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The Solution for Gold Rush!
Typed by Steve Hanson
Won May 9, 1989

This solution is divided into five parts; Brooklyn Heights,
Overland Route, Cape Horn Route, Panama Route, and Sutters Fort on.

Brooklyn Heights
Okay, start out by going down one screen, where you will see
your house. Unlock the gate, and go in. Read the album that is on
the table, and get the picture. Then, go up to the Roll Top Desk, and
close it. On the cover, you will see your bank statement. Look at it
and remember your account number. Then, leave the house. Go left,
until you see a gazebo, at the park. Don't step on the grass, or you
will lose a point. Go into the gazebo, and look at the floor. Keep
moving around until you see a coin through one of the cracks. Get it.
Then, pick some of the flowers next to the gazebo. Now, go right,
where you will see the Post Office. Go in there and ring the bell.
Tell the clerk to check your mail. If you don't have any, keep going
back, until you do. If you do get the mail, open the letter, read it,
look at the postmark, look under the stamp and get the Gold Flake.
Then, go up one screen to the bank. Tell the guy you want to withdraw
the money from your account, and tell him your account number. After,
you get the two hundred dollars, talk to the guy again, and ask to
talk to the manager. When you talk to the manager, tell him you
want to sell your house. NOTE: You only have a certain amount of
time to sell your house, and buy your choice of transportation. When
President Polk announces the Gold Rush, the prices of tickets to
California are jacked up, and the prices of property go way down.
Now, go up once, on to the dock, and go into the warehouse. This
poster will tell you where to go if you want to go by any sea route.
Go anyway, because it gives you a point. Now, go to your house.
You should see a guy there. If he tells you that he is going to give
top dollar, then say yes to his offer. If not, restart your game.
With all that money, either go right a screen, and stop by the gate.
If you want to go by sea, buy a ticket from this guy. If you want
to buy the overland ticket, go left, then down at the Post Office,
and left, until you get to the Stage Travel building (One screen left
from the livery). Anyway, go left (From your house) to the Post
Office, up, and left again, until you see the two stores. Buy any-
thing you want, but be sure to buy fruit. Next, go down and left,
until you get to a big white building. This is the Brooklyn Star
Newspaper, where you work. Go in and talk to the boss. Tell him
you want to quit. Next, go upstairs, to the only empty room, that
you can see. Read the newspaper articles, that are under the blotter,
on your desk. Then, leave the building, and go down. You will be
in the Graveyard. Go right one screen, and look towards the back
of the Graveyard, at the right. You will see two twin graves. Read
each of them, then leave the flowers by them. Now you are ready to
go on which ever route you chose!

Overland Route
Okay, go to the livery, and give the midget your ticket. Watch
all of the messages. You will be able to control your guy next at
the camp. Be sure to eat some fruit, to avoid cholera. Go talk to
the three guys that look like their important. Then, go one screen
left, and talk to the guy who is reading. You'll get a bible. Read
Psalm 23 in the Bible. The psalm will give you a clue later. Those
three important guys told you to go buy some mules, for the long
journey west. You should buy the mature oxen. Talk to those guys again,
and they will tell you to tell them, when to go west. Go up a screen,
and you will see the prairies. Look at prairies. When it tells you that
they are becoming dry, and grass is growing, it is time to go. Tell the
three important guys about this. Some times, when you are on the raft
going across the river, you fall off,so save your game, really often.
Watch all of those very interesting messages (B.S.!), but be sure to
save your game. Those messages aren't even fun the first time. The
first problem comes up when your oxen are stopped on the cliff. You
have to act fast, since, after awhile the oxen go down the cliff, and
break their necks, along with yours. Unhitch the horses, so that they
can go get a drink, and come back up. Then, when they are ready to go,
tie the chains onto the bottom of the wheels. This will slow down the
carriage, and keep it from losing control. Save your game after the
proceeding messages. The next time you have to do something, you will
have to find food. Go over to the wrecked wagon, and get the water out
of the barrel. Get the meat, out of the wagon. Then, after some
educational messages, you'll be in Fort Sutter!

Cape Horn Route
After reading the message in the warehouse (You should've read
that already), go to the screen just right of your house, and stand by
the gate. A guy will come and ask if you want to buy a ticket. Say
yes, then, when he asks you, choose the Cape route. Pay the guy, and go
to the ship, located at the end of the dock. Give the ticket to the
guy, and your outta there! Eat some fruit, so you don't get cholera.
Now, go over to the top right of the ship, and talk to the guy reading
the bible. Then, push Control-N. Then next time you see yourself, you
will be in an awful storm. To leave the storm, you must have the bible,
string, paper clip, and metal pieces. You already have the bible, so get
everything else. You've got to get the string, scraps, and paper clip
during the storm, since they are the only things available at this time.
Here is a brief description of all the items you will need to face the
upcoming disaster...Remember the shovel at the bottom floor of the ship?
Well it broke, so all that is left is the handle. The guys will let you
have it. The metal pieces, are on the second floor, under the big
generator. The paper clip is in the captains office, either on the desk
or floor. The string is located in the crews bedroom, on the floor. The
Cook has the ham. Get a slice, but don't eat it. The next time you see
yourself after the storm, get the stick. Then, push Control-N. The
next time you see your self. The cook will have cooked the pig, so get
one slice of the ham. Go up to the balcony at the back of the ship, and
fish. Just type fish, and you will automatically assemble your fishing
rod, fish, and catch a biggie. You have made it to California!
When you next see yourself, you'll be a little guy. Go up to the big
white building, that has two garages. Read the schedule to see when the
carriage will leave. If it has already left, restore. If it hasn't,
type get in stage. You will automatically be dropped off at the fort.
Yeah! You completed the Cape Horn Trek!

Panama Route
After reading the poster in the warehouse, go to the screen that
is just right of your ex-home. Buy the ticket to the Panama Route. Then,
go to the ship and give them your ticket, and your off! Okay,
watch all of the stuff, and save your game. It's boring and a waste of
time to watch this stuff twice. When you come to some river pirates,
give them your stuff. After that, while traveling the path, you should
encounter a guy reading the bible. Talk with him, and he'll give it to
you. Walk down the path, and some ants will attack you. Grab the vine
that is overhead. Let go when the ants are gone. This next screen is
tricky. Here is a map:
There are three paths, if you look
* really hard. I numbered the paths,
/-------\ #1 1-3. The third path takes you
/----------\ #2 through razor bushes. The second
/-------------\ #3 path is also a no-no, because of a
snake. The top path is the one to
take. Now , while you're taking the path, stop around where that
asterisk is, on my awesomely detailed map. And go up. and walk around.
You should stub your toe on something. If you don't, keep looking.
Pick up the Gold disk that you stubbed your toe on, and be on your way.
The next scene is also hard to describe. Here is another map:
________________ The dotted line resembles the
/ \ ____ path you should take. You'll
/ .............. ___ Path have to experiment. The
___/ . / alligator comes randomly.
Path \.... / When you have made to the other
\____________/ side of the creek, Your trek is
basically over. After all of the
educational messages, you get dropped off at Sacramento (Just like in
the Cape Horn Trek). Go to the stage coach garage. And get in the
stage. Congratulations, you have finished the trek to California!

Sutters Fort On...
First, lets go in the main door and talk to the guard. Then,
go east, where you should see some guy pounding on a piece of metal.
Talk to the guy and answer his, brother, etc. If you
answer them right, he will give you a branding iron. You
N might want to make a map of the fort. Anyway, go west six
W E screens, until you see one open door, which is the trading
S Post. Go in there and give them your gold coin, and get
either the shovel or the water pan. Now, go east five times,
where you should see the main gate. Leave and you will see yourself
small. Look around, and you will see another door. Don't go in
it......yet. Go south again, and you'll see a map of the other cities,
and towns around you. Go east, until you leave the screen. Now, you
should be in a forest. Your in Gold Country! Go east until the table at
the lower part on the screen, says East:10 or more. Don't go south any,
or you will risk having an encounter with robbers. Before you dig or
pan, look for anyone. Sometimes there is a guy positioned behind a tree
or bush so that you can't see him. That is why you should type "look
man". It will tell you if any man is on the screen. If there is a man,
get off his claim and go east a screen, and repeat the procedure. If
there isn't a man. Dig or strain five times around the screen. If you
haven't found any gold by then, go east more. You usually find about 3-4
golds in each screen. Do an inventory to see how much gold you have.
When you have about $1000, go west, back to town. Go back to the trading
post and buy the other two items that you hadn't bought before. Then,
go east three times, and north. You should see some graves. Go up to
the big one in the middle and look at it. If you haven't already, read
psalm 23. Go back and look at the big grave. Remember the strange
holes in the envelope? Put the envelope on the grave and move it around
until you see something. The code you see is R21OOM. Scramble these and
it spells out Room 12. Remember that. Also remember the cannon on the
grave. Go down, back into the fort, then east to the main gate. Go down
and west to the corral. Tell the guy you want to buy a horse. If you
don't have enough money go back to gold country, and get more. When the
horse comes out to you, type "get horse". With the horse, go west,
twice. You should end up at the blacksmiths. Save your game, because
sometimes, your horse will run away. Heat the iron at the blacksmiths
forge, and brand your horse. Now, go with him to the main gate and
leave. Remember the one door outside the fort? Well, go in it. Take
your horse to the other part of the ranch, south, and let him go. Then
go back up and talk to the rancher. Now, go back down and get any
horse. Look at the brand. If it is not your horse, then let it go
and find another. Keep going until you get your horse back. Then,
leave the ranch. Do an inventory and it should say you have James Ol'
Mule. Go back into Gold Country, with the mule. Get all of the gold
you can. That is the reason the game is usually completed with out the
maximum number of points. You didn't get enough gold. Assuming you got
enough gold, go east, by the shoreline, and you will come onto the town
of Coloma. Go to the Green Pastures hotel, and tie your horse to the
pole. Go in the hotel and go upstairs. Go to room 10 and knock on the
door, then, quickly go to room 11. The guy should open the door and ask
what you want. Go east, to room 12. Wait a sec, there is no room 12!
Hey, the grave said room 12! Is this all coincidence? Heck no. Go
down and ask to rent room 11. The guy will say that the rooms are full,
but there is a message. Get the message and go upstairs. Knock on room
10, and go to room 11. Give the guy the message, and he will leave. Go
in his room, and look at the fireplace. Look at the cannon on the
mantle. Turn the wheel and a secret entrance to room 12 will appear. Go
in. When you get to the other side, close the door. Get the string,
magnet, and letters. Then, open the window, but don't leave. A bird
should come in and get in the cage. Close the window. Open the capsule
on it's leg, and read the message. Put the photo you have in the
capsule, and open the window.It should come back soon. After awhile, he
will tell you about a stubborn fellow, who'll lead you to him. After
that message, the bird will never come back. Open the window, and leave.
Save your game. It might be hard to get past the guy in the window.
Then, get your mule and go west, along the river, until you are about two
screens from the town. Then, let the mule go. Follow it wherever it
goes. If you do it right, you will end up at James' house.
Go in and get the matches, then leave. Go behind the out house, and
follow this map:
You should look big, like when in a
__ building. When you get into the outhouse,
<---| | go down the hole. When you get down there,
/---/ | |Outhouse light the lantern. All of a sudden, you
|------>|__| come upon a big door. Tie the magnet to
the string (You got these items from room
twelve), and lower the magnet through the
hole. You will feel an object. Pull up the string, and you will get
the key to the door. Ever feel like James has been providing things for
you to help you find him? Open the door and go down. Then go west, and
down the next ladder you see. Get the pick. Go back up the ladder, and
look at this map:
Save your game, since you might have to
experiment, finding this path. When you
Hidden |-| find the path, go west until you find
_______|-| another ladder, go down. Go right, and
Path |-| down another ladder. Then west, and down
|-| another small ladder. Then, go west, until
|-| Normal you leave the screen. Watch the cartoon,
|-| _______ where you meet your brother. Then use your
pick to pick, up by the northern wall of the
cavern. You should see two black lines somewhere, at the top of the
screen. Pick in between the lines a couple times, and you should open a
hole. Keep picking, until you can fit through it, and go in. When you
come through, have a party. YOU WON GOLD RUSH! If you didn't get all
of the points, you probably didn't dig, pan, or pick enough gold. The
cavern is loaded with gold, and so is the rest of the mine.

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