Category : Unprotects for Games and Such
Archive   : GNBNA.ZIP
Filename : GNBNA.UNP

Output of file : GNBNA.UNP contained in archive : GNBNA.ZIP

Unprotect for Great Naval Battles of the North Atlantic

Tired of looking up protection codes for that expensive program you bought?
Well we can do something about that nasty protection scheme.

Use the Norton editor (or a similar hex editor) on the hard disk copy of
GNBNA386.EXE (as always it is inadvisable to modify your original). Search
for the following bytes and make the following changes:

Original: 83 3E 4C A0 01 75 03 found at 4CA06 in the 09/22/92 version
| | | |
Changes: C7 06 4C A0 01 00 90

Write the file out and you are done!

For reference this is a dump of the part of the program we are changing.

1694:011D 45 INC BP
1694:011E 55 PUSH BP
1694:011F 8BEC MOV BP,SP
1694:0121 83EC46 SUB SP,+46
1694:0124 56 PUSH SI
1694:0125 57 PUSH DI
1694:0126 833E4CA001 CMP WORD PTR [A04C],+01 ;Chg to MOV W [A04C],1
1694:012B 7503 JNZ 0130 ;Chg to NOP
1694:012D E92402 JMP 0354
1694:0130 6A DB 6A
1694:0131 009A8907 ADD [BP+SI+0789],BL
1694:0135 40 INC AX
1694:0136 01C7 ADD DI,AX
1694:0138 46 INC SI
1694:0139 FE00 INC BYTE PTR [BX+SI]
1694:013B 001E68FA ADD [FA68],BL

Courtesy of Bad Bob