

I look forward to seeing many course designs from avid computer golfers
everywhere. Go out and buy this program now. It's worth it. Except the code
wheel, that is.

Reed McKenna
uploaded to : Channel 1 BBS 617-354-8873

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